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Business realm is highly challenging and if you are not proactive in taking managerial decisions at the right time, you will end up losing considerably in the competition. But most of the times, taking a decision encapsulates communicating with different department at one point of time and if you are not having the right communication solution, in that case, the pursuit of disseminating the information to different department will look altogether challenging. Good cloud phone solutions are available in the market at present and if you are looking for the best cloud service providers, in that case, you don’t have to venture out for a longer period, you can easily get a grasp of them. Through mobile VoIP and other VoIP phone solutions, these cloud service providers connect the organization under one umbrella and once that is ascertained, proper flow of information and data can take place at each level. If sales, marketing, billing, manufacturing, advertisement and promotion team are continuously discussing with each department and every department is getting the information in the time bound manner, in that case, it will positively reflect upon the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise.

At present, since we are living in an information age and flow of information is directly propositional to efficient and effective decision making, you will always like to have the right communication dynamics that allows you to take decision as and when required and disseminate the newer amendments for its implementation from the scratch. So, once you are having the right solution that allows you to do that, you can always enjoy the competitiveness in the market.

So, how cloud phone solution helps in improving the efficiency and productivity of the business. If you are wondering about that, in that case, you can look forward to these dynamics that are mentioned in this piece for a better resolve.

  1. Increasing productivity and improvising the efficiency is altogether tough and if you are looking for a solution to help achieve that, in that case, you can look forward to cloud phone solutions. If you are having then cloud phone solution, you will never have to miss any customers who are calling. The provision of mobile VoIP will always enable the customer to achieve self-service and it dramatically improves the service lag time and customer satisfaction.
  2. Getting a satisfied customer is altogether tough and if you are having a right cloud telephony system, in that case, whenever customers are calling, they are getting the right resolve and at the right time, so once that is ascertained, you can have a better response. At the same time, most of the cloud phone system are integrated with the CRM, so the agents are having the customer’s record who are calling the business and based on the record, the agents are always striving towards providing the right resolve to the customer. If the same customer has to undergo challenges that are completely similar every single time when they call, in that case, it will take a toll on the efficiency and productivity of the service and you will end up going nowhere if you are not having the right solution.

Work anywhere, anytime and on any device, i.e. the mobility attribute is no more restricted to computing and gaming anymore. It has found a new dimension and has emerged as an effective alternative to telecom. By facilitating real-time connectivity via voice, data and video against an affordable pay-as-you-go subscription, cloud phone solutions are gradually eroding the revenues of telecom service providers but for a good cause – transforming the business working methodology.

The simplistic definition of ‘company’, if we go by Wikipedia, is ‘a company is an association or collection of persons sharing a common purpose.’ And undeniably, communication provides a framework for that to happen. The better the communication goes, the better move the business operations and transactions. VoIP service providers are offering all kinds of contemporary communication and collaboration tools with their business telephone systems to help businesses and their consumers achieve their objectives. Let’s see how their attempt is helpful in increasing workforce’s productivity and business efficiency in the healthcare industry:

Making healthcare services easily accessible over phone or IVR

Real-time connectivity via cloud phone services eases patient administration and billing. Outdoor patients can easily book an appointment over the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system with departments and doctors of their choice. The hassle-free experience improves the rapport of the hospitals with their patients. Health-review task for the discharged patients can also be eased in the same manner. Thus, cloud phone solutions improve the business efficiency and thankfully without asking for any big infrastructure or human resource investment.

Improving productivity and patient satisfaction

With improved team collaboration favored by cloud telephony services, it has become utter easier for hospital departments, medical professionals, and labs to share patient history, disease symptoms, observation and treatment details, and care activities that were offered as part of the treatment. This helps in better decision making and future treatment of admitted patients. The follow-up tasks can be made easier too as patients can share their health-progress report with their doctors from the comfort of their homes.

Reducing functionality cost

Enhanced coordination and collaboration reduces the functionality costs of hospitals, and lets them pass on the same benefit to their patients. Thus, the cloud telephony system is evolving not just as a means of differentiating the quality of service but also gaining a competitive edge.


Now-a-days the business realm has got much tougher than it was in the past and the basic reason for such a scenario is the technological infiltration that has been happening in real time. If, as a business owner, you are anticipating leads and sales, in that case, you must have the best multichannel contact center software service to help you in the best way. Contact center solutions allow the entrepreneur to keep a tab on the service that they provide to the consumers. The moment you are having the right contact center software solution, you can manage customers and callers in the best way. You can keep track of how they are reacting to different trends and the ways that can be adopted for transforming the prospects in real time.

So, you might be wondering about what is multichannel contact center?

Well, a multichannel contact center solution allows to manage communication with customers over diverse platform. Now-a-days, communication is not just confined to telephones, rather, they have taken a new route and defied the mediocre by experiencing their presence on social media and other tools for interaction. So, if you are not having the right solution, in that case, you will be losing the customers who might be finding you over the Internet, video calls and other such medium.

How Multichannel Contact Center Software Can Help Business Thrive?

Wider Reach: When you are having a multichannel contact center software installed in your business, you can connect with more customers over diverse platform. So, you can adhere to all those individuals who are looking for your business through email, chat and video options. This would help the business thrive and garner more customers in the pool.

Handling of Interaction: When you are having a multichannel contact center software, you can assure that call handling can be ascertained in the best way. The agents can adhere to calls on multiple mediums and they can also ensure that quality is promised on each and every call. So, you are always having advantage going in tandem with your efforts.

Agents Pressure Reduced: Often there are many problems that bear commonality and the resolves are also ready for such problem, but the only challenge that comes in the path is you have to make arrangements for an agent to answer to the resolve. So, when call center multichannel contact software system comes in picture, you will be able to make arrangements for the resolve and take action as and when required to make sure that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Cost Reduction: Most of the times not all interaction carries a unique problem and adhering to the same problem over and over again can lead to wastage of time and create a real mess, but when contact center software comes in the picture, in that case, you can make arrangements for reducing the cost and improvising on the service dynamics by providing eservices to the customers.


Though you manufacture the best product or provide the best services, but if you are not having the right communication dynamics, you will be lagging behind in the competition. Most of the times, there are people who ignore business communication and they believe that it is not something that should picture above the endeavors put forward for manufacturing and marketing, but if you want the best marketing to happen, in that case, you need proper communication. Cloud phone solutions are one such resort that you can bank upon. You can easily get the communication system installed with cloud phone solutions. Cloud phone services and its diverse applications have been helping enterprises improvise their capitalization and make much better resonance in the mind of the customers.

If you are having a VoIP cloud phone system for your business, you can make customers enjoy a better service experience. They will not have to wait in queues for getting the resolve met and at the same time, if they are having any queries, it can be instantly solved and this dramatically improvises the branding of the service provider.

With best cloud phone solutions and applications, consumers can connect well with the business. If they are having the right app solution, in that case, they would be able to get the business in their fingertips and it will improvise the prospects of better growth and expansion.

How Fonebell’s Cloud Phone Solutions and Application Can benefit SME’s

  1. Simplicity: The most dynamic benefit that you can think about when it comes to cloud phone solution is its deployment. You don’t have to go for enough hustling and you can easily get the solution deployed at any point of time. It simplifies the communication in the best way and brings the best dynamism into practice.
  2. Mobility: You are not bound by a place and opt for answering calls, access the voice mails and look forward to transferring the calls to the right person even if they are not at the office. With such dynamics, cloud phone solutions are definitely the best option to avail.
  3. Cost-efficiency: Deploying a cloud never looks like a challenging pursuit, you can get the system deployed at the most economical way. You will not have to setup servers or cables, you just need the Internet connection and logistics to streamline everything.
  4. Goal Oriented: An enterprise can expand only if the employees are communicated round the clock regarding the targets and they are provided the right dynamics to achieve it. With cloud phone solutions, different team like marketing, sales, advertising and finance gets interlinked and goals are properly figured and instant steps are taken towards its immediate fulfillment.

Business is a proactive realm and you must have sheer dynamism to make everything happen in the best way. If you are looking for smart solutions, in that case, cloud phone solutions are one of the alternatives that you can deploy in the first place. When customers are calling, in that case, they are always looking for answers and when they get them in the first place, in that case, that brand resonates in their memory. So, as a business, you would always want your brand to always strike the customers mind when they are looking for relevant services. With cloud based VoIP systems, you can get the advantage of getting the customer hooked to your service every now and then. Now-a-days, the cloud based solutions have provided an added advantage to the entrepreneurs. They are able to undergo scalability, flexibility and agility using the cloud phone systems.

The basic advantage is that Bring-Your-Own-Device (B-Y-O-D) can also come in the picture with cloud. You don’t need logistics or support, all you need is a vibrant solution that works in real time. When you are going for the cloud based solution, in that case, this things are ascertained in the best way. So, you might wonder about the cloud phone solutions and how they work in real time.

If you are thinking about the cloud phone system, in that case, the working of this system is pretty simple. The system follows the Internet protocols and all you need is just the Internet connection and the customers calling you through different medium. So, they can call through voice, emails or even video. With the help of IP over the cloud, you can get the customer to engage in video calling pursuits. So, you are always getting a better customer experience going in tandem with the efforts of your business.

With the help of cloud, you can also integrate the CRM and store valuable information for future referral. When you are storing the data and other information in the system, in that case, you are always getting the opportunity to evaluate the information and put it into your analytics for deriving the real time results. With cloud phone solutions, you can enjoy call recording, monitoring and this also helps in evaluating the performance of the customers. So, once this thing is ascertained, you can get the best by deploying the right cloud phone solution.


The call center industry is pretty challenging and dynamic, so if you have stepped up in this arena, in that case, you must have the best technology to wield the power. If one has to reiterate about the Indian market, in that case, it would not be naïve to say that the competition is very tough. You must have the best call center software solutions that can help deal with loads of challenges. At present, the prime challenges that call center industry faces is to handle all the customers with utmost dedication and consistency and make sure that every experience that the customers are having is unique.

To handle long call flows, at the same time, maintain the quality on each call and make sure that first call resolution is happening every single time is not something very easy to grasp. The best contact center software is needed to provide right solutions that dramatically improvises the call center service.

At the same time, if you want to get the best then perhaps you have to invest for the results. Training the call center agents are both tough and costly, in the first place, the risk is that attrition rate is extremely higher in this industry and if you are training and developing agents that might leave the company in future is always a costly thing to undertake. You have to deploy training staff and undergo complete procedure that would engross infrastructure and technology for training them. But when you are having the call center software solutions, in that case, there are few features in the solution that makes it pretty attractive. You can record calls and route the calls to the right person as per the specialization. So, you don’t have to deploy a whole team of advanced professionals and make the agents master in a particular niche through taking their own calls as a torch bearer. So, when with the help of call recording features available in the call center software solution, when the agents are able to get the much needed training and development going in tandem with their efforts, in that case, it will dramatically improve their performance and the call center owner will not have to deploy learning sessions to develop them.

So, when customers are getting the best service and they get their queries met in the first call, in that case, they would definitely feel like getting hooked to the business and even recommending their friends and relatives, so you will always have a greater advantage ascertained with call center software solution in place.

So, if you want to make your call center competitive, in that case, you can totally bank upon the call center software solutions for better results in the long run.


Businesses can get identification by their service—and broader the innovation, better are the results. So, if you are into any kind of business, in that case, what is the best thing to do to revolutionize its prospects? Well, it would definitely be creating dynamic communication. When dynamic communication is restored, in that case, proper decision making can be ascertained and better plans can be taken for better results. At present for small business, contact management is important. Managing small business operations with a proper call management system will always help in innumerable ways.

Small business has to meet with multiple challenges, like competition from the market, continuous innovation, tracking the market trends, interacting with the customers, adhering to their dynamics and craving for success. So, these things can be well sought if you are having the right communication system. Now-a-days customers are impatient and they don’t have time to hold on the call till the right person comes to answer. So, call management is important for business. If you are having a dynamic call management solution, and in that solution, specialization and innovation prevails, in that case, it will garner tangible results. Suppose, if you have the right small business contact management solution, in that case, you can keep track of the customers calling and store their problems in the CRM. You can also refer to the CRM and get the much needed resolve in time bound manner. So, it will allow the executives to provide them with the right resolve and proper call management system will also allow more calls to be taken and better resolve generated.

At present, if as a small business, you are looking forward to expansion, in that case, you can never only rely on the products that you sell but services matter the most. So, whenever customers are calling and they are able to get the right resolve at the right time, in that case, it dramatically improvises the brand of the business and more customers are getting attuned to it. But if you are adhering to a large chunk of customers, in that case, you must have the right call management solution. If you are lacking on the call management, in that case, customer satisfaction would be an altogether tough pursuit.

So, Take A Look At How Call Management Can Help A Business Grow?

Recording Interaction

There are innumerable features that call management system offers but the most important of them all is the call recording features. So, when you are getting the calls recorded, in that case, customer’s preferences and choices are fed in the CRM and while taking the calls if same problems are happening with a different customers, in that case, it can be properly ascertained and the right solution can be crafted.

Reduced Holding Time

The only thing that pisses the customer off is hang ups and call-on-hold, so if you are able to devise the right solution for that, in that case, it will reap maximum benefits that would be hard to rule out. With call handling solutions, you can route different calls to the right agent that are well versed in the specified niche and they are the right person to provide the resolve. So, once that is done, in that case, it will help in reaping maximum benefits in no time. So, as a small business, you will always want to have the call management solution in your communication dynamics for a better result.


Why do you need communication? Well, the basic answer to these question would be for better understanding and creating a positive perception. Now-a-days rumor management and streamlining communication across multiple channels are very essential. The days when you used to put the ads on the paper and it would reach the desired targeted niche are long gone, you are always in need of some perfectly throughout and innovative approach and cloud phone services provides that edge. For business, cloud phone services are emerging as a safest and profitable bet streamlining communication across different hierarchies and with the stake holders. When you have a telecom system that allows you to communicate through any device and from anywhere, in that case, you are always getting the edge that you are reeling for and it always keeps you on the top.

Now, you may believe and say that you have classical ways of communication that you have adopted, so why would you switch to cloud IP phone services. Well, basically, you may be having your own communication system, and you might be well contented with it but what if with the help of cloud, the prospect multiplies many times, in that case, you would not have any second thought to it.

Take a look at the benefits that Cloud Reaps


The basic advantage of cloud is the simplicity that it harbors for the business. You don’t have to mess with the copper wires, you don’t have to mess with the logistics, as long as cloud phone services are there, it is do damn easy.


What would you do if you want to communicate with protocols even when you are not at the office? Would you travel to the office and talk on secure line, well, not in the picture, what if you have cloud phone solutions and that allows safe encrypted passage to transmit information from anywhere—sounds prodigious, well, it is, you are having mobility going in tandem with safety and security as long as you have cloud phone system in your kitty.


Cloud provides a complete dynamic solution to the cost proposition. So, you are getting the leverage of subscribing for the right package and getting the right solution at a touch of a button.


If you are having PBX system, in that case, you cannot look forward to scalability; however, with cloud the scenario is altogether different, you can increase and decrease the requirement as per the agent. So, you are always getting the benefit of pay as you use adage.


Doing business in a global village amidst enlightened consumers of 21st century is literally and technically different from the way it was conducted decades ago. And, the credit, unanimously, goes to the Information Technology. With information being available at the fingertips via Internet search, email, voice and video, competitors are not too far away from your customers. Yes, customers have less patience today, they want everything on-demand whether it’s about getting a coffee, movie-ticket, or services/products or resolutions from their brands. Hence, nowadays, businesses need to stay responsive to their prospects and customers, and what would serve the cause better than adopting call center software solutions, also termed as contact center software.

The renaming reflects the communication shift from simplex to half-duplex, and then to full-duplex model that facilitates instant communication between both ends, i.e. the brand and the customer. A few years back in the early 1990s and even in later years, setting up a call center or contact center was considered as a premium investment. Even the big honchos were reluctant in establishing call centers of their own. The important impediment was cost and complexity involved in setting up and then managing call centers.




  • Contact Center Staff and Labor
  • Contact Center Facilities and Overhead
  • Contact Center Technology and Maintenance
  • Contact Center Telecommunications and Networking

Mentioned above, are the four major categories where the investment is diverted. The first category takes away the lion’s share, i.e. three-fourth of the total call center investment, and the rest one-fourth part takes care of the other expenses mentioned below it. With the demanding manpower and increasing infrastructure cost, the operational expense is increasing exponentially every year. Despite of all arrangement, an advisory released by Strativity Group claims that 25 per cent of the revenue is lost because of poor customer-experience. To cope with the situation, majority of the small businesses outsource their call center operations to third-parties.

Fonebell’s contact center software solutions for small businesses are meant with an objective to neutralize the above challenges. See how it helps in transforming a call center from a non-profit investment into an engine of value creation.

Improves efficiency

Improved ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) makes distribution of calls easier and faster and helps in reducing call abandonment rate. Callers and the brands both are getting benefited from it as it saves their times. Self-helpdesk powered with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system plays a crucial role too. Besides improving the efficiency, it cuts down the staff and labor cost also. Approximately, 80 per cent of calls in banking and finance-based call centers are answered through a well-planned IVR system.

Ensures maximum utilization of resources

Skill-based routing enhances the first-call-resolution rate, which is no less than a game changer in the present context. By routing the calls to the right department and person based on their expertise and skills, it eases operational challenges and increases customer-satisfaction.

Enhances service quality

Fonebell’s call center solution includes call recording and live call monitoring components. Thus, call center managers can oversee that how well agents are adhering to the protocols set forth in the service-level-agreement. The reporting helps with their talent acquisition and training programs as well besides improving current service quality and paves the way for innovating products/services.

Broadly speaking, ideal call center solutions can improve customer-experience and empower the brand to stay competent in the market.


Communication dynamics are fast changing and customers are always looking for smart solution from where they can communicate with the business. Multichannel contact center software has slowly and steadily emerged as a norm for innumerable contact center solutions. They are always on the lookout for a platform that allows them to communicate whenever and with whatever medium they have in their grasp. So, no matter whether the communication is facilitated through phone, email, chat support, video, the enterprise should have the arrangements made in prior for streamlining maximum results.

With the help of multichannel contact center solutions, contact centers would enjoy a better leverage in terms of meeting with their goals and meeting with maximum customers over one point of time. A greater viability will be ascertained if customers are getting different medium to communicate as and when required.

How You Can Take Advantage of Multichannel Solution

  1. Multichannel solution allows the customer to communicate through diverse channels, so not only phone and mails, but also they are communicating with the business through live chats. So, if you want to make the most from your multi-channel solution, in that case, you will have to understand their trends, their liking and don’t let yourself restricted to the gender of the customer for making a choice, analyze their trends, use the data stored in the multichannel solution server to get a grasp of what they want. It will enable you to implement better strategies and take right decisions during the time of manufacturing of the goods and creation of the services. It is important that you closely scrutinize the trend of the customers and take immediate action for a resolve.
  2. If you want to make the most from your multi-channel solution, in that case, don’t restrict the information flow to a particular department like sales, marketing, billing and advertisement; rather, bring all under one umbrella and let the management have access to all the information and they pick the right ones that can help them in taking a bold decision.
  3. It is of utmost importance that you are promoting the right channels and taking maximum leverage to decide which channels are most preferred and promote them in the first place for the consumers. If you are able to ascertain that, in that case, you will be able to get the most from the contact center software solution.
  4. When you are using the multichannel contact center solution, in that case, prior to its usage, you would be able to figure out what is lacking and evaluate the right dynamics that can help them decide the right action that should be taken for improvising the performance of the system. If you are able to figure out the flaws and take necessary actions to improvise on the prospects, in that case, it will help you to get maximum results for the business.
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