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One of the main benefits of cloud computing or cloud phone solutions is they reduce overall costs of operation. Cloud services also help to improve accuracy but that totally depends on the kind of cloud technology that you are using. There are many businesses who do share their concerns regarding the output received from the cloud computing services that they use. One of the main concern while using different vendors or IP telephony service provider for business phone systems and voice over IP service is whether they can reduce the cost of operation or not. Well, to an extent, this question sounds pretty tacky and thought stirring; however, it becomes imperative to dig a bit and make sure that the cloud based solutions do stupendously towards delivering in all prospects. Unlike the past, the business communication dynamics have changed a lot, and unlike setting up the PBX system in the enterprise, now-a-days businesses and owners are looking for a solution that is simple to follow and soft on the pocket. So, to meet with these pursuit, it is always the cloud based solutions that resonate with the shrillest pitch.

Some of the reasons that has made cloud a grand success for optimizing business solutions.

  1. Optimizing the Email Experience

In any organization, millions of mails are delivered and received every single day. To keep a record of all the mails that are delivered and received for future reference means investing a colossal funding on setting up an IT infrastructure with servers and storage room and feeding every mail in the server. With the help of cloud based solutions like cloud phone system and cloud back up, one thing is evident that you can store all your valuable information under one head and effectively access them without any hassle whatsoever. This leverage is provided by cloud, so you can get rid of the IT infrastructure and make the cloud work for you in the best way.

  1. Optimizes Meeting and Business Operation

No matter whether it is small or big organization, you are always required to organize plans and meetings and accordingly deal with the business plans. So, if you are holding a meeting, in that case, including the chauffeur service, hotels, food and other recreation activities, the cost would come up very high; however, with cloud there to serve you, you can hold meetings online with telephony services and make most from your investment. So, cloud technology always brings the best out of you and deliver every single time. Your cost is minimized and you enjoy hassle free business operation.

So, one thing is evident that when you induct cloud in your day-to-day operation, you are getting innumerable benefits to make the most from the investment.


Phone solutions are still considered as the most preferred channel for contacting and supporting clients/ customers and it is not like it has become outdated with the emergence of technology; rather, it has transformed into a new version of 2.0 with cloud phone solutions, cloud services for small business, cloud contact center solutions and hosted VoIP. Though the names to address them are myriad; however, the gist of the story remains the same everywhere. You need proper communication dynamics to keep the customers always attuned to your service. If you have highly interactive solutions that make customers always get their queries and doubts done away with, in that case, one thing is evident that you are the king of the market. Proper communication results in brand building and with brand comes the growth and expansion. So, it is just like connecting the dots to get to the end of the story. However, keep one thing in mind that deploying hosted VoIP or cloud phone services is never an easy game, you need to have the foresightedness to deal with all possibilities and outcome that can pop out of the blues. So, when you are choosing a cloud phone solution for you, in that case, you must make sure that you are having the right knowledge to pick the best that is available in the business.

In this piece, you will get to grab the best solutions by figuring out the source. This piece will discuss and bring in the fore the traits that make a cloud phone service provider a distinct reputation in the business.

Accessibility: When you are choosing a business phone system, in that case, you must make sure that you can access it from anywhere. When the employees are not bound by the office, they can work in the best way. Just imagine that if employees are on leave and still they can come forward for support if the call volume has suddenly spiked, so it will always leverage the business 24*7. When you have everything planned for perfection then things start to happen for the business. With a phone system providing accessibility from anywhere, you can have business going in the best way.

Scalability: Deploying telephony solutions means investment and that too colossal. So, if you get the advantage of flexibility then you are doing better. Suppose, if the number of agent increase suddenly, do you have to install new telephony setup altogether; but just imagine this scenario that you have a telephony solutions that responds with the organizational growth, in that case, things would be altogether different.

Voice Coded: When you use Internet based VoIP system, in that case, the voice is converted into coding and from there the functionality happens. The voice coding converts the analog signal into digital ones for better acceptance and audibility. This improves the customers experience over the phone.

Integration: If a cloud phone solution is well integrated then support teams are always connected and they are able to provide the best resolve to the customers. If one of the agents who is catering to the customers are getting stuck somewhere, in that case, some other agent may come in and provide the resolve without annoying the customer. So, if your cloud phone solutions is able to provide this kind of integration then you will definitely have a good show for sure.




Why are the Cloud Phone Services ideal for small & medium businesses?

Does having a voicemail, and call forwarding services will not work. Is it necessary to have a toll-free number for your business? Most of us are already aware of the following questions.

What is cloud technology and what are the advantages of cloud computing technology? But today we will throw some light on the importance of cloud phone services in business.

In the past, there was not much weightage given to communication; however, with the emergence of ICT and emergence of social media, it became imperative to develop something that can help folks to get quick access to effective communication that counts. Cloud phone services was one such unprecedented inventions that has revolutionalised the business landscape. Now, one may ask that who are the real takers of cloud phone services, are they small business or big business? Well, the question is very tough; however, the answer isn’t that tacky. Now-a-days, cloud phone systems are not just confined to large business; rather, they are more productive for small business. So, if you ask that, is cloud business phone system suitable for my small business, in that case, maybe that after reading this piece you clarify some of your apprehensions and reservations.

If you are dilemmatic about the scope of Cloud in improving your business prospects for you small venture, in that case, take a look at the benefits that it can generate for your small business.

Cost Curb

When you are running a small business, you are nowhere close to making colossal investments that leads to setting up the IT infrastructure that helps you to make all your needs of communication and data maintenance satiated. So, switching to cloud saves the time and investment and the best thing is that you get the service at one tenth of the price that you have to spend for setting up an in-house IT infrastructure.


When you want business communication, you have to set up PBX system; however, under the shroud of cloud, you can have your own voice system for business and the best part is that you never have to deploy your own hardware and machines, with cloud phone solution, communication is on your finger tip and at unimaginable prices.

Minimum Downtime

The server is never down, cloud even runs on slow speed. So, when your telephone lines are 24*7 active and they are always ready to serve the customers in all time, in that case, you tend to get lucrative dividends. In case of business engaged in phone support, you are always at an advantage using the cloud phone systems.

Reputation Management

Better cloud solutions ensure that customers are getting the best service, so once that happens then your customer becomes your advertiser and improves the reputation of the business.


The increasing demand for next-generation call center services & contact center solutions illustrates the importance of cloud-based business phone solutions and finding the right call center software solutions that can offer your inbound or outbound contact center support is the best possible way for conversion from a cost center to a revenue generator.

The call center realm has just got stiffer and innumerable players are stepping in with high-end solutions to obliterate the competitors, so, to sustain in this ubiquitous challenging competition, you need to tune up the strategies to the best level and call center software in the form of CRM services can be the best thing to reckon. When you want to fight an undefeatable war, you must have the best solution along with you, with optimized call center software solution, one thing is evident that you can give a neck-to-neck challenge to the competitors who are fighting for dominance in the market. Especially, players from Philippines and China have become extremely dynamic towards waging a war for dominance with the indigenous players in India. So, if the home based call center have to withstand the competition, it is of utmost importance to improvise monitoring of audience preference and how well service can be generated for creating maximum results. With the help of call center software solutions, one thing is evident that you are always having an additional leverage going hand in hand with all your endeavors.

So, if you have not deployed a solution for your business, in that case, make sure that you get the best one and use it to the fullest. In this pursuit, you can always bank upon cloud based solutions, they would always provide ease of operation.

  1. Quick Deployment

When you are going for cloud based contact solutions for your call center, in that case, you enjoy easy deployment and integration with the IT infrastructure that you possess. So, you are always having ease of operation and deploying cloud based solution is also not very costly proposition. So, you are always having a win-win situation. The zero dependence on infrastructure makes the cloud the most sought after alternative for optimum contact center solutions.

  1. Low on Cost

Just imagine setting up the cloud phone solution at a cost that would just leave you wondering. When you get leverage like no setting communication infrastructure and other basics, then the real magic starts to happen and with cloud based phone systems, contact center software solution enjoys a new avatar and it is extremely pleasing from all perspectives.

  1. Scalable Context

If you have PBX system, the moment the business and agents increase, you have to set up additional server and hardware system; however, with cloud based solutions coming in the picture, you can definitely not rely on setting up servers and other IT tools, you just have to opt for subscription and add few more hardware and everything would be fine by then with such support.

  1. Accessibility

When you have cloud based phone system, you agents are not bound by the office premises, they can access data from anywhere and they can work. So, greater competitiveness is harbored and you tend to enjoy a better identity in the competition and that makes your business invincible.



How to buy a business communication system? If you are asked the same question and you were wondering what to answer, in that case, you have reached the right place. Business communications system encapsulating PBX and cloud based IP telephony for VoIP calls is the need of the hour for running the business operations. There are several VoIP service providers offering different range of voice over internet protocol services but what should be considered before selecting a perfect business communication system. This question is almost like a Math’s algebra problem, you are always figuring out the “x” and “y”. But don’t look skeptic, this blog is here to streamline a major part of your dilemma while making a choice. Some factors are a must thing to reckon when making a choice, in this piece, you will definitely get some inputs that would help you make a good choice for sure.

In a business, you are always having interaction—both internally and externally. External communication matters the most, since based on that the sales and expansion can picture for the business. With business phone solutions, you are getting two things going in tandem, you are able to communicate properly with the staff, and thereby quick decision making takes place. At the same time, when you have business phone system, you are not able to get the phone system integrated with the CRM to make it productive and the “x” factor that can help you reach the numero uno slot. So, when such things depend on the business communication system, you must always look forward to such system that offers the choice of expansion and contraction whenever needed. With cloud phone systems, you are always having an edge to downsize and increase the communication needs as per the business demands.

Suppose, if your business is expanding, in that case, if you have a business phone system that can reciprocate accordingly, you can deal with majority of the mess.


A good business phone system also helps itself to get integrated with the CRM. Once that happens then latest trends and changes are well implemented to acquaint each team in the organization with the latest trends and preferences, thereby they can retaliate instantly and this will always keep you on an edge to outdo the competitors. A business phone system that does all these job is the best to resort to. When the business phone system that you have deployed does more than just calling and it actively participates in strategic planning, you tend to make the most from the investment and if the business communication system that you have adopted has that to perform, in that case, you can always look forward to business phone and IP based cloud telephony services.




Are you too searching for the top cloud contact center software solutions? Are you too not sure about the contact center software’s performance even after going through several call center forums? There is a certain change in focus on cloud-based virtual call center software systems to manage inbound & outbound call center operations. Let’s discuss the top trends in call center software solutions.

Switching to automated solution

From receiving and distribution of calls to their management and monitoring – to do every job, call center managers are relying on automated software solution. In fact there is a dire need to make it happen to cope with the growing call volume. This brought much respite to callers as well as the call center managers. Thus a win-win strategy has slipped into to improve call center capacity, to improve efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Reporting and monitoring become the pivotal aspect

In fact, today’s customers don’t demand just good, rather they look for the best experience. And being the competitors just a click away, it has become essential for businesses to make sure that they serve customers in a better way with due adherence to compliance protocols. In other word, they have to improve the quality of their services. Thus, reporting and monitoring features are gaining more takers nowadays. This also raises the productivity level, which can’t be compromised for a profitable and sustainable business.

S-a-a-S becomes the dominant force

Call center businesses are taking refuge into cloud technology and for good reasons. Apart from making the upfront technology investment redundant, the movement also helps call center owners to do away with their IT management. Surprising though it may sound, this is the reality that we are witnessing because the call center software solution provider takes the stress away. They are responsible for maintaining the availability of the software or better called services for their end-users or clients. Also they make sure that the software remains immune against the latest threats so that the call centers can preserve their customer’s information and records in the best possible way.

Outsourcing takes a back step

With the availability of better cloud-based call center software solutions that are easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, quick to upgrade and more responsive, businesses are finding it better to manage their customer experience on their own. Thus, a decline in call center process outsourcing can be witnessed on every front.

Business tool integration grows

To serve their customers in a better way, call center service providers are leaving no stone unturned. With a bid to empower their people with the right information, they care integrating the deployed call center software solution with e-commerce platforms, helpdesk solutions, CRMs, live chat and other business tools. Arrival of new tools is improving the customer experience as they now are in a better position to access their service providers from the comfort of their home or office or even while they are on the way.

Consolidation and centralization gain momentum

The dawn of multi-channel call center solution favored the customer experience in a way. But there is a negative aspect which needs quick attention. It results in more and more downloads, windows open, plugins to upgrade, etc. thus an extra burden on system resources and dissemination of information. Hence, to cope with the situation, businesses are focusing more on consolidating and centralizing the entire data on one interface. This will ease the task of agents as they would be able to seek the right information at the right time and thereby serve customers better and faster.

Hope you would find them helpful. Be with us to discover more about the key contact center challenges along with the best practices and solutions to encounter them. We’ll be back tomorrow.


While there is an increasing number of companies offering cloud computing services but when it comes to selecting the best business phone systems or choosing the right IP PBX and IP telephony services, the situation gets more challenging. Now-a- days, everyone in aware of what cloud computing is and the benefits that cloud computing offers but most of them will also agrees to the fact that they still prefer using their old phone system. It either due to technological challenges or the cost factor.

Well, to an extent they are not to blame, the tech landscape in India is limited and there are more myths than realities that fly thick and fast in the air. Many a time, you might have heard of people gossiping and speaking about how the use of technology put them in the back foot. Such scenarios happen because of lack of awareness; however, if you are having the right awareness going, then things can shape in the best way. So, let’s take a quick tour and dig out that why it is important to upgrade to cloud phone solutions.

  1. Scalability: It is one of the most driving things that make you easily figure out the solution and work towards its immediate accomplishment. So, when you are going for cloud based solutions, in that case, if tomorrow your enterprise grows then you are not having problems like deploying again a business communication system, with cloud in the fray, you can easily expand your requirements at a click of a button.
  2. Mobility: If you have the classical PBX system, you are lagging behind in the race; however, the use of cloud gives you an edge. You can enjoy calling from anywhere in the world and you can keep the business communication abridged. You are not bound by the office, with cloud phone solutions, the entire world is a working place for you.
  3. Data Analysis: Cloud phone solution are nor just restricted to calling; rather, they are also helping in materializing the communication through data interpretation and such interpretation helps in dealing with majority of the mess and creating a conducive atmosphere in the business.

Features to Simplify Working: There are many features that come in the cloud phone solutions that would drive the business and work for bettering the prospects further. You are always having an edge because with cloud phone apps, you can connect with many devices


What does a call center lose in a missed call? Many call center forums in India and around the world had discussed this question several times. Call center services providers when disclosing the results of revenue generated or lost while running call center projects do share a concern regarding missed calls. Companies that do not offer the facility of outbound call center do cry for more in terms of revenue loss from missed calls. Every call center training attempt does offer important inputs regarding missed call concluding it as a missed opportunity to generate revenue. Even companies involved in call center outsourcing are looking for stricter SLA to ensure the number of missed calls remains minimal. Let’s discuss some important tips, tools and techniques to help reduce missed calls.

IVR-based Auto-Attendant

It hardly needs an introduction today. Almost every business is resorting to the feature to cut down their operational cost and stay responsive to callers, even when there agents are logged out. Call center operators customize the automated voice response system matching the taste and the need of the caller and the hour. For instance, it would greet the caller professionally and based on their phone-keypad inputs either route the calls to different department for human interaction or provide the required information (pre-recorded) to the callers on the spot.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

By routing the calls instantly to different departments it helps call centers to reduce the average call handling time. Hence, with speedy resolution the operators find it easier to keep their agents free to take the next calls, thereby reducing the quantum of missed calls.

Call Reporting Components

As the phrase indicates this is an operation monitoring tool. Right from a single display, the call center manager can find out call details – total call volume, abandoned call, completed calls, average talk time, average hold time, average call handling time and more.

No Answering Alert

This is the perfect tool to take on agents who just can’t work without supervision. Whenever a call fails to get responded by different agents after several rings, an alert to the above effect is flashed on the workstations of all agents and their managers. Thus, it’s a perfect tool to check missed calls.


Would you be interested in transforming your existing call center into a multi-channel contact center? Are you looking for the perfect multi-channel contact center software and services solution? Would you be interested in a real time contact center monitoring solution that supports multi-channel contact centers? Then you have reached the right destination for contact center software solutions and customer service applications.

Fonebell offers the best call center services & contact center solutions for the best workforce optimization of your contact center. Let’s talk in details how multi-channel contact center solution can reduce abandons rates & increase agent productivity.

If you consider the present business landscape, you would be able to construe that challenges are rife and every business in the market is looking forward to grabbing the customer and expand their prospects. So, if you are into a business then you must be tuned to perfection towards streamlining that. In this pursuit, contact center solution can help you. Let’s figure out how contact center solutions helps in reducing the abandon rate and improves agent’s productivity.

  1. Information from multiple devices: Whenever a customer is calling then he/she needs an immediate resolve; however, in the absence of proper integration for flow of information, things are never streamlined in the way it should be. So, when multi-channel contact center solution comes in the picture then the agent is able to access information from multiple devices and he/she can compile them to work for a common solution. So, it helps in improving the agent’s productivity along with the improvement in the prospect of the organization.
  2. Agent’s performance over the phone: While satisfying the customer, you must be bang on target. So, rather than beating around the bush, if you are getting into the core of the issue and providing the much needed resolve instantly, in that case, things would sound good. With contact center solutions, agents call time, resolve rate, resolve time and hold time over the phone can be figured. Along with these, the phone skills of the agent and the etiquettes that he bears also is pictured and perfected.
  3. Data on cost of operation: When you have an efficient contact center solution, you can keep tab on the call dropouts and call flow and high call volume period. So, you can set incentive based targets and motivate the agents to deliver the best. So, this will keep the environment competitive and improve the efficiency of the agent.
  4. Efficiency of the business: If your call center is not able to perform up to expectation then contact center solutions can turn the prospects instantly. This system keeps track of the call dropouts, high call volume hours and accordingly it can recommend the allocation of agents in different shifts. Apart from that, if the agents are aware about how they talk to the customers and they are able to figure out their pros and cons and work on them, in that case, it will always keep them motivated, enthused and dynamic towards always delivering results, thereby improving the prospects of your call center.



Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (Paas) or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) – today the market is abuzz with all these hi-tech cloud solutions. These cloud computing solutions or services are poised to make the IT technology and its services more accessible to end users, and interestingly at highly affordable rates. According to Gartner Inc. the leading IT technology research and consulting firm, cloud services market reached an astounding figure of $131 billion in 2012. From 2013 through 2016, the market is likely to hit the new high of $677 billion. Undeniably, this is a promising market, brimming with opportunities, and cloud computing companies or so-called cloud service providers are leaving no stone unturned to get the higher share of the market. Let’s know more in details about the advantages of cloud technology and cloud computing services.

Easier getting started

From operating systems and applications to servers, storages and telecommunication services – the harrowing experience of their installation, update, upgrade, repair and maintenance is now a matter of past. Now, end users can access them by just getting logged-in to their respective accounts from any Internet connected device. Hence, the job of IT management is becoming redundant with the onset of cloud services.

Reduced upfront investment

With IT or better to call ICT (Information and Communication Technology), now business resources as we read above, are available on rental basis; hence, the funding problem would no longer impede the way of getting started. Businesses, especially, the startups, can divert their constrained budget to setup and run other essential operations and processes to become productive.

Growth and scalability tackled easily

The ambition grows, and so does the business. Not to surprise that more people would be required to handle bigger operations, departments and customer-bases. Fortunately, being into the cradle of cloud computing or cloud telephony services, an entrepreneur no longer needs to worry about the mounting pressure on the technology resources. He or she can easily cope with the situation as upgrading cloud services is a matter of few clicks, and luckily it won’t make a big difference in terms of investment.

Entrepreneurs looking for cutting edge, yet simple-to-use cloud phone solutions can rely on Fonebell to drive their workforces’ efficiency and ROI (Return on Investment) keeping their customers satisfied. At Fonebell, we step into the shoes of our clients to understand their current and future needs and bring customized cloud telephony service.

However, before striking a deal with any cloud service provider, the entrepreneur must assess the risk pertaining to governance, regulation, security and privacy linked the usage of these services.

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