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Today, smart entrepreneurs find it easy to communicate to their distant clients and business partners through online video conferencing observes Sonika Sharma. See how entrepreneurs can reap the advantage and roll-out better business!

According to the Pew Internet Research in 2009, more than 20% of Americans used Internet for video conferencing, and then the results of similar survey in 2010 showed a trivial increase in the numbers of users to 23%. What else is needed to exemplify the rapid increase in video conferencing users? Apparently, nothing else other than potential benefits of online video conferencing is backbone for the stepped-up stats.

In today’s globalized era where businesses and customers both are equally demanding, there falls a need to introduce unswerving technology that can add wings to their line of work. Whether you own an online business or wishes to run it from a distant place, you have the leverage to take best advantage of conferencing services and think yourself to be lucky sorting deals while being in your comfort.

Audio and video conferencing is not just limited to the boundaries of your office; instead your small and mid-sized businesses can easily engage and communicate distant or offshore clients and business partners through unbreakable video conferences to wrap up or promote business deals. There is no doubt that businesses have to face countless challenges to reach out to other mid-market companies and boost their growth.

If you think conferencing services can let you narrow down these challenges and support unbeatable communications with your clients, you have already landed the right place. Some of the significant features that enable conferencing users to support gradually increasing business profits are illustrated below. Look at them to observe how sales are increased and meeting expenses are controlled with video conferencing services.

Unbeatable Audio & Video Conferencing:
Travelling thousands of kilometers to accomplish business activities sounds as the traditional way of trade. Gone are those days, so think it to be a history! Today, conferencing facilities allow people to communicate without involving many hassles. You can sit in your office and can connect with more than 25-30 people at a time when hosting office meetings.

Safe and Secure Conference Bridges:
No risks of data trickles are involved when you communicate with your distant clients or business partners. You can go for password protected conferences for carrying out highly confidential meetings. Step into the world of highly secure technologies that enables you to prevent your important conferences from unauthorized people with the help of password protection.

Conferencing Add-ons
If you think your business conferences are the means of communication but does not offer you additional benefits, then unfortunately you took it wrong! With the help of advanced tools, you can easily record conferences for other important people who miss it. You can also make use of third-party-dial to invite outside parties in the conference calls.

Isn’t that too much than what you expected? Of course, YES!

Today, when every small and mid-sized business wishes to invest in services that can help them promote their business in least expense, why would entrepreneurs say no to excellent conferencing services! So, when are you going to hire the right communication tools for scheduling business meeting thru conferencing?


In telecommunications, call management plays a significant role enabling call agents to schedule and sequence priority calls professionally. Sonika Sharma reveals significant ways in which entrepreneurs can open wallets not only to invest in the call management services, but also to enjoy high returns on investment.

Have you experienced flooded inbound calls that can block your telephone lines and frustrate the call agents? Or do you think high call volumes are hurting your business? What if unlimited customer calls can be managed easily using communication solutions? If you really wish to land at a trouble free place, then call management service is the most feasible solution that helps you to retain existing customers by offering them stead-fast customer support assistance.

Today, this globalized world is filled with demanding customers, where there are no defined boundaries for businesses. You just can’t risk missing customer calls! Every time your customer calls, you must handle the calls professionally giving the right solution to them so that they can come back to you whenever they are in need. When call agents find it difficult to answer multiple calls at a time, it is needed to implement call management tools that can give them the leverage to accomplish task.

Let’s have a look at features offered by communication tools:

  • Voice prompts & auto-attendant

    What else could be better than having communication tools that can reduce business expense and support you to handle calls effortlessly? When you upload pre-recorded voice prompts, on-hold music and customized commercials, you can easily direct calls of your customers to the concerned department and can even deliver direct solution to them.

  • Intercom and zone intercom

    Every caller wishes to spend least wait time, and therefore, there rises a need of something that can directly connects in the respective department. Zone intercoms are helpful in directing calls with the help of reliable collaboration tools facilitating employees to conduct ad-hoc conferences and directly communicate to each other without any hassles.

  • Call scheduler

    With the help of Fonebell’s communication solutions, call agents can schedule the calls depending upon their priority levels. Now, call agents need not to miss important calls and can sequence them with minimum wait times.

When it comes to call handling, call agents focus on minimizing the wait times and sequence highest priority calls first. On the way, if you choose to go with Fonebell’s phone solutions, you can surely achieve this aim. Why loose business profits when you can keep them in your pocket by implementing Fonebell’s collaboration tools!


Changing paradigm of technology, or in particular media consumption habit of consumers is forcing contact center solution providers to transform their derivatives observes Himangi Tripathi.

Worried about customer churning? Or finding it difficult to grab new customers? In a bid to find out reasons – are you blaming the factors like product features or prices? Or accusing the government policies, or the apathetic attitude of investors, or suppliers? You may be right to some extent. However, brainstorming by market analysts suggests that poor quality of customer service dominates all – 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, and 91% of those will simply leave and never come back. Of course, the contact center or touchpoint has a critical role to play for a sustainable business growth with solid competitive advantage, but again investment without a proper understanding of stakeholders’ requirements, expectations or experiences aftermath will not lead you in the right direction.

In tandem with the changing consumer behavior in terms of Internet or media consumption, it has become inevitable for technology companies offering cloud-based contact center solutions to interpret the relationship that different stakeholders of a business share mutually. This gives them an idea to come with a realistic solution which is responsive, flexible and cost-effective. In fact, this has brought a transformation in the contact center solutions, and they are now capable of entertaining customers across multiple channels including phone, email, Web, IVR, fax and social media. Also, they can withstand different computing or display platforms – desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones – to delight consumers anywhere anytime.

Additionally, service providers offer desktop management and network management solutions to help customer service agents across different departments of a contact center to interact and make the best of the available resources. Lowering operational expense at contact center is another big challenge. Apart from the different verticals like telecommunications and networking, facilities and overhead, technology and maintenance which are not so cheap, staffing and labor swallow in around 60 percent of the overall costs. Hence, providers are weaving different communication technologies to develop a platform which can help call center owners to effectively mitigate that cost. With cloud-based offerings they can hold the call center operation – distribute incoming calls among idle agents, record, barge and monitor live calls – and create queues and prioritize calls accordingly for quick response – on real-time basis from a single dashboard, and that’s too conveniently with pay as you go model. It also automates communication model with welcome e-mails, notification calls, and text reminders to increase customer satisfaction and revenues for businesses. Some contact center solutions can capture and analyze data and can provide relevant solution instrumental in improving workforce performance, customer interactions, and customer service processes.

This will ultimately ensure thorough use of the available manpower to deliver the best customer service which is ultimately the backbone for sustaining a business in the long run amid soaring market competition. However, nothing is constant here, so don’t forget to share your take on the development.


Business contact centers allow you to manage customers’ calls professionally with the least efforts. Sonika Sharma throws light on how contact center is helpful in handling high priority customers’ calls and meeting their expectations.

Today, every business requires reliable communication solutions to interact with their potential customers and offer them what they have been looking for! No matter how busy your business phone lines are, your customers expect you to address their requirements without any delay.

Apparently, to stand out as the most trusted service provider in the industry, you should put forward excellent customer support services to assist your clients. How?? There is no rocket science involved in addressing customers over the call and offering them required solutions. All you need to do is – establish a dependable contact center where your business representatives can professionally handle calls from customers and assist them with realistic solutions.

A dependable contact center, with right set of communication tools, enable support representatives to receive unlimited calls from customers and handle them according to the defined priorities. Though you are required to make a considerable investment for your business, yet business professionals recommend you to go for them for boosting your business growth. Understand the glossary of contact center with Fonebell.

  • Call Queues

When calls are sequenced in queues, they can be managed easily by the call agents and their routing tasks become simpler. Ensure you set call limits with Fonebell communication tools to manage call queues depending upon their priorities. With help of custom on-hold commercials and voice prompts, allow your customers to know estimated wait times.

  • Unlimited Queues

If you receive unlimited queues and find it difficult to manage calls, make sure you prefer effective communication tools that can help in tracking calls and distributing it to agents for timely assistance. Priority levels enable you to decide which calls are to be answered first and which can be kept on-hold.

  • Queue Priorities

In order to reduce customer wait times, all the calls are routed to agents who are already logged in at the moment of calls. Queue priorities support you to handle calls without any confusion. It seems as the best way of not letting your customers wait for too long.

What else one can expect? To manage customer calls, contact centers are the best way that allows professional support executives to assist customers with required information. Keep potential clients engaged with world’s best customer support through your business contact center.


Video conferencing has completely changed the way in which businesses communicate and collaborate. Now, managing important meetings is not a very big task observes Himangi Tripathi.

Are you thinking to organize a meeting of all board members? But worried as two or three are out of town. Or got stuck with any unexpected work? And, finding it hard to address the meeting or put forth your views on a project? Embrace the solution called video conferencing and leave your worries aside with Fonebell.

To determine the success of video conferencing in enterprises, a research was conducted in January 2010, which reveals: almost 45% businesses embraced the technology in North America, 35% in Europe, 18% in Asia Pacific and 2% in others.

Video conferencing has completely transformed the way in which businesses communicate and collaborate. Now, managing important meetings is not a very big task. All that you need is a good Internet connection. The business space is booming at a very fast pace and, therefore, an entrepreneur needs to be attentive while picking a business communication platform.

Why businesses are adopting this technology day by day?

Sales meeting – The most alluring fact of video conferencing is it allows many people to log on simultaneously as well as interact with each other. Thus, many businesses are using it to conduct sales meetings. In this meeting, the sales manager is the host and rest of the employees discuss their sales targets with him/her. Any ambiguity can be cleared from the decks right in the meeting thereby leading to a smooth business conduct.

Provide training to employees -This can also be a crucial medium for conducting workshops, brainstorming sessions and consultations for employees so as to make them more efficient in their areas. Two way communication in video conferencing makes training session more intuitive and purposeful. Moreover, if an employee wants to go through the entire training session again, then it is possible through recorded training session videos. This is helpful in understanding their responsibilities completely.

Demonstrating the product – Additionally, sales people can use this technology to provide the demonstration of their products to their respective clients. It is a human nature that we believe what we see. Consequently, live conferencing with customers and clients creates a stronger bond, which ultimately boosts the ROI (return on investment).

Interaction with employeesWith this, employers can easily interact with their employees. Thus, it is extremely useful for those companies which have off-shore or distant branch offices.

Interview – Last but not the least, video conferencing has emerged as a robust medium for conducting interview as it allows HR executives to scan candidates’ personality and expertise instantly and honestly.

Hopefully, the video conferencing features would help you break the ice, and make your business modus-operandi transparent and effective. Don’t miss to share your opinions with Fonebell.


Keeping customers engaged and happy has become the prime objective of business communication technology. Himangi Tripathi digs out the benefit of call forwarding.

Did you know that 89% of consumers start doing business with a competitor following a poor customer experience? What they expect? They want to be heard, supported, and valued. And this is their right, as they are the paymaster for each and every one in your company. Hope you would be serious now, and won’t like to miss any professional calls hereafter. Fonebell discovers how call forwarding can benefit your organization to stay connected with customers anywhere anytime.

With the flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime, call forwarding feature forward calls to more than one phone number also including your cell phone number, residence phone number, office phone number and other phone numbers of your choice. Being a part of corporate world, you require handling more than one telephone number of your choice. Thus, Follow-Me-Find-Me feature of call forwarding connects you with more than one number at a time. You can choose your residence phone number, mobile number, office number as well as other numbers. Also, you can set your phone system to prevent one particular number during a fixed time of a day or on a day of the week.

Suppose you are busy in a meeting and suddenly phone rings in your cabin. Then what?? A single miss call can be equivalent to a missed business opportunity. Customers can call anytime during office hours. They don’t have any idea about your personal urgent tasks. Now, say goodbye to missed calls if you have activated Follow-Me-Find-Me feature on your phone system. This feature also works with call screening. Call screening feature enables you to have more information about your caller so that you can decide whether the call is important or not.

Call forwarding is very advantageous to business enterprises as it is very important to manage all incoming calls in a right manner. By enabling this feature, you can be in touch with your important clients or customers even when you are not present in office. In a multi-national company, it is very common to forward international calls. Hence, get ready to take your business ahead with effective use of the call forwarding feature.

With increasing demand of call forwarding, there are various business houses which make use of one or another type of this feature as an integral part of their telephone system. This helps them to stay in touch with their clients as well as improve customer service. Communication is a very crucial aspect of any business organization. Therefore, this service facilitates communication among the entire organization and their customers.

Every call you receive is like an opportunity which can enhance your company’s profit. For managing business efficiently with proper handling of calls, communication technology is advancing day by day.


Many companies and multinationals have already embraced the VoIP technology, claims Point Topic. As a result they are now saving millions. Himangi Tripathi unveils the driving force.

Are you going for a long vacation? Worried about your business and important calls?? I am sure you would be. Actually, taking a break for a week or so from the business monotony sounds good but hard to swallow in considering the dynamic and competitive world. Relax! Courtesy to VoIP, a revolutionary step in the business communication.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) lets you make voice calls using the Internet when you are away from your work place. Hence, no need of any fixed lines or telephone numbers for this communication technology. It depends totally on the effectiveness of the Internet connection.

The entire system works around the digital technology. Following the principle of voice conversion, this setup needs a computer, an Internet connection, or VoIP phone. When someone makes a call through a computer, or a VoIP phone, or a traditional phone connected to a special adapter, the voice from the system is converted to digital signal which travels via the Internet. Actually voice which comes from any handset, mike or VoIP phone is in the form of an analog signal. This analog signal generates electrical signals inside the phone gadgets and finally get converted into digital sound. The transformation of analog to digital takes place through various gateways as well as servers that support the technology. For making voice transmission audible to human ear, PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network is an important circuit-switched network which ensures voice transmission.
While transmitting signals, a protocol like SIP is used so that you can regulate the call in terms of connection set-up, dialing, and disconnection. This SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol which is an IP telephony signaling protocol used for establishing and modifying VoIP calls.

Nowadays, you can find a heavy demand of VoIP services as it offers several benefits to manage business successfully. Coming to its most striking feature, it is very cost efficient for calling from remote locations. Therefore, many companies and multinationals have already embraced this revolutionary technology. As a result they are now saving millions. Along with the distant voice communication, this technology lets you browse the Web as well as check e-mails. Moreover, voice messages can carry attachments and, thus, making a business communication more informed. Also, it bears better sound quality. Sharing presentations, files, applications, projects and essentials for meetings is also available through this.

Hence, it is true that this revolution will take communication technology to a complete new level and become a boon for corporations, multinationals as well as the entire business community.


Excellent phone solutions and collaboration tools help you stand out by effectively serving your clientele. Sonika Sharma uncovers potential benefits of investing in smart cloud-based communication solutions.

To keep up the business pace, introducing reliable communication platform with strong collaboration tools seems to be a smart decision. In this technology advanced era, when everything happens within the blink of an eye, don’t let your customers wait for too long to receive smart customer support and push back their troubles.

Using reliable communication solutions, make it easy to offer 24*7 customer support services and serve callers with the expected query solutions well in time. Ensure you have the smartest communication solutions in the industry to connect with your customers and assist them on the real-time basis. To make this job easier for you and help you turn your everyday communication events simpler, here comes Fonbell with steadfast VoIP system and collaboration phone solutions.

Run your eyes through potential benefits that slip-in as you open your wallet for employing most trusted phone solutions and communication tools.

  • Improves Online Company Reputation

    It may not be easy for your customers to trust your online business too soon; therefore, it is required to convince them by assisting with good quality customer support services. Not only this increases the numbers of sales in your business, but it also enables to improve your online reputation in the industry.

  • Serve Clients with Excellent in-time Customer Support

    Engaging yourself to answer customer calls throughout the day doesn’t seem to be a happening idea for boosting growth of your business. Instead, looking for Fonbell’s communication solutions and virtual phone answering facilities that allow customer support representatives to answer calls in your place comes out to be a time-saving and beneficial way. Now you, as a pioneer entrepreneur, can spend your valuable time in other business activities depending upon your reliable customer support executives.

  • Minimizing Dropped Calls

    Smart phone solutions and communication tools not just help you to offer timely customer services; instead, it gives you the freedom to stay on calls and serve your callers round the clock leaving behind any chances of missing customer calls. Keeping your customers happy with 24*7 communication services has become easy.

  • Way to Sustain Strong Customer Base

    Providing unbeatable customer services to people sitting at distant places round the clock would surely leave a positive impact on your customers. With Fonbell phone solutions, you can excel in your business without facing much hassles and involving yourself in activities that can help you keep the customers engaged.

Don’t forget to share your opinions with us on the significance of inter and intra business communication and collaboration tools.


Era of communication technology is always at the verge of new development. Especially, the business field requires latest communication solutions to let their business run flawlessly. Accordingly, Fonbell is exploring the topic of online conferencing.

Interaction is the core aspect of every business. With effective communication environment, you can get easy solutions for your different business issues. Discussing projects with employees creates a comfort level among the members of organizations. Therefore, online conferencing plays an important role in this competitive era of businesses’. Talking about the scope of interactivity, it is similar for participants as it occurs in a face-to-face meeting. This online meeting can be possible through audio and video conferencing.

In earlier times, meetings used to be held via teleconferencing. But, it was not as effective as it should be. Video and audio conferencing was a real advancement to this service. As this online conferencing helps to save time and money thus, it is an excellent choice for vast businesses. Instead of going for expensive business meetings and conferences, web conferences are much better as well as these are effective in terms of business growth and profits. By conducting conferences with employees, clients, suppliers, partners, etc., you can eliminate the need for them to travel. All they need is good Internet connection. Also, it reduces the organizational cost. In fact, events such as trainings, product launches, seminars, product showcases, etc. can also be conducted.

Participants take part in online conferencing in a better way and consequently make business streamlined. The most striking feature of online conferencing is its flexibility. Employees can attend these conferences while travelling using laptops, smart phones and tablet computers. Whether it is small or big business, effective conferencing solutions provide a complete list of benefits to both. As compare to prior conferencing services, now the services are much more superior and robust. To proffer powerful medium of communication for organizations, high-grade audio and video conferencing solutions are available. Additionally, these services are economical also. These online conferencing services can also be utilized for schools and colleges to provide teaching sessions.

You can find several companies which offer these conferencing services. With the availability of affordable communication solutions, the cost of meetings, seminars, trainings, etc. has reduced a lot. By collaborating number of people quickly, online conferencing service provides great advantage over any other service.

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