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When I was a child, many a time, I witnessed my father visiting a local LPG gas outlet for refill booking. Opening a bank account, getting a demand draft processed, placing request for checkbook, or anything else, for everything he used to take leave from his office as it was difficult to manage them in minutes and hours. The processes were tedious, yet I feel lucky that I have witnessed all, otherwise, like my 10-year-old kid, I would also have remained oblivion to the evolution, or a better term would be revolution that has happened in the business communication system over the years. Today, simply, over IVR, phone or SMS one can get things done from anywhere, anytime, it has become a cakewalk. From utility service providers to retailers to academic institution to banks, healthcare and hospitality players, all are trying to adopt the cloud-based phone system shunning the traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) system and internal phone networks to serve their customers better. In the wake of the development, I thought of jotting down top 5 benefits of switching to a cloud-based business communication system. Sounds interesting? If yes, then continue reading.

Keeps business communication simple

Cloud-based business communication has been rightly dubbed as unified contact management system. Reasons, it favors communication through voice and non-voice channels like instant messaging and emails that are becoming prevalent not within an organization but outside as well. Its integration with CRM solution further improves the business capability as different teams and personnel across sales and customer service operations can stay in the know of the entire information that they need to process requests and complaints lodged by customers.

Improves operational efficiency

Highly responsive business communication system hosted on cloud can significantly improve the operational efficiency as people can get access to information on real-time from anywhere, anytime, using any Internet connected device. Reduced IT complexity is another innate feature of cloud telephony that helps end-users to collaborate and connect easily.

Lowers TCO and operating cost

Shifting the on-premise PBX to cloud has its own benefit. First, the takers are not in obligation to make upfront investment in the PBX machine. Second, the maintenance and repair tasks of PBX and connected phone networks become a forgotten past, as entire remains the onus of the service provider. Third, businesses can choose features that they need and skip what they don’t, and accordingly make payments. Fourth, businesses can leverage the mobility aspects of the cloud based phone system and keep dispersed people and offices more connected, and thereby reduce travel expenses.

Meets growing demand

A cloud-based phone system can withstand the changes of emerging marketplace both qualitatively and quantitatively. It has a flexible and simple API that can sync with multiple business applications to drive collaboration. Takers have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade their cloud telephony plans based on their business needs.

Offers business intelligence

Monitoring business processes and predicting future prospects and challenges have become easier with the latest business communication system built on the cloud framework. By looking at the KPI of their people on daily, weekly or monthly basis, business heads can get a 360-degree view of the entire operations, whether it’s manufacturing, sales, marketing or customer service. This favors decision making, strategy building and innovation to improve the operational efficiency and avert potential bottlenecks.

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These days’ business revolves around communication and if you are having the best communication dynamics, in that case, you can completely transform the prospects in the best way possible. The days when you used to put the ad on paper and expected to receive a call from customers are long gone, you need to think different and innovative and a good communication platform is always the right dynamics to avail in the first place. In the presence of good cloud phone solutions, you can dramatically do good with the possibilities and get the best thing going rightaway. So, if you want your business to produce tangible results, in that case, you need to have the best service dynamics and availability of a good cloud phone system solution can help you get the best result that you are looking for. In this piece, you will get to know that when you are looking for the best business communication system, you must always make way for five of the compulsory things that you must keep note of. So, it is important that you are getting them streamlined rightaway for getting the best service.

There are many things that determine the adaptation of cloud and if you want to get them going, you can look forward to this piece.


It is pivotal to ascertain that you are having the best of knowledge to figure out that the right solution is served. The advantage, complexity, compatibility, firm size and management, everything is mandated and if you are having the right solution, it will always keep you going. So, you must make sure that you are keeping a note of everything in particular and get things streamlined rightaway. So, make sure that you are keeping these things abridged in the best way possible.

Design/ Methodology

You must also look forward to the right innovation and make sure that you are able to produce the right business dynamics. So, if you would let this thing happen, you can definitely end up grabbing the best solution that matters in real time and help you end up in the best way possible to deal with the problems flamboyantly.

Analytical Insights

Make sure that you are able to understand the business needs and plan accordingly to adopt to the system. If you are having the best solution, you can make the business function in the best way possible. The firm size, competitive pressure, trading issues would all contribute to the service dynamics and make sure that you are getting the best ascertained rightaway and make things happen in the best way possible.

So, whenever you are looking for the best solution, you must make sure that you are keeping all these things in mind and get things going rightaway for streamlining the dynamics in the best way possible.


India is a diverse country and there is a growing penchant of tourists to visit this country and explore its culture and heritage. Not just the hospitality sector adheres to tourism but also healthcare is an important essence that needs to be catered to. If you are looking at the present healthcare sector, it would print a grim scenario and the only possibility of growth and development lies in better communication. If you are having the right communication platform, the hospitality sector can flourish; however, getting the best contact management solution is always a challenge in India. There are many call center software solutions that many enterprises have resorted to; however, they have failed to garner the result that matters. With the right cloud phone solutions, a lot of challenges in the healthcare sector can be smoothened. Take a look at how the right call center software solutions can help fix the mess that India is facing in the healthcare sector.

Proper Patient Care: If there is a good communication established among different hospitals and they are able to communicate in complex time, in that case, it will dramatically improvise upon the prospects and make communication the platform that can help the patient to recover fast and with the best care. In the presence of the right call center software solutions, the hospitals can access the information of the patient across the country. So, if the patient has been treated in one of the hospital and he/she has moved to some other state, in that case, the respective hospital that he/she is availing the treatment from can contact the previous hospital and have conversation with the previous doctors. So, these things would help in serving the patients in the best way possible.

Gap Reduction: There is always a huge gap between the back office and the front office in the healthcare sector. So, if you are able to shorten the gap, the operational efficiency can improve dramatically. Proper sharing of information about the drugs, medication between doctors would always make sure that you are getting the best resolve in time. So, you must always make sure that you are getting this thing streamlined rightaway to better the service and make the patients feel the service is worth taking.


Business communication system is an integral component of any business ecosystem. Stakeholders, from the external ones including partners, suppliers, creditors, shareholders and customers, to the internal ones including employees, managers and owners find the common ground with the right communication infrastructure in place. With data or information gaining traction and quality of services becoming the key differentiator at marketplace, adoption of standard business communication system has become essentials for entrepreneurs, irrespective of their types, i.e. B2B or B2C.

Sensing the development, at Fonebell, we develop befitting business communication system that can streamline business operations driving collaboration and growth. From hospitality to education to banking and finance to healthcare, we serve B2B and B2C players from different sectors and let them stay ahead of times. We offer the cloud-based or IP-enabled business communication system with the below features and benefits.

 Web Based Control Panel

Keeping in tune with the trend of mobility, Fonebell offers web-based control panel to let supervisors or call center managers smartly have a control of their agents or teams. This helps them track performance of staff and ensure maximum productivity with uncompromised quality. This has become a must-have tool for businesses dealing with high volume of calls on regular basis. Managers can build and change priorities of call queues as per the volume of calls or queries and maintain customer satisfaction. Interestingly, all can happen with the click of a mouse across any Internet connected device from PC to smartphone.

VoIP Phone system

Fonebell’s business communication solution works with all IP-enabled phone systems and equipment manufactured by all leading brands. Thus, unlike others, we don’t compel you to procure hardware stuffs from us. Purchase them from anywhere, we are free to provide hassle-free integration of our cloud telephony solution to let your people stay connected and productive from anywhere, anytime.

Inbuilt Inbound Recording

Keep a track of the entire business communication for quality maintenance or future reference with inbound call recording functionality. This is particularly useful when a business deals with customers or runs a call center either to market products or services or deliver post-sales customer service. At any point of time, in between the conversation, or after that, the quality team can provide feedbacks to agents to push up the customer-satisfaction rate.

Video Collaboration

To boost productivity in the wake of the dynamic culture — dispersed workforce, bring-your-own-device, remote working, work-from-home, etc. — we, at Fonebell, facilitate business communication system integrated with the right video collaboration tool. This brings people together, no matter where they are and which device they own. This has largely reduced the operating costs by skipping the obligation of face-to-face meetings and training sessions. We train our partners to let them make intuitive use of the video collaboration platform across different operations from hiring or talent acquisition to training and development to customer service.

CRM Integration

Underscoring that data or information management is pivotal to any business, we facilitate comprehensive support to our partners for integration of CRM with the business communication platform that they choose from our array of solutions. We can successfully integrate important features like click-to-call, incoming call screen pops, dial-pad, call logging with notes, and others with the CRM to boost the productivity of their sales or customer service operations.


Leveraging call management for small business solutions by virtue of an expensive software such as a CRM to manage customer records, customer relationship and extremely important business data is the need of the hour. But what about the standalone yet affordable call management solutions featuring all built-in capabilities of a CRM that are specially designed for small businesses? Do they hold any ground? Let’s find out.

Purpose-built cloud-based call management for small business solutions blur the barrier among different processes and operations and make accessibility of data easier than before. Thus, people in front-end and back-end operations can remain in the know as what to do and what to do next. The cloud technology facilities collaboration on real-time basis and across different devices, no matter where people are working – in office, on-the-move or working from the comfort of their homes. This improved collaboration provides the much-needed impetus to a business. For long, owning this inclusive call management system for small businesses was an unrealistic idea, but with the advent of cloud, the scenario has changed at all. Now, we can see startups and small businesses both making use of this dynamic platform against an affordable pay-as-you-go subscription to stay responsive to their prospects or customers.

At Fonebell, we consistently keep a close eye on different aspects that determine the success of any call management software: the services delivered by a brand, the customer experience generated and the loyalty evoked in customers on account of that, and the profitability reaped by the brand. We also emphasize on learning from failures. Yes, we take into account the negative aspects like abandoned call rate, increased call resolution time, customer dissatisfaction, customer churn rate, and so on. Interpreting different factors, Fonebell’s Team involved in designing, developing, modifying, and testing the call management software, proceeds in the right way to make sure that our partners can get what they need and make most of the technology investment.

Comprehensive support in terms of deployment and integration of call management for small business solutions, inherent flexibility linked with the selection of features and tools, hassle-free migration option from one plan to another as per business needs, friendly compliance management, advanced business analytics or business intelligence capabilities have made Fonebell’s solutions highly popular amidst businesses of all sizes and types. IVR-based auto-attendant, call screening, professional voice recording, visual voicemail and transcription, drag-and-drop call handling, phone scheduler, call reporting, and are key features, normally present with every Fonebell’s solution. Thus, our approach is to provide partners with universal contact management tools for small business that can entertain prospects and customers across all channels.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with a Fonebell Consultant today and find the right call management for small business solution to stay ahead of time.


In a business, the possibility of getting bigger stays with the customer and if you are able to get that streamlined, you can rightaway get the best benefit that matters. In a business, you are always looking forward to basket the most number of customers and reckoning the present state of the market, you must be bold enough to make sure that you are deploying the right solution that matters in real time. If you are having the right IVR system, you can be always open for your customers and they can avail your service every single day. When you have the right IVR solution, you are not bound by the clock for determining the sales and profit, so customers are always getting absorbed rightaway and you tend to grow with every single day. So, if you want the best benefit, you must have the right IVR solution. Now, there are always customers who are always confusing with IVR and VoIP solution. So, you can get rid of the confusions rightaway with this piece and get things done in the best way possible.

In an IVR system, you can get a computer sending message to all your doubts and get them streamlined to help you serve in the best possible way. In this process, you get the call forwarded to the right extension and get the right resolve that matters in real time. So, you are always having the best technology to help you in every possible way to help make things fit and working.

In a VoIP system, you can get the communication streamlined rightaway in the best way with the best cloud phone system. This allows the business to use the Internet as a platform that can be used to make sure that you are getting the best benefit of facilitating the communication and making it happen rightaway without any trouble.

Benefits of IVR system

Better First Call Resolution: If you are indulged in any business, you are always looking forward to make sure that whenever customers are calling they are getting the best resolve that matters. When IVR system comes in the picture, you tend to get the best service that matters and your customers are served in the best way possible.

Improvised Agent Efficiency: If you have an IVR in the business, you can make the agents work in the best way. With the help of the IVR, you can route the call to the right person and get the best resolve that matters. So, once this thing gets streamlined, you can get the best service from your agents and you are always ensuring that they are served in the best way possible.


In a business, you are always meeting up with multiple challenges and to get them streamlined rightaway looks a tough proposition; however, the pleasure of competing lies in the competition. If you are having a good competition, you will not just improvise upon different dimensions but also emerge as the best name in the business. Well, most of the times, if you are having the right business communication system, you can make the best out of it. In the presence of a good communication system, you can improvise the decision making, managerial efficiency and bring the organization under one realm. Well, in most cases this pursuit is challenging; however, with IVR system and VoIP solutions, you can definitely shape this dream and make it happen in nick of time.

The business communication system catering to the multiple challenges in the business have been dramatically improvising the prospects and if you have not deployed them rightaway, you might be lagging behind in the competition. In this piece, you will get to know the pros and cons of the business communication system and how best you can make it a part and parcel of your life entirely depends on your ways to accept it in your business.

Take a look at the Pros of the Business Communication System

When you have the right business communication system, you are always over the edge to ensure that you are having the best solutions that matters. When staff and bosses are able to communicate well through the channels, you can definitely make one thing certain that you will be benefitted in the best way around. There are also other features like the remote area network system, so once this system comes into play, you will get to figure out that calls can be made local and you can get real time tangible benefits from them.

Cons of Business Communication System

Most of the times, there are instances when the customer has to deal with downtime. When you have a business communication system, you get calls on a regular basis and once that gets streamlined, you can make sure that you are getting yourself stuck in nowhere. So, you must keep a tab on that and make sure that you are able to deal with customer satisfaction since it is the most promising task. There are also possibilities of downtime and you cannot avert the scenario, so whenever this thing is happening, you must make sure that you are having experts around to fix the issues rightaway. The greater chances of redundancy make it a tough challenge to deal with the mess and get it streamlined rightaway. So, you must make sure that you are able to deal with that and get things working real fine for you.


Telecommunication is a bigger term in India and if you take a dig at the clout that it has garnered, in that case, you will get to know that there are a lot of possibilities in this industry. Well, when there are possibilities, there is ought to be a competition around and manty telecom companies are ending up in this part of the globe to make sure that they can make the most from the business. When the contribution of BPO industry in India is considered, you can definitely tell that 1% to the GDP makes sense. So, the possibilities are myriad; however, innovation is something that has been demanded. When the providers innovate they thrive and when they don’t, things tend to end up terribly. There are many players from China and Philippines that have been waiting to leave a trail and they are always trying to oust the indigenous   players. This is a grave situation and many of the sectors have been closed due to lack in the possibilities of serving the customers in the best way. So, if you are running a call center and you have been facing the same problems where regularly the customers are leaving you, you must make an attempt to make sure that they are getting retained rightaway.

So, take a look at how call center software solutions can be the advantage that you are looking for.

Monitoring: With call center software solutions, you can monitor the calls that are coming and accordingly you can evaluate whether they are providing the right quality or not. At the time of recording, you can make certain the efficiency of the agents and once that gets streamlined, you can make it certain that getting the right service from them would not be tough at all.

Evaluation: Skills can be developed only when they are evaluated. So, if you are looking forward to improvise the efficiency of the agent, in that case, you can rightaway do that in the best way through the service evaluation and get things streamlined rightaway. So, these things would make the agents competitive and keep the churning at bay.

So, these things are pretty necessary and in the presence of these solutions, you can definitely make one thing certain that getting the best service would never look like a tough proposition.


Now-a-days the essence of communication is not just important in business, but it has found a sweet spot to experience in educational institutions as well. Many of the colleges and universities have resorted to cloud phone system for improving upon the service deliverance. In the presence of cloud phone services, the students are getting the best resorts that can be availed. Many video coaching and tutorial classes are being run by the institutional authorities to help bring about a change in the service deliverance. Most of the students are also getting the queries met pertaining to the course and subjects through the IVR solutions and they are ridden of the burden of travelling to the colleges and universities to get the idea that they need. So, you could definitely witness that the possibilities of getting the best service always passes through an effective communication solution and cloud phone system is one of the alternative that have been defining the dynamics in a new avatar. So, if you talk about the Indian landscape, you will get to know that there are many challenges and possibilities that are waiting to be grasped and with effective communication, you can make sure that you are meeting with them in the best way.

Take a look at how cloud phone services are empowering the educational institution in India.

Digital schooling: The possibilities of place utility has been widened with cloud phone system. You are not bound by school or college to read, you can avail different software system that allows easy access to schools and colleges and gets things streamlined rightaway. So, if you are able to get the advantage of reading from home, you will always like to avail it rightaway. With digitalized and completely video related coaching, you can make the most happen in real time.

Paperless Environment

Cloud has made the schooling and college a completely digital landscape. You can complete the assignments online, at the same time, there are also possibilities where you can get the coaching seasons organized at home. With IVR solutions, you can record the lectures and insights and gain the prominence of getting knowledge in the best way possible. So, if you want the best, cloud phone system is always the resolve that can be relied upon.


Cloud phone system are capable of bring collaboration not just in enterprise but also in educational institutions. In the presence of cloud based solutions, students can employ the Bring-Your-Own-Device (B-Y-O-D) concept to help streamline their learning. This helps students and teacher collaborate and work towards a better tomorrow in education.


Now-a-days business is getting increasingly competitive and the smartest and innovative approach is something that can help you win over all odds. If you are smart enough, you can make the most happen in real time and take your experience to a new level. Well, most of the businesses are always thinking for a way out to deal with the best approach. Well, communication is one of the dynamics that can help you get over all odd and attract the customers that have been waiting to be heard. These days, when it comes to communication, it is of utmost importance to ascertain that they are catering to diverse tools. So, if you want the best solution, you can always bank upon the multi-channel contact center solution. When the customers are calling, they are always looking for a truly vibrant and viable solution and multi-channel contact center solution is one such realm that can help harbor the benefits. Just imagine, when you are calling a business, if you are getting answered through a video approach, it will have a far better influence on the customer and put them on an edge. So, if you want to know how beneficial multi-channel contact center solution can be for your business, you must take a brief tour through this piece and streamline everything in the best possible way.

  1. More Buyers and Customers: When you are going for multichannel contact center solution, you tend to get the best benefit and that is reaching to a larger mass of audience in no time. So, once this gets streamlined, you tend to get the benefit of conversion and maximizing the return on investment. It is important these days to cater to all devices and multichannel contact center solution has been credited with providing this leverage in nick of time.
  2. More Interaction: When it comes to call center, the mundane end-to-end calling simmers in the head; however, if you take a dig then you will realize that when agents are able to interact across diverse platforms, they get the advantage of getting served in the best way possible and this always keeps you one step ahead in the competition.
  3. Less Pressure: When multichannel contact center solution comes in the picture, you tend to get the best benefits like agents are experiencing less pressure on account of multiple aspects available like email, message, video and other chats. So, if you need the best from they, they would always be satisfied to the fullest to deliver the best that matters.
  4. Cost Proposition: The concept of eServices has completely transformed the dynamics and many enterprises have reduced the hassle by providing customers self-service. So, you are always benefitted in the best way and this takes the experience to a new level altogether.
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