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“On one fine weekend morning, a friend next door visited me, he looked disgruntled, furious and irritated, I was concerned, so I just asked him, what’s the issue pal, and to my surprise he started abusing his telecom service provider for their mediocre service—the problem was that he was not able to reach the desired person for resolve.”

This problem is grave and it happens with folks more often, however, those call center providers that are using the automatic call distribution, they are able to garner maximum satisfied pool of customers during such scenarios. Through automatic call distribution software solution, especially designed for call center, calls can be routed to the right person for resolve. So, the business is always having an edge in terms of customer satisfaction and customer acquisition. Now-a-days, communication is the essence for growth and expansion, and with proper channels installed to streamline the communication, business reaches to a new dimension. So, let’s see why automatic call distribution is garnering some much of limelight for transforming business prospects.

If you want to expand the business, in that case, how can you achieve it? It is through effective planning and strategic management. Automatic call distribution software ensure that productive time is not lost and customers are always getting the resolve that they seek instantly. So, if you are alien to the clout of automatic call distribution and how these call distributor software service can help your call center thrive, then have a look at the change it can beget for your business.

ACD or automatic call distribution software are the prime mover for sales and lead, by creating the right bridge between the customer and the redressal platform, it helps in brand building, customer satisfaction and generating leads for the business. So, if there is a continuous flow of call during a particular period and there are not enough representatives available to answer all of them, in that case, through automatic call distribution, the customer’s call to the business is routed to the right person and those that have not been answered are stored in the contact list of the automatic call distribution for future referral.

Another advantage that ACD yields is providing ease of operation, so you don’t need to be at the office for your job, all you need is the extension number of your personal phone to be fed in the system. So, what it does is that if there is an increase in the call flow on any particular day and the agents that are supposed to answer them are on a leave or they are not available at that point of time, in that case, it routes the call to the extension number and the customer is able to get resolve for the problem that they are facing. So, the advantage is that customers are always satisfied and all their queries are answered in an affirmative tone. The advantage is that customers connect with the brand and it helps in brand building, promotion and more acquisition of customers in the business pool.


We are living in an age where people count time as money and they are never interested to waste it in meaningless trifle. So, if you are engaged in any business like restaurants or providing service through hospitals, where you are frequently in touch with a large chunk of audience. In that case, it becomes really hard sometimes to personally answer to the queries of each and every customer, you cannot do that. Such kind of work would require considerable time. With the help of IVR system and highly sophisticated IVR solution, the problem of dealing with customers has been resolved—all thanks to Telephony services. IVR system, IVR solutions for hospitals, restaurants, hotels, government enterprises have helped create a new line of more satisfied customers and this has been helping business grow with sky being the limit. However, the penetration of IVRS services are yet to reach its crescendo. There are some second thoughts among some of the enterprises that they don’t need IVR system or IVR solution for their business. However, such is not the case, if you consider its clout then it cannot be ruled out that it has helped in business expansion, client satisfaction and growth. It is on account of this credibility that folks have been over enthusiastically using the IVR solutions.

However, there are also some benevolent folks that have no idea about when their organization needs IVR solution. For such folks, if you go by record, there has been a considerable loss of business prospects if the customers end up being dissatisfied. But with the help of IVR, this scenario can be changed and better prospects can be restored.

So, let’s take a short journey and find out how IVR has ushered in creating a pool of successful business ventures.

Basically, the need of IVR has spiked in business, now-a-days, it is pretty much essential to keep the customers happy. Just imagine the scenario, if the customer is not able to get resolve when he/she calls for the first time. At that point of time, maybe the customer would be annoyed and would like to call later for the resolve. However, if this trend happens with the customer more often, in that case, the customer would paint a negative picture about the enterprise and eventually he/she would leave the service provider. Now, let’s change the scenario, if the customer calls for the very first time and through call automation, the customer is directed to the respective person where their doubts are getting answered and they are getting a resolve. In that case, how would that make the customer feel—contented. So, with the help of IVR solution, this scenario has been restored and this is the reason that businesses irrespective of their scale of operation have been enthusiastically using IVR solutions for improving the prospect of the business.

IVR uses different software for managing the communication requirement and they are a force in the reckoning for ensuring growth and expansion.


The business model of call center services in India is currently experiencing a change in its current standard in regards to the customer service response time. People involved in various call center jobs, work in different shifts to adjust with different time zones to improve their service level and to match up the global industry standard, just for one big cause? Wondering what it can be? Yes, just to reduce the customer service response time. What caused them? Definitely, it’s because of the abrupt change in the customer’s behavior – they are becoming less patient and more demanding in nature. A noted industry survey focused on understanding the call center industry challenges has associated the call center failures with the inability to comply with the customer service response time. Surprisingly, some being oblivious of its importance, were not making subtle efforts or investment towards its improvement. Even more, some were reluctant to do away with their traditional substandard call center training programs or hiring the misfit talent (Hiring fresher and non-experienced graduates) for call center jobs. Service response time? It’s the time period that starts with the customer making a request and ends with the response received. In each and every business, customer service response time plays a significant role in not just acquiring customers and fulfilling their requests, and resolving their grievance to ensure everlasting relationship with them. Here is how call handling solutions can improve the response time.

Automatic Call Distribution – This is the core feature of a modern call center handling solution meant for distributing calls to the right person to let a caller get the right solution that he/she wants. An efficient routing should be made based on the nature of queries, requests and complaints, availability of call center representatives, call volume, working hours, and skills of agents. Hence, it’s an efficient tool to cut down customer service response time and ensure speedy call resolution.

Powerful Reporting – A call center manager should be in the position to monitor the status of all active and non-active agents in every queue. The reporting should apprise him/her of all the activities – received calls, live calls, abandoned calls, completed calls, hold time, average call length, agent productivity, and much more. This will definitely help him or her to see where their workforce is lacking, whether agents are adhering to the pre-defined service level agreements and callers are satisfied. Based on the report, the responsible person can take required decision to improve customer service response time without compromising with the caller’s experience.

Agent Call Recording – Call handling solution is not just about improving workforce productivity, but also the quality of delivery, and that’s why the call center operator go for the agent recording feature. It helps them to check whether the agent is making the reasonable use of the information and tools to disseminate information to callers. Call recordings capture agent name, agent extension, date, time, Caller-ID, DNIS and file size. A quality monitoring team can easily pick out recorded calls from any queues to listen. They can do call barging i.e. live call monitoring and suggest agents to take the right steps to resolve the customer’s queries/requests/complaints in a quick and easy manner. The findings of the recording sessions are actively used in talent acquisition, training and quality management to maintain the winning spree in the challenging ecosystem.

This was just a glimpse of the features that are helping call center operators to perform better. We will keep on communicating and sharing whatever we know and learned through our experience as a call center service provider. Thank you for being with us. Hope to see you tomorrow!


Now-a-days business is getting complex than ever and if you are not employing smart solutions, in that case, you would be a laggard in the race. The same goes with call centers in India, the country is facing stiff competition from players based in China and Philippines, so if the domestic players want to race ahead then they need cutting edge technology to wipe out the foreign players from the market. Call handling software, a component of call center software provides these domestic players with an edge over these stalwarts. With the help of call management and analytics, these domestic players can opt for one-on-one competition with the foreign players. Now-a-days, people have become very smart and at work place they try to skip pressure and at the same time, there are also instances that folks pass time. So, with the help of call center software solutions, proper transparency and accountability is ensured, thereby increasing the competitiveness of the domestic players. When monitoring and transparency is streamlined then quality is improved and it leads to bettering the customer experiences, so the end result because of call center solutions is more satisfied customer and highly growing business prospects.

So, let’s a dig deeper and figure out why call handling software are so much sought in the fray for improving the business prospects.

Now-a-days, whenever a customer faces any difficulties, he/she calls for a resolve; however, one thing is evident that they don’t have patience and they need the resolve instantaneous. If you are not having the right call handling software in your business, in that case, many customers would not be able to get their problem resolved over the phone and they would like to switch their service provider. Such a trend, if becomes prevalent then it can bore a brunt on the prospects of growth and development of the enterprise. At the same time, since when it comes to call resolve, in that case, you are not seeing the customer and recognizing the person, so with the help of call handling software solutions, organizations are continuously tracking their customers and keeping a tab on them so that they always feel privileged and the business grows because of their loyalty towards the provider. When call handling software is being deployed in your business, in that case, you are always having complete access to the information of the customers and every time when you make them feel that you know them then it hits them personally and make them feel good about it. So, they are always remaining attached to the provider.

At the same time, when call handling software are there then quality and professionalism is never compromised, so whenever the agents are talking to clients, in that case, they have to maintain a business professional ethics, and this renders the communication to always stand pretty professional with the use of professional lexicon.

So, with the help of call management software, proper call evaluation and analysis is ensured and this has been helping business not just improve their products, but it is also doing stupendously in improving their service and customer experience.

So, these tasks that almost looked an impossible pursuit in the past have taken a new shape and they are allowing our domestic players to fight and compete with their foreign counterparts.


Being Patient is not everybody’s cup of tea, however, often one is forced into practicing this herculean job,—end result, the person gets annoyed, big time! Imagine whenever you step out for something, what was the first thing that resonated in your head, would I be standing in the Queue, would I get cake walk to my pursuit, all these are simple questions that pop in the head and people are always trying to figure out ways where they don’t have to face such hassle as their counterparts. With the advent of technology, things are beginning to change for the better, so ranging from hospitals, hotels, shops, restaurants, point of sale, voice processes so on and so forth, the dearth of queue management is felt every now and then and it is imperative that proper resolve is facilitated. The demand for this service is increasingly felt by the call centers and if you go by record then they are the primary takers of this service. So, when you are going for virtual queue management service, call management and different queue management system in India, it is important that you are able to tap them to perfection.

So, if you are into a business that involves answering to a lot of customers, all at one point of time, in that case, you must be ready with the best tools in your arsenal to initiate the process in the best way. A virtual queue management system can make or break a business. So, you must know how queue management system is retaining customers, at the same time, creating new ones in the pool.


Queue management provides the opportunity for the customers to manage their needs as per their whims and fancies. If you talk about call centers, for such clients queue management is the next “Eureka moment” for them. With the help of queue management, the customers can operate accordingly and the smart software that various companies uses, it enables them to manage their customer and treat every customer as the brick to build the castle out of them. So, no customer gets annoyed, left out and frustrated by the support of queue management.


If you are giving a call for taking any service, would you like to explain the same thing that you want to different persons over and over again? Certainly, you don’t have that much time, patience and energy. So, what happens when you call a vendor or service provider for availing any support? If have to repeatedly convey the same thing over and over again, then you would reach the threshold of annoyance. So, you might hang up the call. For you it is nothing as you would get another business for the service, however, for the business it has lost one of its clients who might have availed their service, and being satisfied would have come back for additional, or even recommended others as well. With queue management system, all the queries and cases are categorized, segregated and resolved within the least turnaround time and with due adherence to quality parameters to achieve higher level of customer satisfaction.

Enthusiastic Hang up Time

There are many companies that are using the queue management in the best possible way. So, what they do in their virtual queue management system, they provide entertainment and engaging contents while the user is on hold, this lets the customer gets captivated and attached to the call. Many queue management system in India are over-enthusiastically using this pioneering idea to keep the customers attuned to their service.

So, whether you have just ventured with a business, or are already running a business, where you need a queue management system, integrate these noble ideas with it for creating a positive brand image and retaining customers in the long run.



If one has to talk about the contributors of GDP for any country, in that case, service industry cannot be ruled out and particularly speaking about developing nations like India, where call centers have been the prime mover of job creation. As these units don’t require any specific qualification, rather, a good acumen of English and communication skills is all required to get a job in any call center. However, if one has to go by the trend that are prevailing today then it cannot be ruled out that call centers in India are facing turbulent times. They need call center software solutions like CRM software for tackling their inbound processes. This demand is needed in both inbound call center and outbound call center. Call center software can help them overcome the impediments that these call centers are facing.

Categorically speaking, if one has to pin-point the competition going in the BPO sector, it would be naïve to say that the cut-throat competition has been immense and the challenges that Indian BPO sectors are facing from their counterparts like China and Philippines has to be answered in the best possible way. Basically, the attrition rate is on its highest crescendo and at the same time, on account of low pay and negligible social benefits, employees in this organizations are technically fleeing. So, in order to provide the much needed help to revive the sector and provide them with one-on-one solutions, many call center software solutions have been developed and they are being over-enthusiastically implemented. So, if you are into this sector and you are also facing the same turbulent times, then you can go for these software to revive your prospects. However, while going for these software, you must keep certain basics in mind. So, if you are alien to the determinants that conclude which software solutions can cut the maximum ice, in that case, take a quick sneak peak at this piece and satiate your knowledge.

  1. When you are going for inbound software solutions, in that case, it is imperative that it should provide multiple user calling solution. If it provides this service then it will help the agent to answer to the call at one point of time.
  2. You must also ensure that call blast functions are there in the software solutions. The purpose of call blast is that whenever call comes then it rings on all the extensions, however, there are instances that agents might not be available on all those extensions. So, if there is any agent free then the call is transferred to that agent. So, it creates satisfaction in the mind of the caller and they don’t have to wait for long for resolve.
  3. Various outbound processes also use automatic software solutions that dials the call to respective niche automatically. So, if you are into outbound business and you are looking for call center software solutions, in that case, this feature is one of the prime determinant that you must seek in the first place for effective service.
  4. Call management, evaluation and statistics are also some function that the call center software solutions provide, so if the service provider of software solutions assures you that their software solutions will adhere to all of the above mentioned pursuits then it will definitely ease the business and curb down the cost of operation.

So, if you are going for any software solutions for your inbound call center then in the call center software requirements, it is imperative that you ensure that you get all of the above features then only it can bring back those rosy days that you are willing to witness.



Are you running a small business? Do you have few unanswered questions related to cloud computing technology such as – how cloud computing works? What is the right definition of cloud computing? Which are the best cloud computing companies? Would you like to know more about the benefits of cloud computing? If your answer is yes that you have reached the right place. Here is Complete Introduction to cloud computing from exactly what is cloud computing service to the best cloud computing examples of cloud computing services.

We Hope after going through this article you will get the right cloud services definition and will know more about the best cloud computing services can offer. This will certainly help you in the cloud services comparison of services offered by different cloud service providers

There were times in the past when folks used to rely too much on hard drives, floppy disks, cassettes for storing important data and they were thinking that they are too smart—naïve, weren’t they. They were ignorant of clouts that technology was able to harbor, but when comparison is done on the basis of benefits that technology has beget, in that case, there is no denying the fact that we are certainly blessed to live under the shroud of technology. So, now-a-days, when you go on a business trip, do you carry all those files and papers in your briefcase, well, a naïve does that now-a-days, clever folks resort to cloud. It gives them the benefit to access their data from any corner, the only equipment that is needed is a laptop, IPad or tablet and the rest will take its course eventually with the help of cloud.

Now, when so much has been said about cloud, in that case, might be that at the back of your head, there is a question resonating what is cloud computing. So, first let’s focus on the definition and then see how cloud computing applications are helping business thrive in the hostile and cruel cut-throat market.

Cloud Computing

It is the method of hosting IT based applications and services on centralized servers and facilitating them to intended users against pay-as-you-go subscription over the Internet through encrypted networks.

Benefits of Cloud Computing For Business Expansion

  1. Scalability and Flexibility: When it comes to business, in that case, the requirement of data increases with every single day. So, if you are having the options that are flexible and offers scalability, you are always in a better position. With the help of cloud, the businesses are always having an advantage that always keeps them one step ahead in the competition.
  2. Disaster Recovery: Disaster is inevitable and none is immune to this event. So, when you are having the support of cloud, in that case, you always feel that someone is always protecting your back. This is the reason that businesses are so attuned to cloud for racing ahead in competition. It is pretty important to have the right arrangement to deal with disaster as every year in US, almost 20 % of the businesses are thrown out of the competition and they die as they lose their data due to some sort of disaster.




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