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Got your sixth sense? You might wonder, but you are pretty much acquainted with it. Guess? Yes, I was referring to digital technology. Of the myriad blessings of digital technology, cloud based phone system is unique and the most popular one. In fact, it won’t be an exaggeration, if we call it as an infrastructural service akin to transport and electricity. Transforming the level of communication and collaboration, it has become a quintessential aspect for the success of any business. In the course of evolution, IT experts extended the capability of cloud telephony with the inclusion of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services, which allow interaction between human and computer or computer network for transaction of business, i.e. sharing of information. Gradually, IVR system, owing to its capability to free human resources and function independently, found its way into customer service and telemarketing firms.

Today, from telecom and banking to retail and entertainment to travel and utility vendors all are taking refuge in IVR system to serve consumers efficiently. It has instilled spontaneity into the industry and reduced the operating cost of businesses, particularly those dealing with high call volume. Are you too looking for cloud based phone system equipped with IVR capability? If yes, you have reached the right place. At Fonebell, we offer tailored cloud telephony solutions matching the needs of our clients.

Our IVR solutions can serve varied purposes, from marketing survey to sales operation to self-helpdesk to call queuing and more, and you can do all with absolute professionalism, zest and precision. We can equip the IVR system with caller line identification (CLI) to help your people successfully authenticate callers using account number, personal information, password and biometrics. Thus, cater to the needs of genuine customers keeping fake callers at bay.

Besides IVR, Fonebell’s cloud-based phone system is equipped with automatic call distribution, powerful call reporting, web-based control pane, intercom, scheduler, heads-up display, and more. We offer absolute flexibility to our partners in terms of selection of features, functionalities and payment. By offering enterprise-grade call management system at affordable rates, on the one hand, we are helping startups and small and medium businesses to compete with the mighty ones, and on the other, we are helping the latter to instill value in their delivery system by being more responsive to their callers.

We do business not just for the sake of concluding sales, rather we make sure that you are able to derive the warranted performance from the business communication infrastructure.

We align technology with your operational needs, and always stand by you to let your people overcome any meanwhile challenges in a quick and easy manner. Apart from installation and deployment support, we offer maintenance and training services in their interest.

Have queries? Feel free to get in touch with us at We design and develop all sorts of business communication systems matching the need of B2B and B2C partners.


Call center software solutions successfully complement customer relationship management solutions. Due to their rewarding capability, many BPOs, particularly those dealing with call center services are succeeding in withstanding the SLAs (service level agreements) as mandated by their clients. Besides, their affordability attribute has erased the TCO and operating expense concerns that has puzzled startups and small entrepreneurs over the years. Since, customer relationship management is directly proportional to the revenue model of an organization, it’s vital to make a prudential choice assessing all pros and cons associated with available call center software solutions, call recording software solutions and cloud computing solutions.

To help you with the pursuit, Fonebell here discuses 10 tips for choosing the right call center software solutions.

Define your goals

Don’t get swayed away by the features and benefits of any proposed call center software solutions. Instead, first chalk out your goals. Ask yourself the simplest question “What you want to achieve with it?” Divide goals into short- and long-term categories. Imitating competitors is not a way out. Your needs may differ from what your counterparts have. Some may be focused on reducing the average call handling time (AHT) while some others may be aiming to increase customer acquisition rate alone, and some might be at a position from where they need to pay greater attention to customer satisfaction, and others may be simply interested in reining the churn rate. What exactly do you want to achieve? This will help you figure out the right features and tools into your call center software solutions. Do a brainstorming keeping your staffs, managers and decision makers in the loop. Give weightage to their opinions while finalizing your product.

List challenges faced by your customers

Remember, impediments are everywhere. Sometimes you are able to figure them out easily while sometimes not and the realization comes at a time when it’s too late to combat with. If you already own a call center, you might be acquainted with a few of them. The best approach to list challenges is to read the customer experience. Follow the journey of the customer from getting into your network to quitting, and everything in between. Track the delivery system of your business, and see how customers approached, reacted and what they got from you, and last but not least, were they satisfied with your attempts or services.

List challenges faced by your agents

Assess the experience of your people, i.e. agents, supervisors and managers at workplace with the particular operation they are into, and its components. They will give you significant insights as what they need and what they exactly need to deliver their best. Get the right contact center software solutions comprising valuable features and tools as per their need, and also make sure that they are able to harness the capabilities of the built-in tools to the fullest. They should have quick access to customers’ information that they need and at the time when they need. Let them access KPI (Service level, average speed of answer (ASA) and average handle time (AHT), etc.) details, customer feedback scores and quality scores from the quality desk anytime. This will keep them on their toes.

Assess the possibility of customization

How do you want to respond to your prospects and customers: just through a voice-based system or a unified communication system that facilitates multi-channel interactions via voice, email, chat, social media, fax and voice mail? Or want them to seek solutions from your auto-attendant and knowledgebase? The chosen call center software solution should be competent in meeting the expectations of prospects and customers as and when they arise. Also let them have a say on how your call center helpdesk works as that would eventually reflect nothing but the performance of your call center software solution.

Assess the possibility of integration

What kind of information you need, and will need to serve your customers? Is your CRM software sufficient in facilitating all the information that you need, or do you want to access information from other silos or channels as well? If you nodded favoring the latter, then you would like to have some add-on or new applications into your call center software suit. Thus, your call center software solution should be flexible to embrace all that you need or may need. Does your call center solution bear the right integration feature? Not sure? Get answer from the provider.

Assess the business-hour flexibility

Is your software solution competent in dealing with the varying level of call volume against different business-hour slots from the beginning of the day to its end? Are your agents equipped with the right features and tools to respond to your callers efficiently anytime? Are your customers getting the right information and resolve whenever they connect with your desk? If you are in a dilemma then it’s the time to demand for flexibility in your call center software solutions to make sure that your customers don’t have to struggle to access your services and your people are always there to answer them. You should be able to configure business hours against each helpline number that you own. You should have the flexibility of routing calls to the preferred devices of your agents, and you should be ready to go the extra mile, i.e. to provide resolution to callers beyond the business hours, if the need arises.

Assess the level of personalization

Enhancing customer experience is a must in today’s era and personalization of call center services is one of the various ways, this is what scholars, customer service experts and business heads believe. This brings the customer and agent both in their comfort zone and eases business transactions and helps the brand to build a healthy rapport with their customers, which is also dubbed as customer loyalty in the parlance of customer service.

Evaluate TCO (total cost of ownership)

Like any other business assets, a call center software solution also comes at a cost. However, most of the times, entrepreneurs consider just the getting started cost, i.e. installation and deployment, which is one-time cost. They miss to reckon upgrade and maintenance costs which are often periodic or recurring in nature. Cloud based call center software solutions are known for maintaining an edge in terms of affordability over the on-premise solution. However, as an aspirant, it’s your responsibility to keep the right estimate of one-time and recurring costs. The calculation of TCO should be done over a prolonged duration or time slot, say for a year, two, three or so on, and business dynamics or evolving business demands must be kept into account. A solution that appears cheaper in the first year, might go costlier with times say in the 2nd or 3rd years, while a solution that appears dearer in the beginning can alleviate your financial burden in the coming times.

Evaluate operating expense

Keeping a tab on operating expense is a must-do task and that should be a periodic phenomenon. Besides assessing expenses incurred on staff and labor and other tangible aspects, you must ensure that your call center software solution is delivering the warranted performance. Because any failure on its part would mean compromising with profits. Spot trends linked with call abandonment, customer-satisfaction, customer churning, repeat queries or customers, availability of the service, compliance costs, etc. to make sure you have a strong grip on the operating cost.

Review performance

Nothing is constant in the call center industry, remember, survival of the fittest, this is the only theory that rules here. Keep reviewing the performance of the adopted call center software solutions on regular basis. Keep a tab on the customer and agent experience as what is working and what’s not. Keep your software vendor updated regarding the same. It would help you figure out shortcomings and seek remedy well in time


Contemporary business communications or business communication solutions are orchestrated on Internet protocols (IP) or Internet or cloud with IVR being their key component. Compared with the traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)-based business communication systems, these are more agile, flexible, affordable and secure, and more competent in delivering the benefit of universal communication via multiple channels, via. voice, fax, SMS and voice-messaging that businesses today need to sustain and excel in the global economy. If call waiting, voicemail and conferencing have eased business management, then at the same time IVR, ACD, call reporting, recording among others have substantially increased business efficiency and reduced the operational cost. Let’s discuss in details the possibilities with cloud-based business communication system that have remained untapped so far.

Centralizing Applications and Data

Consolidating a range of applications or services pertaining to video conferencing, voicemail, database queries, and softphones on a single dashboard, IP telephony irons out operational challenges that were prevailing when information or data used to stay in different silos across different departments.

Real-Time Collaboration

IP PBX brings internal and external business constituents or stakeholders, viz., employees, partners, supplies and customers closer over video, voice, data, and mobility applications on real-time in a cost-effective manner. They can communicate and share information and do transaction as and when required from anywhere using their workstations or mobile devices. Real time collaboration improves not just efficiency of a business but also rules out human error.

All the Features You Need Now, and Later

With IP telephony system, it has becomes easier for businesses to respond to changing business and communications needs. They can enable and disable features, get them configured as per the situations they are into and have better hold on their workforce, operations or process. At times, businesses can go with a communication system that eschews any human intervention and interaction.

Find the business communication system that can sync with your operations. Get IVR, auto-attendant, paging, intercom, HUD (presence technology), call parking, blast or ring-all, scheduler and more embedded into it. We can also help you get it integrated with your customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Want to have a feature-rich business phone system to materialize your dream? If yes, we, at Fonebell, are here to help you with. Reach us anytime. Helpline: 1 800 3000 1127| Write to us at


India is a land of possibilities and if you are looking forward to grab the possibilities, you can always get them rightaway without much trouble. The penchant for telecommunication is the highest in India and if you want to get served in particular, you can always look forward towards getting the possibilities come in handy. The strong penchant for telecommunication and networking has also given the leverage to the providers to make sure that they are able to make money out of it. But as a matter of fact, if you are looking for growth and expansion in the telecommunication, you need the best call center software solutions to make sure that you are getting things done in particular. If you are looking for the best solution, the availability of call center software solutions can help you deal with the management and get the right solution streamlined in particular. If you are having the right contact center software, you can serve the customers flamboyantly. In the presence of the best providers, the service delivery would not look like a challenge. In most of the access, the agents in India are facing the accent problems and most of the times, there are possibilities when the customers are hanging up the call because the provider is not able to serve you. So, you need the best solutions that can help you get over the mess and call management software, call center software solutions are some of the resort that can help you in this pursuit.

How Call Center Software Solutions Are Helping Businesses by Training the Agents in the Best Way?


Most of the times, there are always the chances when you are not getting evaluated in the best way for the services that you deliver and it always keep you at the back foot. However, if you are getting the right solution that can help you get over the same, in that case, you can keep track on the agent’s performance and guide them in the best way for better results.

Feature Rich Approach

Most of the solutions are equipped with the best feature that enables them to make sure that you are getting the best benefits. So, if you are able to get that then you will come to know that you have definitely improvised upon the possibilities and ensured that you are getting the benefits that you are looking for in particular. Some of the features like Automatic Call Distribution System, Skill Based Routing, Call Queueing, Call Control, Voice Mail, click to call and other such features helps in enabling the better service deliverance and thereby a better result is generated.


The year 2015 so far, witnessed 179, 628 million apps download, and if the trend continues, their count is likely to touch 268, 692 million by 2017. Of the multiple interpretations, the one vital that anyone would make is that the phone is no more a device for voice-based communication alone. The world of apps has empowered consumers to access information and avail themselves of the services of the brands conveniently using any medium of their choice. Today they connect with their brands via voice and non-voice media including phone, IVR, emails, chat, fax and video. And in the wake of the change of customer’s tastes and preferences, brands are compelled to adopt multi-channel contact center solution.

At Fonebell, we make sure that our partners stay competent with the evolution in the consumer’s habit. Through our multi-channel contact center solution, we provide them aid to let them serve prospects and customers in the best possible way. Key components include IVR (Interactive Voice Response), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), music-on-hold, auto-answer, in-built call recording, web-based control panel, etc., that not just help in boosting agility of an operation to increase workforce efficiency but also in reducing operational cost and total cost of ownership. We have facilitated on-demand call recording and reporting functionalities as well to let businesses monitor and manage customer experience at different touchpoints.

Our multi-channel contact center solution has found its place across all business operations from sales and marketing to billing to customer service, and also it’s no more limited to telecom industry as was the case a decade ago. We take pride in serving entrepreneurs representing a gamut of industries from academic institutions to banking and financial firms to hospitality to healthcare. We can successfully integrate the multi-channel contact center solution with contemporary CRM solutions to empower a workforce and its people with the real-time information of customers that they need. Interestingly, being a cloud-based offering, it doesn’t impede the accessibility of information or services based on device platforms. It means, mobile workforces can also leverage the business resources with the same flexibility and ease as their counterparts sitting at their brick-n-mortar offices can do.

Apart from that, Fonebell’s call center software solutions are equipped with an easy-to-use and powerful API (Application Program Interface) dashboard that helps end-users to easily integrate apps and services that they need to drive collaboration and communication by centralizing data or information to cope with the growing business needs.

Interested in transforming growth and profitability models? If yes, modernize your contact center mechanism by capturing the right multi-channel contact center solution at Fonebell. We offer tailored solution that can sync well with the needs of a business operation.

Hence, optimize your service delivery by offering a seamless experience to customers every time when they contact you through a healthy multi-channel engagement model.


Keeping stakeholders or constituents on the same page, a business communication system plays a vital role both within and outside the organization, and hence, scholars and business decision makers often call it as the lifeblood of any organization. From setting up goals and objectives to getting those implemented with collaborated efforts within a company, every stage demands sharing or flow of information, and in today’s fast-pace world, undeniably, that must happen on real-time basis. Likewise, externally, from hiring and recruitment to sales, marketing, customer service, and interaction with investors and governments, all processes rely on the business communication infrastructure. To help you with your decision making, Fonebell presents top 5 business communication systems for small businesses.

Audio & Video Conferencing

There can’t be a better alternative to face-to-face communication than this. It keeps dispersed people connected using any Internet supporting devices viz. computers, tablets and smartphones from anywhere. A user can send or receive invitation and join the conference without any technical complexity and delay. Hence, the time is ripe to welcome BYOD (bring your own device) culture and say goodbye to tedious, time consuming and extravagant travelling and hotel stays and compete more effectively with counterparts. All that a business needs to have in place is a high-speed broadband connection.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

If the number of calls that you need to answer is increasing exponentially then adopting this would give you a big respite in cutting down call abandonment rate. Fonebell has included this functionality in its Fonebell Enterprise and Fonebell Contact Center Solutions, and luckily businesses can avail themselves of it against an affordable monthly subscription.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Nothing would be more effective in reducing the operating costs of a business than switching to cloud-based IVR. Businesses can use it to conduct survey about their brand, run sales and marketing campaigns, and serve customers, and surprisingly without incurring any human capital investment. Operations are getting not just easier but more accurate and result-oriented.

CRM-integrated Business Phone System

It allows individuals or workforce to pull out information pertaining to customers easily from the CRM and take the right step at the right time and thereby stay up to the expectation of customers. Fonebell offers platform-independent telephony service that can sync with CRM built on different technology frameworks. We also offer technical support for CRM-telephony integration and data migration to let our partners get started with their businesses in no time.

Call Scheduler

Now entrepreneurs have more choice in terms of receiving calls. With call scheduler, they can empower their people to receive business calls wherever they are. Calls can be diverted to mobile phones and tablets. Interestingly, it can be done wisely keeping in mind the convenience of callers and recipients. It’s a perfect alternative to cope with hectic schedule where professionals are bound to stay away from their desks.


Business proposition is altogether challenging and if you want to leave a trail in the competition, you must make sure that you are able to reach to a larger extent of audience in a given point of time. These days all the businesses are competition; however, the best that matters in particular are the ones that have been credited with bringing the best benefits in nick of time. Whenever you are looking forward to reach the customers in particular, in that case, there is always a growing penchant that you try and cater to them across diverse channels. If you are having multi-channel contact center, you can achieve this superfluous feats rightaway without any trouble. In the presence of a good multichannel contact center solution, you can rightaway meet with the needs of the people in the best way. When the consumers are able to open up on diverse platform, you tend to get the best benefits that always keep you upfront in the business. If you are looking for the best multichannel contact center solution, you must first understand what it is in particular.

Multichannel Contact Center Solution

This is one of the unified platform that allows easy access of information across all channels, thereby making the possibilities extremely vibrant to communicate with the customers. In the presence of multi-channel contact center solution, the customers get a unified access to all platforms where they want to put their opinion regarding the service, their consistency to deliver the good and get instant resolve for all their problems. So, you can get the best solutions in the way that you want and there is nothing much that you have to think about it rightaway.

How Multichannel Contact Center Solution Works?

The possibilities of garnering the best results are always on the tipping point with the right multi-channel contact center solution. You can rightaway get the best benefits and make sure that each and every customer, no matter what device they are using are able to get the service that matters in real time. So, there is always a possibility that no customer would go unheard. There are also other possibilities that would be hard to rule out and if you want to make the benefit out of it, you must first deploy the multichannel contact center solution to help bring about a difference in particular.


If you are into any kind of business, you are always wondering that what best could be deployed to make the possibilities happen in real time. Well, these days it is all about dynamics and communication, if you are having the right communication dynamics, you will get to know that what stays best for the business and keeping this thing in mind, you can definitely make the possibilities happen rightaway. Most of the enterprises are continuously wondering about the best efforts that can be put into for making the possibilities pay. If you are having the best options that are available, you can make the business thrive. Now-a-days the instances where you have to spread complex PBX system for communication is a tough pursuit, and if you want to ensure that you are doing the best to dramatically revamp the communication, you can always bank upon the cloud phone system. If you are having the right cloud phone solutions, you will always feel that customers are being served emphatically and your communication has created an invisible string between you and your customers. If you are still in the midst of nowhere, you can always bank upon the cloud phone solutions for bringing the best benefits. In this piece, you will get to know that how cloud phone system can help you to grow your business dramatically and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Greater Efficiency: In the presence of the right cloud phone system, you can definitely make one thing certain that greater co-ordination between CRM, ERP and ATS can be streamlined for harboring the best benefits. So, you must make sure that you are doing that in the best possible way.

Increased Productivity: If you are looking forward to increasing the productivity of the business, in that case, you can always make sure that all the agents are available in times of need. In the presence of the right solution, you can definitely make certain that the growth of the business is happening and this can be streamlined in the best way.

Reduced Cost: If you are engaged in any business that does offshore business, you will always like to cut down upon the cost. With the right communication dynamics, you can help this thing get materialized rightaway and get you the best solution that matters. This will always keep you ahead of times and make you communicate in the best way possible with the business.

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