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Cloud and phone – the duo represent different worlds, viz. virtual and real. Don’t they? A decade back, in early 2000s, hardly there were souls with the idea of their amalgamation into one, i.e. cloud based phone services. But it happened, and for a good number of reasons. Not just it’s changing the dynamics of the doing business in every industry, but is also improving the lifestyle of people across the world. Not too many of us bother to find out where the bank is located, neither we are interested in knowing how their operations work, instead, we are just interested in getting our tasks done over the phone, website, email and so on. Yes, we can transfer funds, log requests and grievance being sitting at the couch of our home. Likewise, today, to run manufacturing, customer acquisitions, customer service and other vital operations, constituents, i.e., employees or workforces need not to be at the same place or time. Thanks to some of the best cloud phone services that have bypassed the disparities.

Let’s see what the tangible benefits of cloud phone service for a business are.

Breaking information silos

Different departments and operations of a business hold different kind of information. It could be about the human capital, inventory, strategies, planning, partners involved, products and services, goals and objectives and the technology itself. Before the advent of cloud based phone services, all such information or data were restricted to different silos, and bringing them together for business decision-making was a tedious process. Manual sharing of information was plagued by a lots of vulnerabilities including, but not limited to, mechanical failure of data device and carrier, software conflicts often dubbed as logical error, human error, and many more resulting into lack of accuracy, loss of productivity, low quality produce, customer dissatisfaction, and more. Seamless integration of enterprise resource planning solution and customer relationship management platform with cloud phone services emerged as an ideal path to neutralize all such challenges.

Defying affordability taboo

Emergence of cloud phone services is defying the long-nurtured myth that enterprise-level business communication that favors web-based control, IVR, Key press codes, Auto-Answer, Voice Prompts, music on hold, call parking, automatic call distribution, VoIP, call forwarding, and many more is not everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, today anyone can enjoy a fully-featured cloud phone service and ensure maximum collaboration at workplaces against a pay-as-you-go subscription model. There is no compulsion in the choice of features and tools, the takers are entitled to keep what they need and pay just for what they use, unlike yesteryear’s PSTN based communication system marked by inflated calling bills and irresistible repair and maintenance charges.

Bridging geographies

The discussion on cloud phone service benefits can’t be complete without this. No solution in antiquity, neither from the recent past, nor in the current, can match the mobility benefit that came alongside the cloud phone services. The takers can instantly call for a board meeting and conference via cloud-enabled audio conferencing and video conferencing systems without giving a thought to budget and time. The host and participant both can interact with each other over laptop, tablet and smartphone from anywhere in the virtual meeting room.


Communication is the essence in marketing and no business can succeed without effective and dynamic marketing. Now, you may be thinking that for streamlining communication which platform is the best. Whether cloud phone solutions are the best to avail or on premise PBX is the right call to take. In most cases, often communication is something that must be paid the maximum heed; however, innumerable enterprise fail to adopt the right business phone system and at the end they lose considerably. With cloud based phone system, you can enjoy a truly dynamic and user friendly business communication system. Cloud computing applications also helps in making cloud telephony an answer to the communication mess that innumerable enterprise face today. Cloud service providers have smart and customized solutions, whereas when you are resorting to hosted premise based service, in that case, you will have to undergo a lot of maintenance and service and at times it becomes a truly harrowing experience.

So, let’s take some analysis into picture and weight both these communication solutions and find out whether advantages of cloud computing and cloud based services are reality or a myth.


When you talk about premise based PBX system, you will have to setup your own servers and IT department, so small enterprises can’t think of such colossal investment, whereas when cloud based VoIP system comes in the fore, it caters to large businesses since it is subscription based. Staff training and other dimensions in premise based cloud phone solutions make it even a costlier proposition and it becomes completely out of the reach from small businesses.


One of the most striking feature that when you are choosing the business communication system, you should be precinct because on premise PBX cannot be increased with minimal investment, whereas when you talk about cloud phone solutions, in that case, you can downsize or increase the requirement as per the need of the hour. So, you are always laden with opportunities that multiplies itself every single time.

So, whenever you are going for business communication system, in that case, you must make your point clear and choose the right solution that has both short term and long term benefits.


India is the hottest destination for businesses offering cloud computing services. The cloud computing industry involved in designing and offering various cloud hosting, cloud server and other cloud related services is expecting high growth rates across all cloud services market that also includes VoIP service and cloud ERP services. As high as 65% of large businesses are preferring to invest in cloud technology, cloud services and cloud based solutions in the years to come. The Indian public cloud market is expected to grow to $1.9 billion (about Rs 12,000 crore) by 2018.


Fonebell Cloud Phone Solutions are offered under three plans, viz., Foenbell Auto-Answer (exclusively matching the needs of startups), Fonebell Enterprise and Fonebell Contact Center. The last one that demands the need of the DSL carrier line installation features VoIP telephone systems, while the former both can be deployed without the carrier line. However, the company hasn’t made any bias while offering the basic communication and collaboration tools. For instance, IVR-based voice prompts, auto answers, music-on-hold, intercom, call parking, recording, and scheduler among many others are available with all. These features are sufficient to keep people and departments within any organizations stay connected to keep the business operations moving smooth.

Depending upon their needs, businesses can also upgrade the basic plan to the advanced one at any point of time to enjoy other salient features like ACD (automatic call distribution), queue management, link server, heads up display (HUD), and group policy management to give an edge to their business communication system. When should you think of getting this upgrade? Probably, when you need to control employees and departments that are geographically dispersed. These feature drastically cut down the travelling and operational expenses and also help the enterprise to cope with less resources.

However, change is the only constant in the context of business and its supporting technologies. The further growth in sales would definitely ask for the implementation of post-sales customer support. This in turn would mean, managing more calls and staying responsive round-the-clock, if required, to ensure that the customers or partners are satisfied with your product/service. To make it happen without any stress, Fonebell has crafted the last plan that is Contact Center solution. This is equipped with HD video collaboration with screen sharing, web browser click-to- dial plugin, audio conferencing, on-demand recording (For Outbound+ Inbound both) and many other features apart from what we have discussed so far.

Sounds interesting? You may get in touch with a Fonebell consultant to find a befitting cloud hosted phone system to empower your people with the right set of communication tools thereby enabling them drive your business without any constraint.


Cloud is a respite for farmers since it brings rain and to no surprise that “cloud technology” would be another metaphorical service that would definitely define the business communication in the near future. With the help of cloud phone services and cloud computing technology, it is anticipated that enterprises would reap lucrative dividends. But the most contentious question is that is it the end of PBX business phone system with the emergence of cloud.

Well, this question is tougher to think and the toughest to answer certainly. Whether or not PBX system will be done and dusted will be hard to assume at this instances, but one thing that people can definitely grasp is cloud telephony is a game changer in the business communication realm.

To answer that you will have to compare PBX system and cloud phone system

Category Cloud Telephony On Premise PBX
Financial Investment Subscription based, so extremely affordable. Extremely costly, since hardware, server room and IT technicians are required.
Cost of Operation Generally low while using the cloud phone services, since you don’t have to manage your own staff. Everything is hosted and you get the pleasure of using the service by just paying a nominal charge Usually futile investment on the cards. You have to maintain a team of employees designated to just take care of the PBX system. So, such resources don’t generate anything and you have to pay to them.
Scalability Easily scalable, all you need is to just increase the subscription. Requires a complete revamp and colossal investment for facilitating everything. Not possible for small enterprises to think of on premise PBX system.
Accessibility Accessible from anywhere in the globe. For communication, you have to be confined to the office.

Recall the last summit that you attended to promote your new product. Of the several people, the potential clients and existing customers whom you came across, and whom you demonstrated your product, possibility is there that some might have got converted to buyers, some not at all interested in your offering or proposal, some might be inching to the finish line, while others might have declined your proposals after several rounds. And what else could capture the entire ups and downs other than the call management software.

Whether you are just a startup or a company with fame being in the Fortune 500 List, there is nothing surprising in this. Opportunities, successes and failures – business is all about balancing them. Three situations emerge here. Opportunities that inspire. Success that feels you with the sense of satisfaction. And failure that brings disappointment. If first two are at the top of the pyramid than the last one is the bottom, but there is an absolute reality that in absence of it, none of the above would exist. Hence, it’s imperative for any entrepreneur or business decision-maker to do brainstorming on failures as they are the greatest source of learning. Remember, – Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose – by Bill Gates. Team leaders, supervisors and managers – all would play their roles no doubt, but they can’t conclude anything without the insights from call management system and built-in contact management service that host entire conversation strings from lead generation to conversion and post-sales service. These remained unrealistic aspects for startups and small and medium businesses for a long time until the emergence of SAAS (software-as-a-service) or cloud-based contact management. It has instilled a sense of hope in them.

Thankfully, today call management’s small business contact management services are equipped with key services like call conferencing, call waiting, call holding, call diverting, voice mail, and more that ease business operation, increase workforce efficiency and significantly contribute towards the business bottom-line. However, they should be baked with key ingredients or so-called attributes like portability, security, and syndication. What exactly they stand for? Putting it simply – portability refers to the capability of moving data easily from one system to another. This is pivotal because it would be easier to operate when contacts and conversations are centralized, rather being dispersed across different services, platforms and devices. Security is another major aspect where none would like to get hit. From sensitive business proprietary information to the records and details of customers and partners, contact management services serve as abode for all. Security has twin aspects – first, the business information should be protected from external breaching, and second, within an organization, there should be authentication based data accessibility. This would allow different business operations like admin, IT, HR, sales, billing, customer service and manufacturing to work in collaboration without affecting the fidelity or sanctity of others. Syndication – last but not least, it bestows users with the flexibility to share and update their contact information at any point of time from any device. The key services that we discussed in the start must sync together and work in tandem with each other to empower the people behind the scene, i.e. employees, because a business is all about less “I or me” and more “us and we”.

Hence, in the quest of call management system for small business, do take a deliberated step to zero in on the right one that can offer all the discussed benefits. Though, expected results won’t reflect instantly, are sure to come with patience and perseverance.


Communication is the essence in any work that is done under the sun; however, while communicating you must adhere to the code of ethics and wear proper etiquettes to make is effective and influential. Right call center solutions are not the only remedy for forging good customer relations, you must have the right dynamics to judge that the contact center software is properly utilized. In most of the cases, often the executive fails to comply with the set parameters of the communication etiquettes that must be harbored and such instances leads to customer churning and dissatisfaction among customers. In most of the cases, it also severely damages the brand. So, you must deploy the right solution that best fits the paradigm and has proper arrangements that can help the customer get the right service experience. Merely using cloud computing and other call center software solutions will not work if your agents are not able to convince the customers and they are keeping up to a good tone at the time of talking to them.

So, if you want to improve the phone skills and help them come across their flaws and work on them for improvising the customer experience, in that case, you must deploy the speech analytics in your system. If you are like wondering about why one should deploy the speech analytics, in that case, take a brief look at the benefits that it can reap for me.

Improvise Customer Experience

Good communication invokes the right amount of trust. If the agent is fumbling during the conversation or is he/she is not having that boldness in their voice, in that case, it will not impact the customer. Anticipating the customers need through the conversation and using the right persuasive yet humble tone will always benefit in the best way.

Call Monitoring

Call analytics also helps in understanding the performance of the agent and they can improvise on the flaws and further strengthen their strong points, so once that is streamlined, in that case, you can definitely coach the agents accordingly and provide them the right training that can help them in the best way.

Cost Reduction

If you have to setup a monitoring team to look at the performance of the agents, in that case, it will lead to colossal funding. Suppose, if you are having a big organization with 150+ employees and these agents are regularly engaged in calling. To monitor then you have to employ another team to check their quality and flaws and improvise that for better functioning. But with a call analytics installed, you revolutionize everything in the best way and improvise the customer experience—bottom-line more customers in the pool and reduced cost of operation.

Customer Attrition

Speech analytics also provide a brief synopsis on the customer’s trend and the reasons that are fuelling them to move to another provider. So, with speech analytics installed in the enterprise of yours, you can definitely check the attrition rate in the customers and improvise their experience with your business in the best way.



Why is communication important? Well, this question is pretty hard to handle. So, let’s start from the basics, good communication is the essence in building perception and communication starts at all level. So, no matter whether it is normal life or business, communication definitely plays a pivotal role. Earlier businesses used to post ads on paper to cater to the market, at that time, it took days to get those ads answered. But with the change of time, the needs have also changed, the demand for some unprecedented technology in communication has been felt and it has been answered with best cloud service providers providing best cloud telephony technology and IP phone systems to deal with majority of the communication hassles.

Now, you might be wondering that cloud phone systems are costly proposition, well, if such stuff is flying in your head, in that case, you must get rid of all these misconceptions right away. Cloud phone systems are no longer a costly proposition; rather, if you are looking for a personalized PBX, well, in that case, definitely it will bore a bigger hole. The best part about cloud is accessibility and scalability that it offers to the users. So, you are always one step ahead of the competitors who are not using cloud, if you have a cloud phone system. But even cloud phone systems are not averse to both opportunities and challenges. So, let’s take a quick look at the opportunities and challenges that this cloud phone system brings in the first place.

Opportunities that Cloud phone system grants to the users

Simple to Deploy: When you want to revolutionize the communication prospects of the business, in that case, you can always look forward to the cloud phone system. Unlike the PBX, you don’t have to setup the server room and employ an IT workforce, with cloud phone solutions, you can opt for subscription and get the pleasure of using latest technologies at competitive price and provide the best platform to the customers to communicate as and when required.

Flexibility: When you are going for PBX, you are nowhere close to flexibility. If tomorrow your business expands, in that case, you will have to again deploy new systems and infrastructure; however, with cloud phone solutions, you are always getting the advantage of downsizing or scaling your needs as per demand.

Even cloud phone services are not immune to flaws, so let’s take a quick look at few of the challenges that you can face while using cloud phone solution.

Security: When you resort to cloud, in that case, all your vital data are stored in some other provider’s server. So, if data breach and other illegal incidents happen, in that case, it can severely dent the business prospects and wipe out your business from the competition.

Less Visibility and Control: At times, you almost feel that you are being treated as an alien for your own belongings. In most of the cases, it becomes very difficult to monitor the work that the cloud phone service provider is doing, so you are always skeptical about the prospect and the future once you are resorting to cloud phone systems.


“First Call Resolution”—a dominant and determining force that improves the customer satisfaction level and if you ask the best way to achieve it, in that case, call management system is something that would resonate in the head. With the market dynamics changing at a lightning speed and customers are increasingly attuned to latest fashion, the trend of getting faster service has resonated thick and fast. If you ask a layman, he/she would say I love the provider that instantly solves my problem. It is a common adage and it is based on these dynamics that small business can expand. If small business have optimum contact management software, in that case, they can pay heed to every customer that calls them and it invokes the right degree of trust in their minds.

Suppose, let’s explain it through an example, there are two customers “A” and “B”, whenever “A” calls, the call is routed to the right person at first instance and s/he gets the resolve, whereas when “B” calls, s/he has to go through a lot of technicalities and this pisses them off and they hang the phone down. In scenario 1, “A” got the resolve and might act as a brand advertiser, whereas in scenario 2, “B” is pissed and might criticize the business on a common platform which could dent its prospects. Now, you might be wondering that why in scenario 1 “A” was able to get a good resolve within a time bound manner. Well, it is because of automatic call distribution. If you are into small business, in that case, contact management is imperative. You must have a contact management system that intercepts the calls and digs out the caller. If the caller is not answered at first instance, in that case, arrangements are there in the contact management software that enables the agents to follow up the caller and provide him/her the service that he/she seeks.

If as a business, you are always hooking up to the customers, it will always be advantageous for you in the long run. So, when you deploy call management system for your small business, you tend to keep the customer priority on the top and with such dynamics the customers are always enjoying a vivid and pleasing experience.

So, if you ask that how you can improvise the call set up and manage calls that are made to your business, in that case, take a look at few of the dynamics that are mentioned in this piece.

Scheduling the Calls

If you have deployed the call management system, in that case, you will get innumerable calls; however, you cannot treat each call with the same importance. So, you have to pick accordingly and see which call can convert into a sale and which call is non-convertible, accordingly with the help of call management system you will have to route the calls. This will save time and give more importance to those callers that can potentially convert.

Use of Right Communication Tools

At the time of using the call management service, it is of pivotal to use the right CRM tool. So, whether you want to go for Salesforce, OneCRM, Sugar CRM that can help you link your communication system is important for answering the business growth requirements. So, make sure that you are adhering to this at the time of using the call management solution.


Communication is slowly and steadily gaining resonance for forging strong relation with the customers, and unlike the old businesses, the new businesses are involved in deploying highly dynamic communication solution that allows faster exchange of information. Most of the enterprises that have high market value resort to “hybrid cloud phone solutions” and small enterprises and emerging businesses are resorting to regular cloud telephony service to fuel their communication. Even customers prefer smart business solutions and if your cloud phone system allows them to connect instantly and enable them to use the technology without any hassle, in that case, probabilities of customers getting satisfied every single time multiplies. So, if you are planning to make an investment in cloud computing applications? Have you ensured that cloud software that you are selecting will make your business needs met? Are the cloud service providers offering VoIP calls or are they charging extra for that service.

You must check everything in the first place. In most of the cases, often the people are in haste and they often choose the wrong cloud phone service, the end results is that they are always having a tough time after getting the service from such providers. So, you must always pick the right cloud phone system. Take a look at few of the features that define a good cloud phone system.

Cost Proposition

Cloud telephony services are always priced above the normal mobile phone system. So, if you are going for cloud telephony, in that case, you must make sure that customization plays a crucial role. In the cloud telephony service, often instead of paying a monthly rental, folks get the offer of pay-as-you-use. So, it always keeps them one step ahead while looking for a profitable proposition in the use of communication system.

Local Approach

Often almost 70% of the customers are looking for local service support, so if you are availing any cloud based phone solution system, in that case, make sure that the provider has technicalities deployed to every time make the customer feel that they are calling a local provider. If that is happening, in that case, you will really have a pleasurable experience deploying such cloud phone solution.

Support Dynamics

If you are availing a cloud phone system, in that case, major part of the functionality will be handled by the provider. So, you will have to make preference while getting to use the service. If you want to have control over the communication and don’t rely entirely on the provider, in that case, you will have to think accordingly. You can go for D-I-Y (Do-It-Yourself) or D-I-M (Do-IT-For-Me) method as per your choice. But make one thing clear that the cloud phone service provider is giving this service that you demand.


With the help of Application Program Interface or also known as API, pooling of data and information is ascertained. So, you must be aware to pick the right cloud phone system that allows easy transferability and integration of data without any hassle. If you are able to get that, in that case, you can definitely make the most from the cloud phone service.


When you think of call management system software, there is usually a misconception that the solutions referring to call center management are not well-suited for a small business environment that runs a call center; rather, small business CRM & contact manager software are usually meant for big businesses and not the small ones because CRM requires dedicated IT teams. Fortunately, as there are innumerable call management solutions designed specifically for small businesses, you are not left out if your run a small enterprise.

Now, you may ask that being a small business and since the scale of operation is not humongous, would it be feasible to get a call center solution for call management in the small business. Well, one thing is evident that if you have cost at the back of your mind that is acting as a deterrent, in that case, make one thing evident that now-a-days call center software solutions have become extremely affordable and if you are running a small business that needs call management, you can always rely on the call center solutions.

However, still reservations are burning in the head that does a small enterprise like yours need a call management solution. Well, in that case, you must keep one thing in mind that if you are having call management solution, you will be able to appeal to a large number of customers. At the same time, when you are able to have a highly dynamic contact center solution, your customers would always feel that the provider always keeps them on priority basis. So, take a look at the benefits why call management for small business is important.

Forges Better Customer Relation

A good platform that manages calls is important for improving the customer’s experience. If you are having a platform that allows quick access of data and provides an interactive platform that allows optimum exchange of information between customers and business, in that case, customers will always feel that they are always given the priority and it will strike their chord with a deeper intensity.

Business Growth

When customers are calling, in that case, they want that their problems are resolved instantly. They are never in the mood to call again and again, and if that happens then probably the churning symptoms start to appear. So, as a small business, you will never look to lose a single customer. So, when you are having the best CRM solution, you can make sure that every customer gets heard on the first call itself. In most of the cases, a better call management software enables the customer to get most of their queries resolved. So, once that happens, it builds a good perception about the business and more customers join the pool. You are always one step ahead with optimized call management solution and your small business can grow quickly under its aegis.

Internal Communication Streamlined

A good call management system not just improves external communication from the customers, but it also revolutionizes the internal communication. You can communicate with different level of hierarchies; however, if it comes to small business, this scenario is not justified but over the period of expansion, the presence of an optimized contact management system will definitely help the business.

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