With full-featured Internet based phone call services, VoIP business phone system sounds to be magical – perceive Sonika Sharma. She writes on how this change has proved to be a better choice over traditional telephone services.

According to the PEW Internet study, the rate of people replacing traditional landline phones with high-tech VoIP business phone systems has tripled in last 5 years. The search results have confirmed the news in favor of the VoIP technology advents comparing the gradually increased stats of 2011 with that of 2007. Keeping in mind the actual estimations, Pew performed a research on the Internet phone calls in US with more than 2000 people. Making the dilemma clear with actual stats, the PEW reports illustrated that on every 4 individuals in America, 1 person places Internet phone call with the help of VoIP business communication tools and services, like Vonage and Skype.

Today, Voice over Internet Protocol system, commonly known as VoIP, has gained great hype in the technology market due to its amazing service features. The VoIP business phone systems portray cutting-edge phone technology giving great flexibility to connect and communicate people through Internet. These services are cheaper than traditional telephone service providers, and thus, they are considered as the most suitable and cost-effective business communication tool for conducting business communications. For entrepreneurs dreaming to save big, switching to VoIP communication system can prove to be a best deal for their business communications. No qualm, the efficiency of these reliable and robust systems has helped thousands of employees in different business firms to coordinate well with their colleagues.

How Businesses Take Advantage of VoIP Systems?

As long as a business organization is performing communication tasks using VoIP systems, they need not to pay heavily for phone services. Instead, the affordability feature of this business communication system enables users to cut-off their monthly phone bills to at-least half the amount they have been paying so far. Besides this, business owners also have the leverage to decide the numbers of extensions for handing various business plans at a time with the implementation of hosted business VoIP service. Apparently, the budget of the business and required features are counted as the prime factors when installing business phone systems in the organization. SIP trunking and hosted PBX solutions are the preferred choices of most the business owners that cost approximately $20 per month for each extension. Do you still doubt this phone system can’t help you save thousands of dollars every month? I am sure the answer would be “No”.

Significant Features of VoIP Systems 

  • Cheap international calls – costing something $0.01/ min
  • Unlimited calls can be made anywhere in Canada and US
  • Excellent business communication features
  • Addition of extensions is very fast and quick
  • Plug and play to Ethernet port

Now do you think VoIP really cracked to be first choice for every business organization? If yes, don’t just nod your head, but make quick efforts to switch sooner to this amazing VoIP phone technology. Enjoy business communication features and earn additional benefits at low costs.