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Are you still using landlines for making calls? Then surely you are living in that traditional era of telephones, extensions, wires, etc. Well, it’s time to move on and enter the world of cloud based phone system. If you remember, in traditional PBX there were “trunk” of multiple lines as well as optional console or switchboard. But, cloud based PBX system offers you an innovative telephone system without making any big investment in telephone equipment. Interestingly, akin to other cloud-based offerings, here you pay only for what you use.

Cloud based PBX Phone Systems- Understanding the terminology

Also known as business phone systems, it is located on cloud with local lines between users as well as certain number of external lines. In this, PBX stands for private branch exchange. It lets you and your employees work from their home or anywhere else. Within minutes, you can transfer calls, setup conference calls, put calls on hold with music and get calls answered by an automated attendant.

How is it useful over traditional phone system?

Save Money

Talking about traditional PBX, it was expensive and its installation required physical labor.  Also, it involved location of physical wires thereby, making your office premise cluttered. This problem is eliminated in hosted PBX phone systems as well as its programming and setup cost is quite low.

Easily Scale up or down

Using the cloud based PBX phone system, you can grow or reduce the lines as per your business needs. You can easily add lines to hosted PBX through a web portal. But, with traditional systems this process was far more complicated.

Simple Moving & Reconfiguring

If you are planning to move your office then it is simple and fast with cloud based phone system. On the other hand, moving traditional PBX system was complicated and time-consuming.  With cloud based PBX, adding or subtracting users can be done remotely without waiting for a service provider to arrive.

Feature-Rich System

Cloud based PBX phone systems have all the common features of traditional systems like conference calling, call waiting, etc. Additionally, get advanced features like auto-attendant, calling groups, call screening, find me/follow me and many more. Choose or switch between features easily through a web-based interface.

Hence, it is the most dynamic and powerful communication medium that can revolutionize your business outcomes.


Business management is a full time job where you need to coordinate various things. Out of those, contacts are the lifeblood of your business. Successful business is the result of excellent contact management. Contact management software is a powerful and dynamic tool for tracking information as well as communication activities across different business processes.

An ideal contact management solution contains the entire information of its customers, their interaction details with company’s representatives, and company’s take on their requests, complaints and feedbacks. It also houses details of prospects or potential customers’ interaction and action taken thereof. Thus, contact management mirrors the conduct of a business, and its’ data form important insights to guide a company to meet future challenges.

Providing you an organized platform where things can be managed simply, Fonebell offers reliable & customized cloud-based contact center solution. This is the place where you can manage business contacts efficiently.

Call Queues

Let your agents manage the entire calling infrastructure successfully using this feature. Fonebell solution is targeted to channelize and prioritize calls, reduce average call handing time by quick call dissemination, and thereby cope with increasing call volume in a successful manner to maintain customer –satisfaction by making solutions available to them instantly with reduced waiting time.

Unlimited Queues

Track what is important! Create call queues and manage calls across all the departments without missing important calls. Within minutes, you can connect to the clients through concerned extension.

Agent Login/out

Call agents can easily log-in or log-out of call queues with Fonebell’s contact center tools and the best part is managers can check the login/logout status of any agent anytime and across any Internet connected PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Skill-Based Routing

As per the skills and capabilities of agents, managers can transfer calls to enhance productivity. Using this contact management software, you can integrate prioritization layer in call queues.

Call Recording

Use advanced VoIP tools to record calls for analyzing the quality of customer-service delivered and skills of your agents. Evaluate performance metrics, call patterns and queue parameters. The record can help you with internal training and development process and overhauling or improving business strategy to enhance the business ROI.


Fondness for smartphones or tablets with a front-end camera is not new. Apart from being useful in capturing a stylish selfie, it helps us to communicate effectively by coupling audio with video in a conferencing session. Interestingly, services such as Skype and Google+ added to its significance by provisioning conferencing feature. Gradually, the online conferencing services on account of being cost-effective and easy-to-use took the center stage in the business ecosystem for sharing project details, organizing meeting and disseminating guidelines to meet strategic needs.

Nowadays, there is a stiff competition among Software-as-a-Service providers and conferencing services are available on pay as you go or subscription basis at prices ranging between $8 and $40 per month. Fonebell has emerged as a trusted vendor of business communication solutions. It offers a range of conferencing services that work seamlessly across smart phones, desktops, or tablets by blending audio, web, and video and allows businesses to hold meetings anywhere anytime with just a click.

Fonebell Conferencing Services: Benefits

Plan and Start Meetings in a Quick and Easy Manner

Easily plan, organize and lock your meeting with the click of a button. Send invitation, see real-time availability of participants, and let everyone actively play their role, share opinions, and capture notes, action items and questions. Give participants the privilege of using their own systems to be more comfortable.

Choose Your Deployment Model

Each meeting has a separate resource – capacity and redundancy configuration – demand. Either choose a single server, low cost configuration, or multi-server distributed architecture for high availability, high scale, and minimal bandwidth usage. Fonebell can support unlimited number of conference sessions at a time, and can customize its services based on number of participants.

Integrate Conferencing into Your Unified Communications

Fonebell offers a multi-modal and multi-party unified communication solution, thus, the host and participants can seamlessly switch among contacts, presence, instant messaging, voice, video, content sharing, and ad hoc multi-party interactions.

Turn Recordings into Valuable Team Assets

Keep a record of discussed agendas, participants’ opinions and the conclusion or the course of action decided by synchronizing audio, slides, and meeting minutes. This also helps absentees to take note of the business strategy.


A call center can be inbound or outbound. Businesses are deploying them either to serve existing customers or to market their products or services to prospects. Call centers that pioneered the outsourcing trend, has emerged as a well-recognized industry today and businesses and enterprises from various industries with a bid to strengthen their hold on respective markets are finding refuge in them.

Call centers are usually cost conscious. There are many ongoing processes in a large company that need to have better connectivity within the organization, as well as with the customers located across the world. The call centers must be bundled with smartest business communication solutions to cope with the clients and its customers’ demands. Every call center must have a well-planned IT infrastructure to meet daily technical needs.

Below are significant call center services that help users in establishing continual connectivity.

1. Voice Recordings
There are voice recordings used by every call center to make the business more reliable by delivering studio-mastered messages and accomplishing unbreakable communications.

2. Visual Voicemail & Transcription
Using professional call management tools, the users can easily scan, sort and delete visual voicemails and sustain seamless business processes. It results in improved business productivity.

3. Custom Voice Prompts
Auto-attendant supports in improving connectivity as it guides the callers in reaching concerned call center professionals by following custom voice prompts.

4. Call Screening
Once the FindMe and FollowMe features are enabled on your devices, you can soon forward calls and connect to anyone anywhere in the world. Call screening takes no time to establish connectivity.

5. Visual Parking
While using reliable call center tools, the customer agents can easily tag parked calls using reminder notes. The users have to drag these parked calls between the on-hold areas and extensions.

6. Phone Scheduler
It helps you to manage phone menu options, transfer to voicemails and schedule forwarded calls.

7. Drag and Drop Call Handling
As different departments are located in parts of the organizations, one can easily handle calls with the help of drag and drop call handling feature that transfer calls to the respective parking areas or extensions. It helps in getting actual call status.


Customers’ move and their behavioral study is an important aspect of business contact management programme. For years, internally developed databases and spreadsheets remained the only means to manage business contacts. As organizations are expanding, their business contacts are also increasing and thereby, it is essential for them to have a business contact management platform that can establish relationship with them in a lively manner. Of the various options available today a few are discussed below.


Armed with web-based business apps, it can integrate data from Google Apps, Outlook and other third party services. Also, it has affordable pricing plan so you don’t need to go out of budget. Talking about its negative points, it lacks connection with social media like LinkedIn or Twitter.

Free CRM

It comprises all the basic features free like calendar, contacts, and task management. According to PC World, it is the best free tool to manage business contacts. You can get it at a reasonable price but it may ask for experts’ assistance in terms of deployment and configuration.


Consists of various features, it has been integrated by several reasonable CRMs. With excellent interface, it has supercool iPhone version and dashboard tools. The only drawback is it is not reasonable.


It is an open source CRM tool with social media integration. You can use its free edition to manage the contacts of your new business. With Twitter integration, you can view contacts tweets from the dashboard.


This is also a free open source CRM tool with all the basic features like Salesforce integration, task management, calendars, etc. But, it is sad to say that the desktop application is available for only Windows and Linux.


You can find its dashboard equipped with Facebook news feed. View the latest activity of your contacts. Also, it has other services along with excellent design and an iPhone app.

Using the above mentioned CRM tools, you can manage the information of your clients easily from anywhere. Thus, it is considered as one of the successful tools for maintaining business contacts at one place.


Enduring challenges and pressures from different quadrants, small businesses need to enhance productivity to survive in this competitive business environment. No doubt, communication is the sole factor for maintaining businesses and, thereby, large global organizations are refining their business operations using advanced means of communication. They are switching to software as a service, infrastructure as a service or other similar platform that reduces operating costs, induces scalability and flexibility, bolsters business resilience, and increases productivity. Adoption of cloud or Internet based business communication system is also a step in the same direction.

How does a cloud business communication system address a business’ needs?

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Simplifying communications, this unique communication system makes you save time and work in a more effective manner. It has integrated messaging to view and arrange voicemail from PC or IP Phone. To allow video communications, it has the facility to offer instant face-to-face video calling. Also, track, transfer and schedule calls. Collaboration is much easier with online conferencing options. No matter where you are, manage business processes effectively and increase productivity.

  • Controlled Cost

Management of cost is very necessary as you need to balance financial resources of your business. For this purpose, this improved and smart business phone system can surely help. Using this unified system, you don’t need to spend on local-line and long distance calls. Moreover, it eliminates the installation and configuration task.

Better Customer Service

Business success depends on customers. If they are happy and satisfied, you can automatically climb the ladder of success. This unified communication solution has various features that lets you attend clients easily. These are call processing, automated attendant, voicemail, call transfer, etc. Thus, stay connected with your clients all the time.

Hence, business communication system is the powerful and dynamic tool helping people to work together and achieve their missions and visions.


The glassy attire of contact centers, their dynamic and young workforce, seem enticing to the outsiders. With customer-satisfaction acquiring the center stage of a business success, they shaped in to an industry.  Not to mention the contribution of globalization that catapulted India, and later Philippines, China, Malaysia and other Asian countries in to call center hubs for multinational companies of the West. If we talk about India, the outsourcing call center industry generated $11 billion revenue, employed around 2.8 million people as of 2012. In terms of career growth there is no concrete stats, but the wage rise by 10-15 percent in the same duration speaks of it. Thus, its role in the nation building can’t be ignored.

However, all that glitters is not gold. The industry too is ravaged with many challenges including rising operating cost, reducing profit margin, lack of skills, and changing government’s compliances. Clients enforce call centers to render their services at cheaper rates and that’s too with improved service quality levels. Rising unemployment, have forced major outsource service consumers, like the United States, and the United Kingdom to revise their economic policies to check outsourcing. And diversification of business models asks for more sophisticated services and more competent staff to deliver that, hence, contact centers have to be on their toes if they want to stay in the industry.

These factors are exerting pressure on contact centers to reduce their operating cost, keep staff abreast with changing business demands, and meet stiff guidelines set forth by clients and governments. Thankfully, technology is there to help them. Call management system is one of those tools, which makes their jobs easier by helping them to better cope with the rising call volume and maintain customer satisfaction at optimal level in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Nowadays, cloud-based call management platform (in Software as a Service format) is in trend. Let’s see how it addresses the call center challenges:

(a)   Reduces Operating Cost: Being hosted in cloud, it needs no hardware or software investment, and can be scaled or degraded as per changing business needs. No need to buy, maintain or upgrade hardware. Pay only for what you use each month. Thus, it reduces IT maintenance costs.

(b)   Maximizes Service Availability: Automatic software updates and least downtime mean, contact centers can better respond to customers’ queries and fulfill their clients’ requirements. Thus, contact center management can stay more focused on their jobs, leaving technical stress or stuffs to the cloud service provider.

(c)    Facilitates Remote Customer Support: Contact centers can easily serve the needs of different clients at a time.

(d)   Adds Flexibility: Cloud-based solution offers a Web-based dashboard to let you enjoy additional functionalities whenever you need. Add CRM, customer feedback, predictive dialer, reporting & analytics, workforce optimization, quality management, workforce management, network connectivity, and disaster recovery.


“Cloud”, for the second year in a row, got its place cemented in the Gartner’s Top 10 list, also dubbed as Top 10 Trending IT Strategies 2014, along with mobile, mobile apps, enterprise app stores, integrated ecosystem, and others. Of the various cloud derivatives, business communication, is a revolutionary one that revamped the traditional phone system allowing entrepreneurs to keep their departments, processes, people, partners and customers connected over the cloud or the Internet.

Cloud Phone System?

It is the phone service that can be delivered over Internet in which group of phones work to construct this cloud based phone system. Basically, it can be referred as business phone systems. With the advent of cloud computing, public switched telephone network has replaced by cloud phone systems. Using this dynamic phone system, you can carry calls over Internet, track inbound calls to right person within the company and enjoy telephony applications such as virtual voicemail, call recording, etc. No matter you call it Internet phone system or cloud phone system, choosing the right system containing all features is necessary for your business.

Smart Phone System’s Features

  • Through a cloud based phone system, your clients can call you anywhere and you can easily receive their call. This feature keeps you connected even on the go. Just link your phone system with your mobile and manage everything remotely.
  • It is important to stay updated about your customer. Is your customer satisfied? Are your clients treated in a right manner by your employees? If your customers are not treated right then this cloud phone system can help you.
  • Give a more detailed service experience to your customer by connecting your calls with the customer data present in CRM system. Getting the details about customers, your employees can serve them better.

Features like call forwarding, voicemail, Auto Attendant, etc. are highly useful for performing various business functions. Therefore, this is the time to choose unique cloud phone system for managing your business effectively.


Whatever be the reason, from collecting information to seeking resolution to fix an issue, but at some point of life one must have taken refuge at a call center. When you call any call center agent, you want a satisfactory answer. Right? In most cases, you get a very polite response from the other side. This is the main attribute of any customer service representative. Professionals working there are patient, polite and helpful. They listen what you say and provide solutions accordingly. Nowadays, organizations are setting their call centers to treat their customers’ requests as soon as possible and acquire prospects and leads. Therefore, call center services have become a weapon to compete in the competitive marketplace.

What is a call center?

It is a centralized office where large number of telephone calls are received to resolve customers’ queries. These call centers can be categorized as Inbound call center and Outbound call center. Inbound call center is run by a company to manage customers questions and inquiries. Outbound call centers work for telemarketing, market research, etc.

For running a successful call center you need to walk in customers shoes. When a customer calls, you have to make them feel comfortable so that they can discuss the issue easily. Also, treat your customer as a student and educate him/her like a guide. If the customer is irritated, don’t get hyper and stay calm. Basically, you should have excellent communication skills for managing call center. Following these things, you can surely manage a call center in an efficient manner.

You can notice the importance of call center services everywhere. Business giants like Apple, Google, Reliance, etc. are also managing their customers using the same platform. In the purview of soaring brand rivalry and customers’ expectations, call center is not a choice anymore, but a necessity. Companies can avail various advantages from these call centers. Empowered by efficient and cost-effective business communication platforms, businesses can penetrate deeper and enhance their return on investment factors, while keeping customers satisfied.


Within a business organization, it is difficult to monitor and manage various business processes using 20th century technology-based communication solutions. These on-premises telecommunication models have failed to be extremely productive when it comes to coordinate instantly among different departments in a company. So, the businesses are in need of something that can bring great benefits to their organizations and help them work seamlessly. Continually changing phone numbers and phone lines becomes too annoying for a business organization; thus to avoid these hassles, Fonebell provides professional cloud telephony service model to leverage companies with the communication carrier they are already working with, and use the existing phone route. Isn’t this great? Apparently, YES!

Unlike other cloud services, professional cloud telephony solutions are exceptionally useful for enterprises and fulfill their communication requirements. Fonebell offers an open platform model, without letting you miss out high business returns, and allows you to continue paying the service price you were paying before (it means no additional charges!). Besides, one can count on professional cloud telephony services to acquire great bonuses.


With the highly progressive cloud telephony services, once can have end-to-end phone system functionalities, as long as you have uninterrupted Internet connectivity. The users have the complete authority to fax messages, access voicemail, view call activities and change answering rules irrespective of the location.


There is no need of the on-site devices. It eliminates the need to bundle heavy wires on the walls or having hundreds of buttons in a closet. Apparently, there is no additional burden of hardware installation that saves you from spending money in continuous upgrades and maintenance. In fact, all the back-end changes take place invisibly without any hassles.


In comparison to the other on-premises telecommunication solutions, you can find the cloud telephony services in less money that run for many more years to come. You can bid farewell to the non-economic technical contractors in the presence of cloud telephony products as there is no hardware installed. It is not mandatory for users to get involved in lock-in contracts while using hosted VoIP solutions. It is easy-to-use and gives you the leverage to pay-as-you-go – it keeps the cost structure manageable.


Depending upon the business conditions, a cloud phone system can be shrink or expanded. Within few clicks, you can add extensions or direct numbers. And no long wait for new numbers, this can be done in just minutes. If you have colleagues and business partners located everywhere across the country, you can have VoIP system to remain on the similar communication platform. Just one business number is enough with multiple extensions – all this can be done with one mobile device.


With the easy-to-use cloud telephony products, one can simply streamline photo system management without spending much time to communicate through long procedures. The time saved can be utilized for carrying out core business activities.

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