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Relation between business and its customers is driven by trust and reliability. Hence, business decision-making round the globe from different industry sectors is cornered on revitalizing the relationships. Thankfully, in the pursuit of customer relationship management, technology is playing an important role and in the past we saw many versions of it. Of the plethora of technology that we use today, cloud-based phone system is an important one that has reduced the distance both in physical world and metaphysical world. Why metaphysical? Because the relation evokes a sense of feeling and emotion.

Replacing PSTN network, cloud telephony has come a long distance. Today, we can see many variants of it facilitating communication and collaboration. Of them, conferencing service is the one that has got the magical instinct to revitalize the customer relationship. Not just technology product manufacturers, software developers or software as a service providers or other cloud-based business models, but we can see the use of conferencing services embracing people from all walks of life including HR, teachers, doctors, students, pharmacists, customer service operators, and financial consultants. In fact, the service has transformed their way of working. Let’s discover how?

Hiring managers

In the era of outsourcing and globalization, you can find human resource management professionals making use of conferencing services to hire people from different territory. You can easily hire local people for your offshore office in Singapore or London while sitting in India. More and more companies are vetting candidates via video conferencing. This is helping them to save a lot on travelling, flights and lodging expenses. Moreover, candidates feel more at ease.

Teachers & students

Education has crossed the state and national borders. Now students can get access to subject-matter-experts sitting in a different location. Their time zone and languages can too differ.  Teachers can make their students understand the topics and subjects using the service.


Patients can seek remedy for their health complications from remotely located doctors. As per a research from Manhattan University, approximately 7 percent of physicians are using video conferencing to communicate with their patients. Using webcams and clinical reports doctors can analyze the physical and mental health of their patients and can provide the right treatment. Doctors can also mull on the various medications available with leading pharmacists. The service is instrumental in improving patient care and reputation and boosting operational efficiency and growth. However, aspirants must take note that the chosen service is matching the compliance norms set in the industry and is able to cope with any event of network failure or data disaster.

Customer service

In order to make the customer service more personal, most of the technology companies are relying on the conferencing services to enhance customer-satisfaction. For instance, home and business computing and networking solution provider, Google is planning to use Google+ Hangouts to offer customized support to consumers. Students, customers or business entrepreneurs who are not tech savvy can easily understand the nuances of technology over the Web and make the optimum use of the technology.


Not all business initiatives are successful; in fact, most of them die before witnessing growth. To succeed in business industry, it is essential for every small enterprise to own effective call management solutions. Gone are those days when entrepreneurs used to collect business cards and maintain address book to have smooth business relationship with worldwide partners and other vendors. Today, the promising call management solutions help business owners to manage contacts of various suppliers, team members, clients, contractors, etc. to perform processes seamlessly & connect to anyone anytime.

In recent times, many enterprises have happily embraced contact management services to cut down the hassles of maintaining records, and minimize efforts to track names & addresses. A fully-featured contact management system keeps necessary information of associated business people to generate new clients, improve experience of existing ones and eliminate need to manage information every now & then, as actions are performed automatically.

Simple Presentation of Essential Information          

Names, contact numbers and addresses are the common and essential information that every business holds. Besides, additional information for every customer, including his latest purchase, products/ services of his interest, transaction info, list of expected products/ services, should be maintained using call management tools to give better experience to the customers. The well-organized data about the business contact, apparently, makes it easy to access, modify, augment and replace information in the database. Moreover, business information is less valuable until it is updated and provided to the users in presentable manners.

Grouping & Filtering Capacity

When all the necessary data is accumulated and stored in the organized way in the database, it is required to access and use smartly for making business tasks easier. The effective call management solution facilitate users by creating different information groups to categorize data in relevant category, depending upon the priority. In fact, the essential information is searched with the help of using various filters. The small businesses are benefited with world-class contact management solutions to easily eliminate problem-scenarios using filtering techniques. Ensure the efforts are valued by the customers to make business a huge success.


In 2014, the business enterprises have got strong push to adopt and move to more promising communication solutions to lead to better employee engagement, and thereby meet end-to-end customer needs. Least call waiting times and reduced turnaround service periods have pleased potential clients with superior customer services.

In fact, businesses have been successful in recognizing customer’s communication technology needs and serving them with the best possible solutions to gain their trust. To address continual customer-centricity trends well, here are few points every enterprise must pay attention in 2015.

Rise of Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Many organizations have decreased use of in-room & costly video conferencing services, instead cloud-based systems that are comparatively affordable have become preferred choice for them. The technology giant, like Google, has introduced Hangouts with various features to satiate user requirements. 2015 will be surely loaded with smartly synchronized cloud-based video & on-premises systems to monitor & improve business performance with minimum investment.

Easy Collaboration

There are many service providers offering dependable communication and collaboration solutions to industry analysts & corporate IT execs. The technology industry is growing with every passing year, and it has benefited millions of businesses with solutions having excellent file sharing, video, audio, messaging and web conferencing services for having easy-to-access interface. All these services have enabled businesses to quickly collaborate with one another making most of technology.

Unified Communication Become More Social

Over a long period of time, many unified communication providers have introduced various products incorporated with essential social features. These features allow employees to collaborate on similar projects via single platform. Not all of these have been successful, so vendors are expected to release few more robust versions in 2015.

Protection from VoIP Attacks

IP based telephony services are not completely immune against threats; however, technology giants have been making efforts to reduce down the risks and replace conventional phone system with cloud telephony services in India for pretty good reasons. The business organizations are suggested to lockdown their VoIP networks to defend against phone hacking, toll fraud and telephony denial of service attacks.


Every business organization needs to connect and communicate with worldwide customers and partners to conduct various business processes seamlessly. While professionals are accepting social media networks, emails and text messaging as reliable sources to convey official messages to different teams, most of them find it convenient to use business phone systems to establish uninterrupted connectivity. Today, every small business needs to own a robust communication system to set up and run a new office or store with no hassles at all. So, here are few significant reasons that justify investment in business phone systems for small businesses.

Flawless Information Flow

A well-connected organization allows all the employees to stay informed with valuable information to achieve success. It is a universal fact that business is all about having good contacts and excellent capacity to use available options. All the professionals working within and outside the company need to be connected every time, and thus, they should make use of phone systems to accomplish different business programs.

No qualm, business communication systems have become lifeline for many organizations and they can’t afford to stay aloof from this progressive facility. Not just the phone calls, but these business phone systems for small businesses also provide audio & video conferencing services to the professionals. Information is passed in many ways, like text documents, files, images, videos, presentations, audios, etc. and advanced Internet based telephony services make it possible to transfer data to people sitting miles away. As long as team members or clients are found in active network lines, they can be connected to the professionals located on one corner of the world and acquire all the necessary data needed to fulfill business requirements.

Minimize Hassles & Turnaround Time

When distance of hundreds of miles is reduced to zero with unbreakable and consistent phone communications, it seems wise to count on business phone systems. These tools are helpful in saving money time, efforts and money required to travel too far to convey messages. Yes, world has come closer!

Whether PBX systems or VoIP modules, businesses should deploy any of these telephony systems depending upon the business needs and budget to enjoy seamless business processes.


For controlling and improving functionalities in a contact center, every agent takes care of hundreds of business processes in a day. What is needed to track all the incoming calls and check their quality received by the call center agents? How can agents identify possible errors in the calling processes and utilize all the resources being wasted in process inefficiencies? A call reporting software is deployed by call centers to develop a complete analysis of CSR productivity. It is helpful in monitoring call center agent software use, find scope of improvement and measure processes. This software is mainly deployed to accelerate contact center agent’s performance and quick finish all the business processes.

How a call reporting software helps in improving productivity of call center agents and results in increasing sales?

  • Addition of contextual process guidance: It is helpful in navigating agents through time-consuming and lengthy processes or tasks they rarely perform. The use of software supports in reducing errors, minimizing training sessions and increasing productivity.
  • Streamline business processes with auto-navigation: Doesn’t this sound interesting? The processes are completed at high speed by automatic navigation to desired screen. It saves time while responding customer calls and used for reducing complexity of various processes.
  • Automatic repetition of manual tasks: As there is no point for customers to wait when call center agents copy or paste or rekey their data in various systems, so these manual tasks are repeated with the help of call reporting software to save time and efforts & reduce waiting times.
  • Provide data to agents for having 360° view of the current customer: The call reporting software is the best source for collecting, managing and distributing customer’s original information from the beginning of the customer call. It also shows all the previous customer interactions with the company using a specific customer account and Customer 360 toolbar.
  • Alert agents for relevant sales promotions: The call reporting software updates agents with relevant up-sell and cross-sell offers and they can used during customer calls. Usually, all the agents use this technique to target potential audience and dramatically increase sales along with improving return on investment.

A voicemail is a voice message sent from the caller in the recipient’s absence. The functionality of a voicemail is somewhat similar to the conventional answering machine; the only difference here is voice messages are saved on the service provider’s server instead of storing on answering machine. When voicemails are sent to the recipient’s number in their absence, it can be accessed, read or heard later according to the convenience. Below are steps to learn how to listen, access and read voicemails via SMS in a Windows phone.


Whenever a new voicemail is received in the mailbox, two things happen: firstly, a notification appears on the top of “Start” option and a voicemail icon appears with number of missed calls. It depends on the mobile operator to notify recipient about the new voicemail.

Follow steps for setting voicemail on a Windows phone.

  • Go to “Start” and tap on the “Phone” option. Then choose “Voicemail”.
  • Keep on following the command prompts to finish the set up process.

Notification of voicemail in the list and access & play of voicemail messages completely depends upon user’s existing phone plan and the mobile operator.


  • Go to “Start” and tap on the “Phone” option. Then choose “Voicemail”.
  • Wait and then type voicemail password whenever prompted.
  • Find out the options to listen, delete, replay and manage the voicemails received on the device.
  • Tap on the “End call” option to disconnect.


  • Go to “Start” and tap on “Phone”.
  • Flick on the “Voicemail” and tap the message that is to be played. Once the voicemails are played, follow any of the functions:
  1. Tap “Pause” for stopping played voicemail message.
  2. Tap “Play” for playing the voicemail text message.
  3. Tap “Speaker” for playing message via speaker.
  4. Tap “Delete” for deleting and removing the voicemail message from the device.
  5. Tap “Call” for calling the sender at the same number.
  6. Tap “Contact” for connecting to the same person with some other number. And dial the number then.

How do you define a business? No matter, scholars may put it differently, but the spirt remains the same – Business is nothing but a collaborative or collective approach of your workforce to keep customers satisfied.  Thus, people are at the center of a business, and how well are they managed, is truly reflected in the success story of the business.

Thus workforce management and customer experience are nothing but two sides of the same coin. If one is maintaining consistency in the delivery system as per pre-defined protocols and values, then the other is going to accept it whole heartedly and share the goodness to others who could be in touch. None can exist in isolation. Hence, workforce management (WFM) or workforce optimization (WFO) has always remained at the core of a business strategy.  Business values and practices too advocate of the same. Hence, it would be interesting to unravel the components that make up WFO. A comprehensive WFO planning should provision answers to the below questionnaire:

  1. How to have the right people at the right times in the right operational locations?
  2. How to deliver the right quality of service?
  3. How to train and coach agents on demand?
  4. How to analyze and manage agent performance?
  5. How to analyze the voice of the customer across all modes of communication?

Managing customer relationship and ultimately customer experience won’t be an obstacle, provided you have a successful WFO in place. Thankfully the modern workforce management solutions have the right blend of everything that you need to drive your productivity. Almost 82 percent of today’s call centers are making use of either on-premise based or S-a-a-S based WFM. Some of the significant features of an ideal WFM can be summarized as:

Time & Attendance

This is to help you keep a track on the wide range of skilled staffs including salaried, hourly, contingent, who are actually responsible for moving your business forward. You can have a complete 360-degree view of your staff. Manage attendance records using an array of data collection technologies—including badge readers, biometric readers, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and more. Depending upon different operations and departments create different user groups and let your managers have a web-based access of the entire picture from anywhere, anytime.

Staff Scheduling

Scheduling helps you to do more with less. It offers additional insights to help you reduce labor costs and learn how scheduling impacts your business. Integrating it with attendance element effectively manage the challenges created by unexpected absenteeism. Mange staffing levels and shift patterns to ensure smooth and uninterrupted delivery of services and optimum operation productivity. It’s also helpful to have a stress-free work environment by giving rest to staff as and when required.

Absence & Leave

Keep a track of employees’ leaves under various categories including national, state/provincial, union, and corporate over the Web and manage entire leave lifecycle throughout the fiscal year in a precise manner. This will certainly reduce the excessive and unearned time off, maintain transparency and improve employee-relationship. Hence, it’s a crucial aspect of workforce management from the HR point of view.

Labor Analytics

It gives workforce managers better insights into the availability of resources, their activities and outcomes. This is crucial not just in achieving the current project related objectives but also in ensuring ongoing success of the business in the long run.

Thus, effectively manage customer-experience across different business verticals and stay ahead.


A better business communication system is the perfect source of competitive advantage that supports managing and processing of core business activities resulting in improved efficiencies. It is true that good communications give opportunity to maximize business returns and bring immense growth to the company. Matching pace with rapidly growing business communication needs with implementation of scalable business communication solutions – is a success key to run a business seamlessly.

Since decades, the business organizations use conventional phone systems, such as PBX systems, to meet the aim. In recent times, businesses can be seen more inclined towards Internet based telephony solutions that deliver promising results without any hassles.

With sophisticated Voice over Internet Protocol system, there are professionals that can easily communicate with globally located business partners, clients and colleagues to discuss important business concerns. In fact, they can conveniently send files, share presentations, show important records and conduct web conferencing to not interrupt business processes over secure Internet Protocol network.

Here are three major reasons to make an Internet based communication system a significant part of your business.

  • One Interface & Multiple Applications

Without special configuration of expensive hardware and software, any business can get benefits of a reliable communication system running on protected network. This communication system enables enterprises to make use of multiple apps at the same time, like voicemail, video & audio conferencing, softphones, database queries and many others, all on just one interface.

  • Real Time Collaboration

In most of the small and large business organizations, it becomes difficult to coordinate with team members in different departments, and thus, communication system with excellent real time collaboration capabilities is much required. With the help of these solutions, different professionals can easily collaborate without making huge investment. Apparently, Internet based communication solutions are more dependable, powerful and affordable than the conventional systems. All employees can instantly connect to distantly located people using any voice, data, video or mobility apps.

  • Comprehensive Features For Today & Tomorrow

These solutions are flexible and scalable that can easily meet current business requirements and grow according to fulfill future needs. Whatever be the requirements, service vendors can benefit users with feature rich solutions fit for end-to-end business communications needs.


Successful collaboration! Successful business. Productive workforce. Satisfied customers. If you have aspired to have all these, you are not greedy. Nor you are alone to chase them. With dispersed workforce, increased marketplace competition, mobile professionals, greedy customers, and more, today you need to have better communication at the core of your business to keep the business running smooth and efficiently neutralizing the challenges mounted across all the business quadrants in the globalized economy where customers are just a click away from your competitors.

Now, grow your business with audio and video conferencing services. Concerned about costs, deployment, ease-of-use and maintenance? Now dump them all as IP-based telephony service brings an effective alternative to traditional conferencing that was corned by mighty entrepreneurs only. Now with pay-as-you-go model, get started in no time without getting yourself tangled in the procurement of hardware and servers. Neither do you need to have a dedicated IT team to keep audio and video conferencing running at peak.

Take a stroll with us, and discover how audio and video conferencing services help you grow your business while keeping total cost of ownership at low.

Connect face-to-face with colleagues and clients regardless of location

Strike out the word “distance” from the parlance. Whether its talent acquisition or hiring, disseminating training or discussing projects with clients or branch office colleagues or getting mingled in a board meeting, everything becomes easier with standard audio and video conferencing services that too in an intuitive manner marked with face-to-face conversation.

Reduce the cost and hassles of travel

No need to allocate budget on flights and train bookings. As commuting has become a thing of past with the advent of cloud telephony service. Also it’s a way of conducting business in the laziest way as you don’t need to endure the physical and mental stress of travelling. Next benefit is ‘time saving’. Channelize all that you saved – energy, money and time – to be more practical and focus on your customers.

Share documents and applications in real-time

A business is all about going together, working together, achieving together and cherishing the taste of success together. While being in audio and video conference make your presence more tangible with documents and presentation underlining your projects and business insights. Create those using built-in familiar online apps and tools like Microsoft Office Live, ThinkFree, Google Docs, Zoho and others. Share everything with just a click and let colleagues give their feedbacks and consent to forward projects to next level.


By the end of 2015, 500 million mobile devices would be in use by enterprise workers, and by 2017, half of the enterprise operation would be managed by tablets and smartphones. Yes, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is expected to overtake enterprise-liable device concept by the time, and access to smartphones will reach a key infliction point. Involvement of PCs will be shirked to mere 12%.

How does the untethering, unlocking and unleashing of the enterprise data help a workforce to drive productivity? Obviously, the question would be resonating your intellect, and before you jump on to enterprise mobility services & solutions that you will need to control and manage mobile workers, it’s important to have a detailed assessment as how they would benefit your people and customers and drive ROI.

Employee Satisfaction

Business leaders and CIOs who adopted the concept early believe that the BYOD has improved employee satisfaction. It should not bring surprise to you as people are already used to the mobile devices, viz. smartphones and tablets and are shunning desktops. Gartner, the noted research and advisory firm, based upon on of its surveys, including 995 BYOD employees in the US, found subtle increase in work hours due to the new trend. This can only happen when employees are satisfied, and are voluntarily ready to contribute. Though what would be the actual productivity gain remains a concern as people may mix personal and professional aspects of their lives. Hence, effective monetization would depend upon the effective management of these devices using the right enterprise mobility services & solutions.

Improved User Productivity

74 percent respondents of the above survey admitted increase in user productivity with the adoption of enterprise mobility services & solutions. Akin to first one, the reason is more than clear. As people-centric solutions allow employees to effectively harness the capability of mobile devices and apps to access enterprise data virtually over the Internet, people can stay productive anytime, anywhere. Integration of capabilities such as Near Field Communication (NFC), video streaming, image recognition and processing and voice recognition, would further enhance the workforce productivity.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

46 percent respondents observed that the adoption of enterprise mobility services and solutions is fast and easy, and it reduces not just the technology ownership but also the operational costs as it diminishes the need of robust IT infrastructures and physical commuting in many scenarios. Improved support is another major benefit claimed 38 percent participants. Enterprises no longer need to deploy a fleet of IT personnel to check unexpected downtime and perform upgrade, repair and maintenance as the cloud based architecture makes them redundant.

Fonebell, your leading cloud-based telephony service provider, blends the innovative enterprise mobility services (in mobile technologies, engagement models, and system integration) to empower your people with the right information at the right place whenever and wherever they need. We provide enterprise mobility services for all industries including banking and financial services, telecom service providers and services, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare, and more.

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