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Fonebell is excited to announce its call center software solutions platform to impact the customer engagement in a positive way. A call center management system that expedites calling operations by implementing the right routing procedures so that the specific calls are connected with the right departments.

Now-a-days, communication is the essence for attracting customers as with every strike of the clock, customers are looking for products and resolve. So, if you are carrying out a business and you have optimum call center software solutions and other CRM software service supporting in tandem with your efforts, in that case, you can definitely do way beyond the mediocre. For better results and optimum agent efficiency, you need call center monitoring software and Fonebell has some of the best software solutions that you need to streamline everything in the best way. These call center solutions benefits the organization in the best way, and if you have excellent CRM solution, in that case, you are always having the best weapon in your arsenal to fight for dominance and customers.

However, there are many businesses that feel that deploying CRM solution is not suitable for their business; however, such is not the case, if you have CRM solutions along with you, in that case, you can plan better initiatives for transforming and materializing your business prospect. Now, you may say that how can CRM help you in your business pursuits. Well, CRM uses latest technology to keep the feedback from customers and evaluate it accordingly to provide an empirical analytical research study that takes the preference of customers from all angle and help the entrepreneur to devise the best strategy and product for profit maximization.

Those enterprises that use CRM software are always having an edge, since they can anticipate the consumer’s behavior and when the organization is in quick interaction with the customers through CRM platforms, in that case, they are not just improving the customer relation but they are also understanding the needs and preferences of the customer. So, with such alibis and Intel that the CRM provides, the entities are able to understand the trend and plan accordingly, at the same time, often in any organization, the basic problem that is being faced is communication. When different departments are integrated under one umbrella, in that case, better communication is bridged and once that happens then decision making, planning and understanding the core issues gets cleared. Now-a-days, many entities think that why they need cloud telephony or CRM solutions, if their scale of operation is small, in that case, keep that in mind that if you want to enlarge the scale then you must understand the customer even before your competitor. Understanding the customer is no less than a rocket science; however, if you have proper CRM solutions, call center software then you can do stupendously to fix different challenges and work towards the betterment of the business.

So, when Fonebell provides its call center software solutions that helps in proper monitoring of the business, in that case, you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands and once you avail the solutions that Fonebell produces in the form of call center software solutions, CRM software service, call center CRM solutions then the benefits that call center solutions would provide would be something that is not bound by words for explanation. It will help you experience something that you have always dreamt for your business.

Fonebell helps in achieving that through its call center and CRM based solutions, so if you want to revolutionalise your prospects then you can always bank upon Fonebell.



Through cloud computing, businesses across the globe are making their venture end up being productive in all possible ways. The influence of cloud is not hidden from the common eye and the enthusiasm that one sees while using cloud technology compels to conclude that it is turning out to be a “eureka moment” for the business. Unlike the past, now-a-days business enthusiasts have become more aware and dedicated and they are pitching for each and every customer that is turning to their business. Through cloud telephony services, monitoring, follow up, customer retention, customer acquisition, sales promotion and service resolve pursuits are being increasingly met.

No matter whether you have big business or small business, you are always attuned to cloud technology and over-enthusiastically you are taking advantages of some of its branches like Cloud Telephony. However, though one cannot rule out the revolution that cloud telephony services have garnered for business, but when it comes to making a choice then you must be aware of all the dimensions. If you talk about cloud telephony, in that case, you must be well aware about the fact that whatever the cloud based service provider does, it will have a direct impact on the image of your company, so you must be having the right knowledge that can help you figure out things in the best way.

Right Understanding of the Terms and Condition

By now you must have understood the clout of the cloud. So, if one has to interpret the influence of the cloud based service provider, in that case, it would not be naïve to conclude that they can be the business makers or breakers. Hence, whenever you are going for any cloud based service, whether it is cloud telephony, cloud technology based services, then make sure that the cloud telephony providers are coming into contract with you.

Abiding By the Law Set Up By the Government

Every country lays down a separate set of laws that governs the way communication is facilitated in that country. So, if you as a business is taking the service from cloud based providers then you must see that the providers are bound by such laws and they are following it. You must seek for their registration and make cross verification for ensuring that you have selected the right partner for your business. If they are registered by the government then they will be bound by the legal law pertaining to the jurisdiction of the country and in case there is a breach of contract from their end then you can hold them responsible and sue them in the court of law.

Flexibility in Service

Whenever you are going for cloud telephony service, you must get into prior understanding with the provider regarding the payment and compensation that you will have to meet with. Generally, in the cloud system, the providers are giving leverage to pay as per use. So, in the first place there is no fixed charge involved for the service, rather, the clause of pay as per you use is all prevalent. So, when you take the service of cloud telephony from a service provider than make sure that you are making it a point to clarify on those grounds.

Customer Satisfaction

When you are taking their service then make it a point to analyses their past experiences and services. So, if you visit their testimonial page then you can figure out through the posts done by clients that have taken their service regarding their credibility. So, once you are doing that then you are putting yourself in the level playing field with the service provider.




Communication system plays a vital role in any business ecosystem to keep people connected, operations running smooth, products or services delivered correctly and on time, and customers satisfied. In the current scenario, businesses are facing a stiff challenge owing to the dispersed branches, workforce and consumers. Moreover, in the world when their competitors are just a click away from their customers, it pounds upon them an extra sense of burden to keep their people and delivery mechanism absolutely efficient and up to the expectation of their customers. Hence, they need to evolve with the changing time upgrading their communication system. Understanding the need, Fonebell offers business VoIP phone systems or IP Telephony services. However, being into the cloud telephony market, we have observed entrepreneurs, especially beginners, are reluctant in adopting them. Their decisions often get impeded by myths or misconceptions. Thankfully, Fonebell’s small business VoIP phone systems defy those stereotypes.

1) VoIP isn’t secure

Fonebell’s high-performance network integrates intrusion prevention, and application intelligence and control to keep business communication absolutely secure. On special request, we can provide on-premise and private-hosted VoIP phone system to further secure the communication.

2) VoIP is much cheaper

Fonebell provisions unlimited Voice over IP (VoIP) calling in India and outside to countries like USA, Canada, Puerto, Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, UK, and other territories. We do offer toll-free and vanity numbers to let small businesses stay competitive globally, so it ain’t cheap but we deliver edge every time when you use the software.

3) VoIP is simpler in functionality

Many businesses had and still have the notion that VoIP systems are simplistic and they can’t afford to have the functionality found in a ‘real’ phone system. With Fonebell it takes a backseat. We offer B2B solutions equipped with call recording, call reports, call logs, advanced call routing, beyond working hour messages and CRM integration, and more.

4) VoIP isn’t for larger businesses

A few minds were ruled by the myth that VoIP is not suitable for large corporations. However, we have defied it vehemently. Whether a business is with 10-20 employees or with the employee strength as large as 5000, Fonebell can withstand all needs to let everyone stay connected and productive.

5) Voice quality is poor

No voice trailing, no rattling sound and no call drops. Yes, in Fonebell B2B system, we have used the latest technologies that can cope with frequency variations and hardware interference problems to let users communicate as though they are sitting together close.

There is a lot more to tell about Fonebell VoIP. We will keep you updated. Speak with our consultant to find the best VoIP solution for your business.


How does a business succeed in this present stiff cut throat competition, well, primarily if the strategy of the business is excellent, at the same time, if monitoring is happening at each level of management? When employees and hierarchy gets accountable, then they are capable of generating the maximum results. The same goes with call centers, as there are loads of employees and generally these call centers are multinationals, so they are always in need of call center monitoring software to provide right call center solution. Call monitoring, call management system and other call center software solutions are helping these call centers to write their growth story. Their contribution to an economy like India is immense and if they are to thrive in such an opportunistic climate, in that case, they need proper and highly sophisticated call center monitoring software solutions for reducing the cost of operation and improving the profit margin.

The present business landscape deals with the survival of the fittest and you can survive only when you make yourself adaptable. With call center monitoring software solutions, small as well as large inbound and outbound call centers can keep a tab on work force productivity, quality of services , customer satisfaction which ultimately helps in improving the reputation, branding and thereby Return on Investment boomerangs. So, let’s see the advantages that these call monitoring software solutions reap for the business.

  1. Proper Monitoring of employees: As employees are under one umbrella, the advantage generated is that managers and concerned authorities can keep a comprehensive track on their capabilities, acumen, and product knowledge. So, they can get a clear picture of how the employee is handling waiver issues, and at the same time, they can also figure out the efficiency of the employee when tough calls come. If they are doing this then not only the organization grow but also the workers. So, when both the growths are happening at tandem, organization is able to multiply its profit and capture the market.
  2. Monitors the Flaws: Whenever call recording and call monitoring is happening through call center software solutions, managers and authorities come to know about how the employees are resolving the problem of the customers. So, if they stammer on some issues and this trend is followed with maximum agents, in that case, proper training can be provided to help them overcome the problem that they face when dealing with customers.
  3. Target evaluation: If there are some agents who are finding it hard to handle waiver and refunding issues, in that case, with the help of call monitoring software solution, the organization can ensure that they are being trained when it comes to dealing with people. At the same time, they can ask the agent to provide the customer maximum day time to help figure a way out for dealing with such issues effectively.
  4. Working and Learning Environment: When monitoring solutions are in place, in that case, the agents would be knowing that their working is under continuous scanner, so they would give their best efforts, however, if they are failing then rather than going for punitive actions against them, they would be helped on all their flaws that they are facing and at the same time, to boost their morale they would also be made aware of their exceptional skills. So, this will help improve the return and increase the operational efficiency.

Why is communication so essential part in anything that one does, well, primarily because it keeps doubts and scruples at bay and forges better understanding and relationship among those that does it. So, if you ask, is communication essential for business, well, the answer should in all ways be in affirmative. Now-a-days, the yearning to keep good communication between the customer and the business has gifted rosy prospects for call centers and they are introducing myriad IVR solutions to keep the communication between the business and customer effective and affordable. So, you might have witnessed, no matter what is the type of business, whether it is hotels, hospitals, banks, IVR system is a must thing for them for initiating regular interaction between clients, stakeholders and at the same time within the organization.

The penetration of telecommunication and the infiltration of phone has created sudden demand for cloud telephony services. The entrepreneurs know that customers are looking for services, at the same time, they also want to switch the providers, so IVR system for hotels, hospitals, banks, restaurants, railways are ensuring that whenever the customer need support, through IVRS services their queries are resolved then and there and this helps in better brand building and promotion for the business and prevents customer flight. IVR solutions are slowly and steadily changing the business landscape by invoking effective communication and helping the organization learn different trends, customer preference and at the same time, through IVR solutions CRM pursuits of innumerable organization are met in the best possible ways.

So, as you know now how relevant IVR solutions has become for the business now-a-days and they are effectively determining the market competitiveness and strategies, so it becomes more than important to adopt it right away. So, if you want to select the best IVR solutions then it should come from the best vendors. However, at times it become a difficult ballgame to select the best one in the business. So, people look for an in-house IVR solutions for their business, nonetheless, they find it hard to get the much needed profit for the business. Now, when one digs deeper than it is found that in-house IVR solutions can end up being a costly proposition and it could gobble a major share of your profit. So, in that case, you can outsource the IVR needs and take the advantage of reaping lucrative dividends, the advantage of having the IVR needs outsourced are mentioned below, so have a look that would help you become much more decisive when it comes to IVR solutions.

  1. Cost proposition: If you are outsourcing your IVR needs, in that case, it would help you to save a large fortune. Whereas when you go for in-house IVR, you need to install the PBX and all supportive infrastructure required to make it functional. So, the investment would be immense considering the revenue that it can generate for the business.
  2. Technical Evolution: Technology is evolving with the passage of each day and if you are having your own IVR, in that case, you need to go for regular up gradation to prevent it from going obsolescence. Whereas, if you are outsourcing the IVR needs, the responsibility lies with the provider to update their system according to the latest software and requirement.

So, from these information it is evident that outsourcing the IVR needs looks for feasible rather than going for an in house IVR solutions. IVR system for hotels, hospitals, banks can availed in customized specification from innumerable cloud based service providers for a profitable and hassle free service experience.




Competition now-a-days is getting tougher and tougher and if you are pitching to make a mark then you need to think beyond the hat. So, there are times when one tries to figure out how maximum customers can be reached at one point of time in any business. Now-a-days, this ambitious pursuit is getting answered in the affirmative tone by call management services. Call management services enhance business contact, and in different sectors where call processing in the only source of revenue, with the help of call management services, monitoring, surveillance and productivity is strengthened. Let’s put the importance of call management service through an example, suppose if there is a customer willing to buy a product online, and he/she is making frequent calls, however, due to unavailability of human capital those calls are not getting answered, that customer may have spent say $500 for buying any product or service but due to the unavailability of someone to attend to that customer the organization lost $500, at the same time, their competitors might have engrossed those $500. So, where one business has grown by $500, the other one has been downsized by the same amount. But had there been a call management service for the former business, in that case, they would have called the customer and inquired in the first place regarding his/her need. So, now you might have realized the importance of call management service. So, let us take a brief look at how this unprecedented IT technology is helping businesses to stand out in the crowd.

  1. Communication: It is the essence in any form of business, so if customers are calling you and your business is not answering to their calls at the right time and on the right note, in that case, just imagine where you are landing your business. At the same time, if you have set up call management service and every call that is made to your business is answered and the customer is satisfied then you are creating miracles for your business. With the help of direct calling feature services provided by the call center, the customer hears a generated IVR that guides him/her to the product of their choice. So, along with cutting the organizational cost, call management services are also bringing the untapped profits to the organization.
  2. Desired Pathway: If you are to speak about business growth then it happens through customers. So, when you see a small business growing, the recipe for the growth is sound communication with the customer. With call management services provided by call centers, businesses are making sure that not a single customer is left out and thereby they are witnessing rapid growth.
  3. Cost-Cutting: Call management services are catering to monitoring and communication both going in tandem. So, cost-cutting and revenue generation is streamlined in the best way. Suppose, if you are having multiple communication channels that you are using, however, among them there are few channels that are never used at all, however, you are still paying for them. With the help of call management services, those unused private channels can be identified and necessary steps can be taken against unproductive investments. Therefore, the organization is keeping a tab on unproductive investment and thereby increasing the profit margin. So, what is the end result generated, certainly, higher return on investment facilitating growth. Call management services also include service like custom voice prompts, direct dialing, auto attendant, visual call parking so on and so forth. These services have helped businesses witness growth that was never ever possible before at such short span of time.

The dynamic call center industry has its own sorts of operational challenges, and to cope with the multi-dimensional pressures caused by changing compliance frameworks, entangling client’s service level agreements, and increasing customers’ expectations they always search for advanced call center software solutions. Nowadays, the cloud iteration of call center software solution has become all the rage, and for good reasons as it is highly scalable, flexible, secure and cost-effective. Besides the basic features like automatic call distribution, call routing and call screening that are pivotal for improving operational efficiency, call tracking or monitoring is an important feature that can’t be overlooked.

Why call tracking is important? As you all know that business sustainably is a subject matter of customer satisfaction, which in turn is proportional to the quality of services. Yes, in the long run it’s not the quantity, rather quality that matters. It also gives a competitive advantage to a business and increases the loyalty among customers towards the brand in question. A wise soul has aptly coined the phrase “The virtue of a man ought to be measured, not by his extraordinary exertions, but by his everyday conduct.” The same stands true for a business. Let’s see how a call tracking software functions and ensures that customers or callers get the right resolution when they want. For reference, we are mentioning the tools available with our Fonebell call center solution.

Agent Call Recording

Call center managers or their quality teams can record calls of agents. The software or service will capture details like agent name, agent extension, date, time, Caller-ID, DNIS and file size. Interestingly, the call recording files can be accessed easily over the Internet from anywhere, anytime. They can listen them from their computer speakers, or download them to their local drive for future reference.

Real-time Queue Stats

This tool helps call center managers to know the status of call queues easily. They can see the status of every agent logged-in into the queue, as whether they are active or idle or on hold. They can see whether their agents are adhering to the service level agreements laid down by their clients. Interestingly, all can happen on real-time and the status can be viewed on a web-based GUI interface on any Internet connected device.

On-the-Fly Call Recording

Agents do have the flexibility to get their calls recorded on their systems to know later that how they sound on the calls, where they went wrong, and where they need improvement. The call management software follows the recording command with just the press of a button. Call center managers can also permit or restrict their agents from doing so.

Call Barge or Monitor

Quality teams can also pick up live calls from any queue randomly for monitoring. They can actively listen to or passively monitor any inbound or outbound call. The cloud solution also comes with an extensive permission system to let call center managers assign the job of call barging or monitoring to selected groups.

Thus, next time when you have the obligation to find the right call center software solution make sure you don’t miss these vital call tracking tools. They not just help you to maintain quality of services but also the productivity of your workforce.



Survival of the inbound call centers is totally dependent on the customer experience and not just on the quantitative data. Underscoring the fact, call center operators are making a shift, though gradually, towards cloud-based call center software reporting tool that goes beyond the yesteryear’s CRM software’s performance – logging call details, requests, complaints and their resolution status. Yes, the call center software captures even the miniature details that how the call center representative is interacting with the customer, their approach, behavior and sense of mutual understanding. And eventually, whether the customer got satisfied with the offered resolution.

Having a thorough 360-degree view of the work force, a call center manager can be in a better positon to assess the performance of the individual and team and take key-decisions to improve them. He/she can figure out obstacles that the representative come across in the course of handling the customer. And examine whether the agent is following the pre-defined protocols and portraying the brand value in the right manner. The floor supervisor can make sure that the agent is appositely using the business resources to serve the customer in the due manner. He/she can check the status of the active and waiting calls, abandoned calls, resolved calls, and can keep a tab on metrics like average call handling time (AHT), hold-time and C-SAT (customer satisfaction) that are vital not just in improving the workforce efficiency but also the customer acquisition and customer satisfaction rates. In a way the call center software is nothing but an extension or transformation of the CRM that was in business to manage customer relationship. It has become more sensitive towards the customer’s needs, and friendlier to call center managers, supervisors and representatives. Thus it has heralded a win-win strategy for one and all.

Quality is an important component in the parlance of the call center service delivery model. Thankfully, the advanced call center software come blended with call recording and desktop barging tools that help the quality team to successfully monitor agents and desist them from resorting to tricky methods to get their job done. Quality monitoring staff can listen recorded or live calls from any call queues to ensure that service level agreements are adhered to properly at every stage.

Hence, before getting the deal struck with a call center service provider, the aspirant must look for the essential call reporting and recording features or tools. These should be flexible also in order to allow users monitor their operations on different metrics without any hassles. For instance, a personnel from the quality monitoring team may need to monitor or record calls based on content, time of the day, CTI event and so on. He may also be interested in speech analytics to improve agent’s communication skills. Thus, different perspectives are linked with the selection of call center software, and it should not be done hastily, rather with a deliberated and concerted manner after taking opinions of different stakeholders.

The call center software do the reporting on varied parameters or metrics

The idea in regards to increasing the efficiency or the operations of call centres should not be based on metrics only. New cloud based services metrics should perhaps be preferred instead. That might make the call center jobs easier.

The benefits of call center monitoring software or call center crm solutions in the increase in quality interactions and overall customer experience. The call center crm softwares only talks about average speed to answer (ASA), handling time, or agent idle time etc.


Advantages of Call Center Management Solutions for business is that they offer myriad options. The benefits associated with call center CRM software based solutions go beyond the productivity and efficiency benefits. The call center business software offers assistance if the automated phone system fails to meet the needs of the caller. If you are a business enthusiast and looking for transforming your prospect, in that case, there are customized hosted call center software solutions that can be availed. If you are having software that monitors and provides recommendation that can be implemented in the business, in that case, the services would be better over a period of time. CRM solutions are there always for you and the providers are always making sure that all the needs of the business is ascertained. Now, if one may ask that why the demand for call center CRM software has spiked and why call center software prices are witnessing an upward swirl, well, basically, the prime reason is the growth that they have garnered.

The way they have revamped the decision making and management is beyond realism. These CRM solutions have helped the businesses device and implement the best strategies and these strategies always provide edge to the users in the competition who use CRM solutions for their business. So, if you are running a call center and you think that the probabilities of growth that you witness and which can be achieved is nowhere close and you must be bridging the gap to earn every extra dollar, in that case, you must take a look at the advantages of call center management solutions and how they can transform your business for the better.

So let’s talk in depth Advantages of Call Center Management Solutions for business.

  1. If you want to excel in the business, in that case, what is the most striking thing that needs to be figured, wondering, well, it is the need of the business? With call center software solutions, you will be able to manage all of them. So, you can find out the staff requirements based on the call flow and subsequently take the decision of upsizing or downsizing the workforce.
  2. If you can forecast call volume and schedule your work force accordingly, in that case, you would ensure that you are utilizing the work force in your business to optimum level. When call center software solutions are there, you can achieve this pursuit and it always puts you on an advantageous position in the competition, so you can enjoy competiveness going in tandem with the growth of the enterprise.

If all these pursuits are achieved—what is the bottom-line, wondering, well, it is optimum customer satisfaction and when you have the best call center software solution then nothing can stop you from achieving that.


IVR solutions and contact center solutions have not been confined to business and capitalism only, rather, they have broken the old jinx and the concept has reverberated in agricultural sector also. So, now-a-days, even agricultural pursuits are also being met by an effective voice based solutions. Many banks like NABARD (National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development) and SBI (State Bank of India) have implemented the IVR system to provide the much needed support to farmers to overcome major agriculture hurdles. So, from financing to crop pattern and agricultural ergonomics, they help provide information through voice based system to help streamline the farming.

Now-a-days, specifically designed interactive voice response system or IVR solutions and IVR system software can offer effective solutions to address agriculture challenges. This can also help the customer to curb down the operational cost of operation and many contact center solutions have been devised that banks are now-a-days using to provide easy loan financing and other valuable feedbacks to agricultural sector to fix agriculture in India, since it has reached its nadir. Farmer suicides have also exacerbated the situation, so banks and other financial institutions have adopted IVR system as a medium that can help resolve the mess that the agriculture sector faces.

India is a huge market and the proliferation of mobile has provided platform for creating better communication infrastructure. So such a favorable atmosphere has provided newer advantages for many providers to use it as a medium to meet with their objectives. The same goes with many banks that have used the IVR solutions to provide agricultural assistance to farmers. So, from training and development, to financing to 24*7 help desk support, the use of IVR is ubiquitous in India to help transform the agricultural prospects of India. So, one may ask why one should go for IVR solutions to streamline the mess in agriculture in India.

  1. Access: Farmers may not have access to computers or laptops since they have minimal funding; however, you would hardly find any farmer who doesn’t won a mobile phone. Now-a-days, farmers are using the mobile phones to get innumerable doubts answered. So, many banks and agricultural development departments have used the mobile to provide these farmers the support that they seek to undertake farming in the best way.
  2. Affordability: In India, the telecom industry is the cheapest, so farmers are always using this as a medium to get many problems resolved. Even many providers have used the IVR solutions to reach to farmers, understand their problem and provide them the resolve to fix the mess that they are facing.
  3. Innovation: When innovation comes in mobile technology, this has provided more options for the stakeholders to help these farmers with many alternative. The interactive voice response system has been implemented that provides instant resolve to the queries that farmers are facing. So, many providers have used this to help farmers get all the support that they seek during troubled times.
  4. Mobile Technology: Newer are advanced apps are appearing in the fore, so farmers are using them to ease of their hassles. Many providers use this as an opportunity to reach to them, understand their difficulty and provide them with support that helps streamline the agriculture and produce. So, the use of IVR has been transforming the face of agriculture in India and it would be interesting to see how it will help an agrarian country like India to flourish.


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