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When you have to talk about business, in that case, it is not just mere goods and services that define its growth; rather, business is all about reaching to the right people at the right time and vice versa. So, if you are into business, in that case, you will always feel that if you are having the right communication dynamics, you can reach to the desired niche. If you go by record, it will awe you in the first place, but most of the customers are looking for goods and services and they also have queries associated with it, so if you are always there to solve the queries and make everything materialize, in that case, you will definitely be doing a lot of good to your business; however, you must have the right business solution for call management. Call management is not just about adhering to the calls; rather, it takes a giant step to define that mere being there for each and every customer is not enough; rather, you have to understand their thoughts, preferences and reaction through mind analysis and if you are having a solution that straightway feeds the communication dynamics into the CRM, in that case, you can refer to them for making the opportunities tangible in real time.

Most of the businesses that have deployed the right business solution are always ensuring that first call resolve is guaranteed in the first place. When you make sure that customers are not being forced to face hold times and they are able to get the right resolve, in that case, you multiply your prospects with an iron hand. But as a matter of fact, if you are looking for the right call management solution, in that case, you must know the ways how it can benefit you once you have deployed it in the first place.


Integration is the key to success and if you are integrating one system with the other, in that case, it will lead to tangible benefits. For example, if you are integrating the call management solution with the business CRM, you can keep all the records of the calls that have been made and received. So, customer’s preferences, suggestions, reactions, and trends everything will be stored in the CRM dynamics and you can refer to them in the first place for making multiple benefits.


Call management solutions also help in proper tracking of the customers and staffs. So, if you keep both staff and customers, you can definitely dig a lot out and it will definitely help in improving the management dynamics along with market expansion.


If you are having a right call management solution and it helps you in facilitating the recording, in that case, it will tremendously help you towards understanding the customers and providing them the right resolve. This makes the business extremely competitive in the long run.


When you have the right call management solution, you can manage the calls accordingly and prioritize them as per the need. So, once you are able to do that, you are able to optimize the resources and provide resolve in time bound manner to your immediate customers.

If you have undertaken a business, or if you are on the verge of setting up a new business, in that case, you must always keep one thing particular to keep the communication dynamics extremely promising. Now-a-days, the customers are no longer ignorant and they are getting innumerable options as well, if you are not having multi-channel contact center solutions deployed in your communication system, in that case, you will not be able to reach to every customer in time. Whether you have setup a call center that is humongous or just a starter, you need the best call center services to help ensure that callers and customers are able to get resolve in the friendliest way possible. The most harrowing experience for a customer is when they are calling and their queries are not met by the right person. But when automatic call distribution feature is there in your call center software, in that case, such calls would be routed to the right person who can provide the resolve. Most of the times, through conferencing, the calls can be connected to different desks and the customer can be provided the resolve in the best way. When conferencing comes into the picture, you tend to multiply your chances of delivering value based service. Since, the superior and subordinate both are bridged through one connection, it allows the subordinate to learn from the superior and at the same time, the superior can also keep track on the way the subordinate takes to help provide a resolve.

So, if you are not having a multichannel contact center solution deployed in your communication system, you will be devoid of the following benefits.

  1. Reach More Buyers and Customers: If you have deployed a communication system that adheres to just one medium of communication, in that case, you will not have a broader reach. But the scenario may look different when you have multichannel contact center solutions, you can cater to customers no matter whether they are using chat, voice, video or social sites. This would help broaden the reach and bring more customers in the array.
  2. More Business Interaction: When you have old classical communication system, in that case, the limit of reaching the customers are minimal. You will witness that the agent is able to handle just few customers at one point of time; however, with multichannel contact center solutions, you can make one thing certain that you will not face this scenario. You will be able to cater to large number of audience as and when required and on different platforms, so maximum benefits can be ascertained in the first place.
  3. Reduce Agent Talk Time: When you are having a classical communication system in place, you will be able to communicate with the customers through just one platform i.e. the phone; however, the scenario can be altogether different with multichannel contact center solution, you can communicate through chat, video and email, so it never lets the customer get exhausted and saturated in the first place.
  4. Cost Reduction: To make agents available to take calls is a costly proposition; however, the scenario can change altogether when you are having e-Contact solutions with e-Services that allows the customer to manage calls as and when required. So, it will always help businesses in the best way possible.

Adding another chapter to its long-drawn commitment to empower businesses, Fonebell Cloud Phone Solutions provider has introduced cloud-based IVR solutions for all prominent B2B and B2C players across different sectors like hospitality, healthcare, telecom, finance and banking and BPO dealing with outsourced call center services. The move is likely to benefit companies by improving their business agility and workforce productivity while at the same time reducing queue wait-time and operational expense. Definitely this would help them to get an edge over their competitors by improving their sales and service besides the Customer-Experience rate, a key business-differentiator term in today’s era.

Fonebell’s IVR solution can be integrated with all types of cloud phone services plans and can be customized according to the industry needs and amount of queries a particular business receives on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Fonebell’s latest business communication system is instrumental in streamlining different business operations. It not just handles sales and marketing and customer service processes but allows a business in easing internal business communication among different departments. Being a cloud-based business communication system, it can be extended well to connect staff or branches that are located geographically apart from each other.

Wondering how does IVR-based cloud phone solutions work? Let me explain a bit about the technology behind. IVR solution is an important component of computer-telephone integration (CTI) system, where the inputs (generated by pressing phone-keypad buttons) received from callers are transmitted to the computer through dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signals. Speech-recognition technique is also used as an advanced alternative to such signals. Based on that stimuli, the computer processes the requests or complaints received by the callers. For instance, a company interested in marketing its products or services can deploy an IVR order form of that effect. This would help the caller to enquire about the available products or services, and place requests by just pressing the relevant keypads or buttons of the phone, if he or she is interested in them. Across different sectors, we can see IVR solutions playing a pivotal role in managing volume of calls with the least human intervention.

IVR system is an innate component of automatic call distribution system, multiple call-queue management, call forwarding and call routing. Besides, it has emerged as a powerful self-service desk as it can be used to retrieve real-time information pertaining to the queries received from the authorized database. For instance, call centers of banks, telecom industry and other sectors often dispense most of the information to their callers automatically.


Necessity is the mother of invention — the arrival of cloud telephony in India is nothing but a reverberation of the same. Marked by the growing per capita income and growing purchasing power, India is beaming. India’s consumer confidence is ascending as well at both urban and rural fronts. The latest survey by Mckinsey Global Institute put India on the top of the global consumer confidence. The trend of increasing confidence has been witnessed 7th year in a row. Rating agency CRISIL is also optimist. According to its survey, online retailing would grow threefold by 2016 with a net worth of Rs 50,000 crore (US$ 8.06 billion).Thus, we can see India is getting transformed into a major investment hub, where not just domestic but global corporations are trying to get their foothold. From FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies as big as Hindustan Unilever (HUL) to automobile giant like Hero Group to online retailer like SnapDeal to Chinese technology major Huawei and Gionee to Taiwan-based Foxconn, all are heading towards it to take advantage of the market which is home to 1.28 billion people or where one out of every 7th of the world population live.

Thriving in this global economy is not easier, and hence, businesses are taking help of advanced technology solutions and services to have a competitive edge over competitors. Cloud phone solution is one of those vital components. However, the move is not something entirely new. Cloud computing is an innate thing that we have been using since the dawn of Internet. Isn’t so? First emails, then social media, and then the likes of Microsoft Office, Exchange and other cloud computing services‎ or components that made working together better and smarter transcending the geographic and demographic barriers.

From hospitality to healthcare to banking and finance to education — cloud phone systems have found their takers in every sector in India and there are good reasons for that to happen. First, cloud phone systems or VoIP phone solutions are easy to install and integrate. Unlike public switched telephone network (PSTN) where the recipient vendor was supposed to wait for the feasibility clearance by the communication service provider at the particular area, and then for tedious cabling and wiring job to get completed over weeks and months, here things are streamlined — no more the party is required to strand for the feasibility test and neither there is upfront hardware investment. Anyone can get started with the cloud phone systems in a jiffy — all that is required is the availability of the Internet.

Once VoIP phone solution swings into action, the owning party can customize it to match their operational needs. Their staff can keep or discard features and tweak their settings to ensure better collaboration among different or in the same department(s). Interestingly, the leading cloud telephony service providers in India like Fonebell backed up by their strong and secure network servers can facilitate maximum uptime to their clients. This is the utmost requirement of today’s businesses and enterprises to drive workforce’s productivity with better utilization of resources and information, and give better experience to their partners or customers, whom they serve.


The paradigm of business communication is shifting from on-premise to cloud phone services. However, the development should not surprise anybody—neither it happened overnight and nor it’s a brand new concept to which the people or society are alien. Today, when we have cloud-based applications, cloud-based software development platforms, and Internet based banking and shopping facilities, then what’s the irony in having voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services? Literally speaking, these services are nothing but an extension of the Internet-based services to help businesses streamline their business operations and serve their customers better.

If Gartner has its way, then the growth prospect of cloud phone services is unquestionable. The leading technology research and advisory firm, in its latest report on Worldwide IT Spending Forecast 2015, has claimed that in telecom services alone businesses and enterprises are going to make around 3,828 billion USD investment, up by 1.9 per cent as compared to 2014. To cope with the demand, best cloud phone services providers would need to upgrade their data center systems. Fortunately, they are not reluctant in doing so as the report asserted ‘they are likely to scale up their investment by 0.8 per cent’. As per the Forecast, their technology investment would hover around 143 billion USD. The overall cloud market that includes all cloud platforms, i.e. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is expected to grow by 27 per cent globally in the next three years from now.

Driving factors of cloud phone services for businesses? Of the many, a few that can’t be overlooked include: Growing rate of digital media consumption amidst consumers that drive the users to own more digital devices, increased competition in the market that compels businesses to think about the ways to curb down their operational expenses and bring agility to serve customers better, and consumer-friendly laws and regulations urging businesses to be on their toes — it forces them to adopt the right practices and technology solutions to do business with great responsibility and accountability.

How well the investment in the best cloud phone services pays off? First, as cloud phone services don’t ask for any major upfront investment, the takers don’t have to bite their nails. They can jump into the wagon of cloud phone system anytime. Second, the existing phone devices don’t get redundant as they can be integrated with the cloud phone service very well. Perhaps, to take advantage of the advanced call management or other features, they need to switch to the IP-based phone system which is somewhat costly. Third, a cloud based IP phone service can be customised to match the changing needs of the business. Fourth, best cloud phone services providers bring flexible plans, and the takers can keep essential features, discarding others. Moreover, at any point of time, they can enable and disable features over the web-based control panel from anywhere, anytime.

Sounds interesting? Speak to a Fonebell consultant, discuss your business needs and find the right cloud phone service matching your operations and customers’ demands.


What would you say if somebody proposes you to undertake business under such realm that has a pivotal role to play in the country’s GDP. Well, you will be completely taken away with the proposition, but keep one thing in particular that the realm is pretty challenging. If you are going for call center business, in that case, keep one thing in mind that you will have to face stiff competition and if you are not having the right call center software solutions, in that case, you will be severely lagging behind in the competition. In India, if you ask the reason why providers from Philippines and China are able to supersede the indigenous providers, in that case, one thing you will come to know that they are having smart solutions. The call center services that they deliver defies the mediocre. Most of the times, there were complains pertaining to the use of accent that Indians are adhering to while delivering the service; however, when it comes to the provider from Philippines and China, they have created a niche for themselves by delivering quality phone support with best US and UK accent that materializes in real time. So, for a competitive experience, you will have to get the best call center software solutions. If you are having the right solution, you can use that to make the most from it.

Take a look at the advantages that call center software solutions can reap in real time.

Integrated GUI: If you are having an integrated GUI or Graphical User Interface, in that case, you can enjoy single platform to facilitate communication across different dynamics. So, from collating of information to disseminating them across different dimensions, you can get everything streamlined in the best way.

Call Back Features: If your call center software solution is having the call back feature activated, in that case, most of the times not all the callers are getting answered. So, when you have call center software solution in place, it will help improvise the prospects of the business by improvising on the call dynamics. You will have a better experience when you can call the customer who has been trying calling you and provide them resolve for the problems that they are facing. So, if you are keeping these things clear, in that case, it will have a better imprint on the minds of the consumers.

So, deploying a call center software solution will certainly benefit you in the best way. But the only thing that you must do is get it from a reliable vendor in the industry.


Communication is incomplete if it fails to touch the right chord and if you want to make the most from the communication, in that case, it is of utmost importance that you are availing the right platform. A good platform can help reap maximum benefits and if you are adhering to options that allows to disseminate information as and when required, in that case, it will increase the efficiency of the enterprise. Call center services are the best option that you can think about for transforming the prospect of your business. If you are having the best BPO management software service, in that case, you can manage your contacts properly. Most of the times, it often happens that there is no proper co-ordination between different department and once that happens, it will wreak havoc inefficiency and slow performance, but the moment you are deploying CRM software solutions and link them with your cloud technology services, information that determines plan of action can reach to every niche and immediate action can be taken for better results. Suppose, for example, if customers are always complaining about certain issues and you are taking time to share that with your production team, in that case, the team would fail to implement the changes and it would lead to customer churning, but the moment right communication system is installed, not just internal communication but also external communication can be perfected in real time.

Take a look at few of the benefits that Call Center Software Solutions can wield for your business?

Easy Installation

Now-a-days everything has went on the cloud and if you are looking for feasible solutions for your communication, in that case, you can look forward to call center solutions that are cloud based. Having a cloud based system will ensure that you can easily deploy the system as and when required and utilize it to the fullest.

Cost Acquisition

Going for on premise PBX system would technically make you spend like colossal amount; however, with cloud phone solutions, you can have one thing streamlined in the best possible way and that is investment. Gone are those days when for communication, you wanted complex wires, cables and logistics, with the emergence of cloud phone solutions, all you need is BYOD or Bring-Your-Own-Device in the picture. So, no investments whatsoever and maximum benefits.


Just imagine that you are expanding and now your communication system requires more tools and logistics to satiate the demand. This is a tough challenge and to satisfy the requirement, you will have to deploy new logistics. Now, take this, with call center software solutions, you can totally bank upon the cloud based system to manage both inbound and outbound calling. So, no matter whether the enterprise is expanding or contracting, as long as you are having cloud based solutions, you can always chant “bring it on.”


With good cloud phone system, you can dramatically improvise on the availability and accessibility. So, even if your best agents are on leave, you can get their service from the comfort of the home by features like “call routing” and “call forwarding”. You will get the advantage of not letting the business compromise on any ground.


Good call center management solution also evaluates the call flow and keeps a track on the dynamics that must be ascertained for streamlining the prospects of growth and expansion. If you are having a system that provides your reliable insights on the availability needed at particular point of time, in that case, you can dramatically improvise on the management prospects. If you are keeping the staffs less in the call center, in that case, they would be overworked and over the period of time, they would show the trend of leaving the job. So, if you are into a call center business and you want to curb the attrition rate, in that case, you will have to contain this in the first place.


Business realm is pretty challenging and it is changing with the blink of an eye, so you must have the best paradigm defined when it comes to transforming your communication. At present, consumers have turned dynamics and they are always looking for alternatives and if they are not able to speak up properly to the service providers, they literally abandon them. So, if you are finding that your competitors are flourishing; however, as far as your business is concerned, you are going on a back foot. Well, to no surprise that you have not installed the right communication system. Cloud phone services are the best options that can be availed at critical situations. If you are having cloud phone solutions, you can keep a track on the customers and make sure that they are getting the resolve as and when required. With the help of cloud based phone system, you can effectively improvise the call management system for your small business. As a small business, it is important that you are answering to all your customers and whenever customer calls, they create newer possibilities of generating more in the pool. If you are having the right cloud phone solution that allows the customers to get their queries met every single time, it will help you in improvising the expansion of the enterprise.

Take a look at few of the benefits that cloud phone solutions can reap for small business


Most of the times, it often happens that you are not going for the communication setup owing to the complexities, but as a matter of fact, if you are going for cloud phone solutions, you will be free from these challenges. You can get the phone solution installed as and when required. You don’t need to setup a solution in the form of servers and cables; rather with the help of cloud phone system, you can get the communication streamlined in the best way.


Often if you have deployed the cloud phone solution, you are always having the advantage of making the most from it. You are not bound by the office premises and as an expanding organization, if you want to strive for excellence, you must be ready to deliver the best services that one can ask for. With cloud based solutions, you can make one thing pretty loud and clear that you will always ensure that customers are getting the best service even when the agents are not in the office. With the help of cloud phone system, you can bring mobility in the picture and ensure that you are benefitted from it in real time.

As an expanding enterprise, you are always thinking about capitalizing on the market prospects, when you can improvise your communication, at that point of time only you can monetize the prospects in the best way.

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