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Much has been said and written on customer engagement. Entrepreneurs often make subtle investment towards it to achieve their business objectives. Fortunately, Internet or cloud is here to help them in the pursuit of managing customer relationship effectively. Customer engagement is accomplished in two ways: first one facilitates open discussion among customers of a brand or company, and the second one offers the same between a company or brand and its customers. Discussion forums or blogs that offers public communication come in the first, while business contact management tools that are deployed on premise fall under the other.

In fact, business contact management has become a key business driver.  Let’s see that in what way it benefits businesses.

Increased Conversion Rate

Integrating business contact management with CRM or ERP, marketing managers can have a 360-degree view of their sales-channels. They can easily track that how visitors are making their ways to their websites and can take timely action on their requests, or leads to ensure maximum conversion.

Increased Customers’ Loyalty

Customers don’t want his/her vendor to be a perfect one. Rather they want to be listened. They want the commitments to be fulfilled. They want the purchased products or services to work the way they were warranted. And, in case, something goes wrong either with the product or service, there is someone to help with. By deploying a responsive contact management tool, businesses can stay up to the expectation of customers and make their stay longer with them.

Decreased Customers’ Churning

Contact management platform clears goof-ups or misunderstandings that often provoke a customer to quit a company’s products or services. Customer service representatives can see the interaction history of a customer, deduce what went wrong, and retain customers.


Sales Pipeline Management & Its Measurement

Progressive sales pipeline is something really important that indicates Good Company’s Health. It estimates not just the current outcome of a marketing campaign, but also offers insights as what needs to be done to cope with future demands. Thus, it is recommended to enterprises to manage their sales pipelines well to stay organized & be assured with their sales figure. There are many small and large organizations that take help of professional contact center services to meet targeted sales volume and improve return on investment. Basically, a sales pipeline is a well-organized and systematic approach for selling a specific product or a service. It is necessary for the sales pipeline enthusiasts to follow four significant metrics:

  • The approximate size of the deal in the sales pipeline.
  • The total numbers of deals in the stipulated sales pipeline.
  • The average times taken by deals to stay in the sales pipeline before they reach the expected sales velocity.
  • The average deal percentage which makes through the pipeline and helps in generating the lead-to-customer conversion ratios.

The congestion in the sales pipelines are completely dependent on the type of business deals a company comes across. Obviously, bigger the business deals, more is the probability to convert those leads into actual sales. It takes less time than the usual to build trust with the customer, and hence, the return on investment is increased exponentially.

How is Sales Pipeline Managed?

The business processes can turn unexpected and non-profitable, if there are no good strategies implemented at the right time to accomplish them. Thus, it is mandatory to create a brilliant strategy for completing all tasks and make large profits.

A pipeline containing too many stages (7 or above) could be time consuming, and this might make the system more complicated. On an average, a well-performing business process can be conducted easily with 5 stages in the pipeline. Every sales team needs to focus on the stage and its length while planning for a sales processes.

  • Initial Contact
  • Qualification
  • Meeting
  • Proposal
  • Close

It should be known that each of these steps has different weighted value in the sales process, and thus, every step should be given utmost priority & must be carried out in best possible way to increase the winning probability.


With the right vision, you can plan things but executing that plan in an organized manner is necessary for achieving success. Business management is all about streamlining business processes with the optimum use of available resources. Business workflow can be easily managed when there is a centralized system to manage contacts and communication. Using a seamless business contact management service, you can respond better to your customers.

Taking a snap of this perception, Fonebell offers a wide range of contact management services so that you can access your address book anytime without missing booming opportunities.

Simple Workflow

Fonebell cloud-based solution stores and organizes contact information. Also, you can track the return on investment of your marketing activities including call lists, mass emails, etc. Experience the power of mobility as you can access this contact management tool from anywhere. Get the notification of new leads on your smartphone and track your sales-funnel even when you are on a vacation.


This entire management system is immune against viruses, worms, denial of service (DOS) and malicious attacks. No unauthorized user can access your address book without your permission. Encryption safeguards business data against device theft, breaching and other attempts.

Google & Outlook Integration

Using Fonebell’s Heads up Display, you can merge contacts with relevant information from Google. Outlook can be accessible from your mobile now.

Stay focused and organized with your business modules and make the most out of available business opportunities. Providing the best collaboration experience to clients, we can help you in constructing a transparent and profitable business model.


Simple, cost-efficient, mobile-friendly, flexible, unified communication … IT experts and scholars often adorn cloud telephony with such objectives. Innumerable definitions are there, and a lot have been written and said about its features and benefits, but few discourse have taken place so far that how does the ‘cloud based phone system work’. It’s understood that cloud telephony doesn’t demand any dedicated equipment or EPABX (electronic private automatic branch exchange) setup, nor it requires costly copper phone lines or SIP trunks. Then how does the virtual cloud telephony give real experience to users bypassing all boundaries? How does the virtual PBX, receives multiple calls at a time and route them to multiple devices or users? How do the calls get recorded? What it takes to generate a voice-mail post, email or SMS, when a call gets missed? These are important questions, especially for entrepreneurs who want to embark with.

Let’s raise the curtain, and learn about its modus operandi. We are exploring the call routing phenomenon, as this is the primary usage of cloud telephony in India.

IP data networks substitute for the traditional analogue and ISDN telephone services. Businesses get one single telephone number, and certain number of ports as per their needs to route incoming /outgoing calls from this number. The routing task (which was handled by EPABX or PBX) is assigned to the vendor, which uses API (application programming interface) to interact with users’ devices (computers or phones) through their customized Web applications. These apps have a specific set of commands to perform predefined actions (playing text file, send SMS. Record, etc.).End-users can configure and manage the API via web portal. They can find all standard functionality like – FollowMe, Interactive Voice Response, Call queues and hunt groups, etc. that are offered by EPABX or PBX.

Interested in availing cloud based phone system? Fonebell has an answer. We have been serving startups and established small and medium businesses and large enterprises with ideal business communication tools. These reduce the communication complexity and calling costs as compared to traditional phone lines and increase sales while reducing operational expenses – smart call routing empowers fewer resources or manpower to handle large call volume or queries, – and thereby, keep customers happy with responsive services.

However, first we do a thorough review of our client’s business needs, his/her existing telephony and data invoices, and identify areas where we can help him/her save and deliver better functionality. Thus, optimizing business communication, we strive to sync with entrepreneurs business objectives.


Call center, a special centralized office, is setup for receiving and transmitting large volume of telephone requests regarding products/ services issues. Usually, the businesses setup inbound call center to look after customer concerns and administer incoming product/ service support. However, not every enterprise has enough capital to hire a special team for monitoring call center processes. In such a scenario, it is recommended to appoint a third party service provider for managing information queries from consumers.

Whether an enterprise takes support of an in-house or outsourced call center, the call center services have always helped in reducing call handling time by implementing smart functionalities. The well-trained and highly qualified call center agents work independently to monitor, manage and revert the incoming consumer calls to improve customer satisfaction rate. The call handling time is reduced considerably with the easy implementation of call center services presented by Fonebell. Some of them are listed below:

  • Call Routing

The calls are routed to the customer care agents across a network of multiple exchanges, depending upon the customer concerns. Most commonly, the calls are routed to professionals who are skilled enough to solve respective problems within least turnaround time.

  • Custom Voice Prompts

To save callers’ time, pre-recorded voice messages are used for directing the caller to reach the desired extension and share his/ her concerns to the subject-matter experts in just few seconds. This automated call process is helpful in routing the caller for getting best possible solution.

  • Call Screening

The call screening functionalities, provided by Fonebell, help in maximizing efficacy of by setting up screen protocols that protect nuisance calls, sideline less-urgent calls for suitable time schedule and entertain high priority calls faster.

  • Visual Call Parking

With the smart call parking service, the call center representatives are able to put incoming calls on hold for specific duration & retrieve the call using another telephone system. Calls are parked if the concerned person is busy on another call or engaged in some other activity.

  • Drag-and-Drop Call Handling

The Fonebell’s drag-and-drop call handling tools are helpful in transferring calls to the specific parking extension and obtain actual call status.


Over the last 18 months, the implementation of cloud telephony solutions in the worldwide business industry has increased exponentially. Depending upon the needs of startup communities and small businesses, the technology allows enthusiasts to make best use of purpose built offerings, such as cloud telephony services and on-demand computer infrastructure applications.

There are 70 percent of small and medium business groups having strong presence on web, but they do not own a business contact number to connect to their commercial audiences. The need of corporate telephone number can be uniquely fulfilled with the smart implementation of web telephony solutions that give unique chance to get a professional phone presence and let the company enjoy excellent call management functionalities along with improving customer service interactions. The cloud based telephony services in India allow small businesses to create proficient look and feel without making large investment in technology. It helps enterprises to competently stand against their well-established counterparts to come out as a winner in the respective business industry.    

It is a universal fact that none of the small businesses can come out with a large budget to afford implementation of physical technologies when compared to the successful counterparts. The cloud phone services benefit enterprises to initiate professional voice presence to interact with customers and prospects for a considerable amount of fees, in place of making thousands of dollars for hiring IT consultants and purchasing hardware essentials. Fonebell, a leading communication and collaboration solution provider, provides excellent cloud telephony services in India under affordable service packages. This company gives you better reasons to choose smart cloud telephony in India.

(a) The cloud solutions are helpful in cost savings for small startups that have no or little money for managing IT department.

(b)  The web based telephonic services can be easily used and implemented by giving extended IT support solutions to the small enterprises.

(c)  Apparently, these telephony services are helpful for creating new communication channels for the clients and prospects.

(d) With the help of these solutions, the companies can easily portray professional presence (by handling call queues, call routing, etc.)

No doubt, cloud telephony India is considered as the paramount for many businesses as it can produce easy-to-use products providing maximum return on investment.


A contact center telephony is a specialized technology service used by business organizations for monitoring and managing client’s contact via various media, including letter, email, live chat, telephone and fax. It is a coordinated system of technologies, strategies, processes and people that offers easy access to resources, information & expertise through common communication channels allowing successful customer interactions with the organization to give value. Apparently, the contact centers are considered better than call centers as they not only focus on giving telephone correspondence, but they also help in providing various roles to customers and the employees working within the organization.

The contact center is a growing industry that serves small and large business organizations with complex systems and skilled operational staff for monitoring, managing and improving the business processes & enhancing customer interactions. Depending upon the size and stability of the organization, a contact center telephony services can be owned internally or externally, i.e. either a company can take benefits of in-house contact center or by taking similar services from the reliable third party service providers.

Significance of Contact Center Telephony Services

There are so many specialized services given by professional contact centers; help desk or support service being the prime of all. Under these service packages, a service provider takes complete responsibility to answer technical queries of customers, throughout the day and night, to make their technology experience better. However, it has been noticed that telecommunication, computing and consumer electronics industries are the major businesses that look for contact center solutions for making ideal environment for their clients.

Not just the query solving, but these contact centers also concentrate on the sales and marketing functionalities to help them complete business processes. The outsourced contact centers are more helpful in reducing cost overheads, rather than the ones held in-house. All third party solution providers strategically design special service plans that cover all the company and customer related tasks with ease. However, every technology consultant recommends to outsource contact center telephony services to have excellent client interactions, strategically planned workflows and flawless sharing of data within and outside the business organization.


“By the end of 2017, customer relationship market will be worth $36.4 billion worldwide” forecasted by Gartner. Further, this American information technology research & advisory company also added that not only CRM industry is growing rapidly, but mobile customer relationship management services are expected to increase by 500%, by the end of 2014, with more than 50% business progressions.

Today, none of the small and large businesses can afford to be away from CRM system, if they really aim to increase sales and generate great revenues. With implementation of CRM systems, a business can easily track all databases having essential information required to accomplish business processes. This also helps in uninterrupted communication and calendar integration for existing contacts.

Below are benefits of CRM and contact management services for business organizations.

  • Improved Customer Relations

It is apparent for businesses to obtain better client satisfaction. CRM simplifies all the business processes, including marketing, servicing and selling, and the functions are carried in systematic and most organized ways. Besides, it is necessary to understand customer concerns and revert them accordingly. A business can develop loyal customer relationships and decrease client agitation, if a company focuses on their regular feedbacks and show relevant improvements. Efficient service delivery and instant customer feedback surely bring satisfactory services along customer’s way.

  • Improved Business Revenues

A prominent contact management and CRM strategy for a business is helpful in generating great company revenue. Data collected through the CRM system supports creation of marketing campaigns in a well-structured way. Using CRM software, one can assure product promotions reach to a new set of clients and serve existing clients with the better. It directly boosts the leads that are converted later into sales and give more return-on-investment.

  • Effective Internal Communication

Data sharing is a non-stop phenomenon, and this should happen with every business organization. Data flow and communications within an organization should be carried out flawlessly. The entire company has to work as one team in order to serve a customer, thus a contact management for business is an essential CRM feature.

Do you think CRM is essential for your business? Why/ Why not? Tell us your views in comments below.


Earlier, the Web conferencing service was used as a primary communication tool for companies with extensive pool of resources and large budgets. The small enterprises couldn’t afford technology for holding real time meetings with distantly located business partners, colleagues and employees, and thus, they used to depend more on the conventional medium for communication. However, with the growing technology and its affordable communication solutions, Web conferencing services have become accessible for businesses of every size and type.

The online Web conferencing allows people to connect through audio or video conferencing while sitting comfortably at different remote locations. Such meetings are commonly known as Webinars or online workshops or interactive conferences. With the help of Internet Technology, point-to-point and multicast communications are established for connecting one sender to numerous receivers. The data sent through the Web conferencing can be in the text format, video or voice chats to meet different purposes, including short presentations, training events, lectures, corporate meetings, etc.

The conference call services meet vast numbers of needs and benefit users in different ways. Let’s have a look at how Web conferencing services work well to favor business enterprises.

  1. Streaming or Live Video: Here the multi-media files, full motion Webcam and digital video camera are presented to audiences.
  2. Voice over Internet Protocol: Video and audio communications are conducted via speaker/ headphones and computers.
  3. Meeting Recordings: The presentation is recorded for later distribution or viewing purpose.
  4. Slideshow Presentations: The online service is used for presenting various images to the audiences, and a markup tool/ remote mouse pointer is used for engaging addressees while the slide content is discussed by the presenter.
  5. Web Tours: In this online service, the cookies, session data, URLs, scripts and data from forms is pushed to another participants to allow them to push through clicks and Web based logons. It works well when Websites are demonstrated to other participants.
  6. Screen Sharing/ Application Sharing/ Desktop Sharing: It enables viewers to see anything that the presenter is presently showing on its computer screen. With the help of smart screen sharing apps, one can accomplish this task and allow participants to operate presenter’s screen.

Contact center is the wider term enclosing all kinds of client interaction using variety of media like telephone, fax, email, letter and live chat. Basically, it is the coordinated system through which information can be easily accessed as well as it enables valuable interaction between customer and organization. Customers expect nothing but excellent service when they contact you. Therefore, contact center services are the best way of maintaining the relationship with your potential customers. Treating customers in a right manner, you can enhance your brand credibility in the market.

To make your contact center better and improved, make sure it has below attributes:

Organized Handling

Nobody likes complicated things. When your customer calls, they want an effective interaction to take place. If you are transferring their calls from one location to another or an automated machine is answering to their queries, they may get disappointed. Therefore, proper management of calls is the sole attribute of a good contact center. Hire representatives for all departments so that your customer can get answer of their queries easily. This makes customer more satisfied and happy.

Patient & Soft Spoken Agents

Warm greetings can make your day. And same goes for your customers. When you treat them in a polite manner, they feel nice. Choosing an experienced and good customer support representative is necessary for maintaining the interaction with client in an efficient manner. Your agents should welcome customers with the greetings of the day as well as listen to their concerns carefully. If a customer is upset or angry, a contact center representative should handle the situation patiently. Remember, customer seeks attention and solution when they contact customer service agents.

Quick Response

Make your contact center responsive against customer queries. Don’t let customers wait for a long time. Try to limit the call time so that each and every customer can connect to the agents.

Adopting these qualities, you can make your contact center a perfect destination to answer client queries.

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