Google+ Automatic Call Distribution: What Is It? And How It Works?
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It’s true that in the era of consumerism, the opportunities have spiked manifold. However, you should be ready to grab them, the very moment they strike at. Leaving your callers on the call-queue, not responding to their queries in the right way and in time, not showing professionalism and courtesy, and in any way dishonoring their time and value would only erode your own revenue and blemish the image of your brand. But don’t worry. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) from Fonebell is at your disposal that can perform all that you and your customers love while keeping at bay everything that you or your customers hate.

Before getting you acquainted with the benefit of Fonebell powered ACD system, we would like to give a brief introduction about the technology itself as what it is and how it works. As the phrase echoes, it’s a technology system or device for automatically routing calls to a specific department or individual. The preferences could be based on customer’s selection, i.e. type of product or services chosen, the type of number dialed, etc. It is often part of a computer telephony integration (CTI) system. Automatic call distribution solutions have got penetration into every business operation that has to deal with incoming calls. In the early days of inception, ACD system was integrated with the Private Branch Exchange, but gradually, the shift happened towards server PCs in order to gain efficiency and precision. And as the computer servers are armed with all sorts of database related to callers, it becomes easier for call center representatives to respond to them and drive business. The moment a call lands to a representative, his or her system gets flashed with the relevant information thereby helping him/her to take the right call.

Automatic call distribution works on the CSTA protocol (Computer-supported telecommunications applications) and interestingly, it dominates all underlying protocols. Thus, ACD system can sync with all CTI (Computer telephony integration) applications running across different workstations, tablets or smartphone devices. Fonebell ACD system is compatible with PBXs from multiple vendors and offers a range of distribution options to call center managers as discussed below:

  • Linear Call Distribution – Calls are distributed in order, starting at the beginning each time.
  • Circular/Rotary Call Distribution – Calls are distributed in order, starting with the next in order.
  • Uniform Call Distribution – Calls are distributed uniformly, starting with the person who has handled the fewest calls.
  • Blast-All Call Distribution – Calls are presented to all available extensions simultaneously.
  • Skill-based Call Distribution – Calls are distributed according to a configurable weighting, such as differing skill sets within customer service representatives.

With Fonebell’s ACD system, it becomes easier for callers to exercise their preference and get the desired resolve from the customer service desk. Callers can go to next choice, return to previous choice, dial an extension, repeat choices, return to previous menu and do more. We provide all sorts of deployment and integration support for our partners to let them align their operational needs with the ACD technology.


Planning to migrate your business phone system into the cloud? But have some apprehensions as what cloud-based phone system really is and how it works. If yes, you have landed at the right place. At Fonebell, we not just develop and offer cloud phone system but also provide the right consultation, deployment, integration, and support services to let you succeed in your business objectives by making most of the cloud telephony.

What is cloud based phone system? Cloud is not any alien technology. It’s simply what you use on regular basis to browse, surf, download, stream video, chat with a friend, and do more. Guess? Yes, cloud is nothing but the Internet itself. IT scholars, designers and engineers exploited the innate feature of the Internet— omnipresence and ease-of-access—to derive the universal communication solution to facilitate collaboration via voice, email, video, chat, fax, etc. Over the years, cloud telephony has evolved and got better to suit the demands of different sectors, and different operations of a business.

Being based on Internet protocols, cloud based phone system requires zero or minimal IT infrastructure. It means lower TCO (total cost of ownership). It saves time and resources required in setting up and configuring PBX, empowers admins to manage users across different departments, irrespective of their locations and devices, and gives freedom from IT complexity and downtime. Moreover, cloud telephony brings flexibility and scalability that were earlier impossible to achieve with traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phones.

Let’s see that how the cloud based phone system works. To begin with, consider a tablet or smartphone. Accessing email, news and videos, playing online games, and downloading software – all these tasks you can do without knowing the complexity of the email server, news channel, gaming server and so on. All that you required to have is an Internet connection. In the similar manner, with a cloud-based phone system in place, you don’t have to setup and manage your own PBX. You are free from technical complexity and recurring annoying maintenance costs. You just pay to the cloud telephony service provider and make use of the service. Now, it’s the duty of the vendor to manage every backend chore to let you have the uninterrupted technology experience. Yes, just plug your phone system, smartphone or tablet and get started with the business, focusing on what is required by your customers.

Flexible management is now just a click or tap away. Yes, you heard it right. Cloud based phone system lets you manage your departments and users intuitively over a web-based control panel. Play with built-in features like call forwarding, automatic call distribution, auto-attendant, intercom, multi-level IVR, music-on-hold, extensions, dial-by-name directory, call monitoring and call reports as per the requirements of your business.

Interested in cloud phone system? Get in touch with a Fonebell Consultant today. Upgrade your business phone system and let your stakeholders including customers have a pleasant and productive experience.


To get the best benefits from the business, you must make sure that you are availing the best IVR services provider and Fonebell is the best to consider in this category.

Business is a challenging proposition these days and if you want to race ahead, you must show the best innovative aspect to give a new prospect to the pursuits. For improving the ROI or return, you are always wondering that how best you can do and what would be the way out to deal with it. You must be ready 24* 7 to make sure that you have come up with the best solution and having IVRS, VoIP phone and the best VoIP service would mean that you are getting the right resolve that matters in particular.

When a good VoIP phone system or innovative IVR comes in the picture, you tend to get the best benefits that would take your experiences to an altogether new level. Just imagine that with the help of IVR, you are able to provide the service or deliver the products even when the shop is closed in particular. These benefits are always the best part that you can think about in particular. So, you tend to get that which most of the businesses are striving for—prominence. So, when your business is gaining prominence and you tend to multiply the prospects, you are on the verge of making things work the hardest and the best for yourself. Take a look at how IVRS services are helping businesses.

With the help of the best IVR service, you can greatly improve the business call handling and make sure that customers are able to meet up with the desired requirements. So, when the right IVR is there, you are always getting the best of the possibilities streamlined and it would help you deal with the situation and get things going for the business.

At the same time, when the IVRS services are there, then there is always an increasingly possibility of improvising upon the productivity. If you may ask that how, in that case, when the work force is not forced into doing stuffs that are not so important, they can devote that time and endeavor to make sure that best possibilities are getting streamlined and you are getting the best deals in the picture. So, if you are able to get that then it would always keep you ahead of the times and make you earn more in particular. So, once you are doing that with the business, it is sure to succeed and rise beyond the possibilities and expand your reputation in the market.



Customers, nowadays, are more informed and empowered than ever before. They know what they need, and where to find them, and what exactly to do in case of any grievance. And, for that reason, the business should invest in the best call center software solutions that can induce spontaneity, transparency and accountability in equal measure. Whether a business is depended on outbound call center software solutions or inbound call center software solutions, the success lies totally on the successful integration of call center software solution with the CRM software in place. We, at Fonebell, believes that the duo while working in tandem can serve greater purpose—giving reasons to customers to stay happy, to stay with you, to make your brand go viral. Let’s discover how?

Empowering People with Right Information

Centralizing multi-channel customer interactions, CRM brings all vital information of the customer at the disposal of the customer service representative. This helps him/her to serve the customer better by resolving his/her queries or providing him or her with the right information at the right time. This is what every customer wants today and, you should be next to none in making it happen.

Extending Help with Self-Service Model

Harnessing the power of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) component, you can achieve not just agility but also cut down the operating cost. IVR can be engineered to serve different purposes from greeting customer to acquiring customer, to running a customer survey, to serving customers, and what’s not. Moreover, IVR system makes services more accurate, responsive and personalized, besides allowing you to stay accessible and functional round the clock.

Letting Customers Find Products/Services over Phone

In the hectic life, customers love shopping online, over the phone and getting things done from the comfort of their home or office. If you are a marketer, take advantage of the trend. Use automatic dialer functionality facilitated with call center software solutions to market your products and services easily—over the Web, phone, chat, etc. An ideal solution can help you radically improve speed-to-contact, agent’s productivity and customer satisfaction. CRM integration can give you an edge as you and your people can manage customer records and have anytime access to them.

Letting Business Get Insights That Matter

Call reporting and call recording features often made available by best call center software, if not all, are quite helpful in deriving insights – as how the business operation is running, how people are discharging their responsibilities, what customers are expecting and where the business is lagging behind. Thus, call center software solutions can be a business watchdog and its insights can be used to remodel the business to make it more competent.

Now you might have understood that why call center software solutions are becoming all the rage in the current time. Interested in getting one and building a trustworthy relationship with customers keeping your people productive and connected?

If yes, get answer today from a Fonebell Consultant. Write to us at We strive to make technology serve your objectives, no matter what you are into.


Are you too searching for a cost effective business communication system for your online business? Are you too not certain how and where to get started? At Fonebell, we can make your job easier. Traditional telephone systems with rudimentary features supporting business communication is a thing of past. Even low quality IP PBX systems, VoIP solutions, and VoIP phone are on the verge of extinction. Here are some valuable tips for choosing the best business communication systems.

Weigh significance of communication

What is the nature of your business, whom do you serve, whom you partnered/partner with, what your stakeholders expect from you, what type of information you deal with—get the answer to all before you zero in on your business telephone systems. A significant amount of research is required here. Do brainstorming with all key constituents, including business heads, teams and departments to conclude what should be the attributes of your ideal IP telephony system.

Focus on convergence

Your people may be at the same workplace, in same or different buildings, in same or different cities, or in same or different countries – wherever they are and whatever they are entrusted with, make sure that can have instant access to key information that they need. Make it happen with a unified business communication system running on IP technology.

Learn post-sales and post-deployment support

Never ignore or compromise on customer support. Make sure your business communication system provider is ready to deliver quick and easy support whenever the need arises. For this, do study and research. Meet with different providers, assess their plans, read reviews or opinions shared by existing clients of a service… Don’t wonder how to collect all this information. Online research is a good idea.

Compare features and prices and benefits

Don’t get swayed away by features, prices and discounts, assess their worth in terms of the real benefits that your business would reap – operational efficiency, employee-satisfaction, customer happiness, return on investment, etc. Discover hidden costs, service taxes, etc. involved with the IP telephony system.

Check scalability

As your business grows so does your requirements. Is your business communication system competent to withstand that need? Find answer from your vendor. Generally, cloud-enabled IP phone solutions are scalable, but you must take note of the terms and conditions and charges applicable for the migration from one IP telephony plan to another. Don’t overlook or sacrifice small features while upgrading your plans.

We have included certain vital attributes that will help you find the best business communication system. Do share your opinions and technology experience. For consultation and support on IP telephony system, write to us at


Increasing profitability, increasing business growth, reducing operational costs, attracting and retaining new customers, complying government policies and regulations, improving quality of products and processes, improving workforce productivity, keeping pace with competition, and many more. The list of challenges facing off SMB (Small and medium business) today sees no end. Fortunately, contact centre services have emerged as a savior. Leveraging cloud technology, advanced call center software solutions are capable of offering enterprise-grade benefits like converged infrastructure, cloud computing, collaboration, managed services, mobility solutions and beyond all business intelligence, harnessing which remained a distant dream for small and medium business entrepreneurs owning to inherent complexity and extremely higher investment linked with them.

Contact centre services offered by Fonebell are equipped with basic and advanced components like IVR, auto-answers, voice prompts, music-on-hold, inbuilt inbound recording, scheduler, powerful reporting, call parking, custom caller IDs, voicemail to email, intercom, web-based control panel, automatic call distribution (ACD), link server, group policy management, audio and video conferencing, etc. that help in efficiently addressing existing and emerging challenges of the call center industry and that too without costing a fortune. To let call center operators cope with the changing business needs, we haven’t put any user-limit into our contact center service solution.

Whether it’s dealing with higher call volume, curbing call abandonment rate or keeping a check on operational expense due to reduction in business scope, we feel pride in ourselves when we see our partners emerging as champs. Business collaboration and engagement fostered by Fonebell’s contact centre services orchestrate the framework required by a workforce or its people to better serve the customers. They can have real-time visibility as why customers are calling and what they need, and where the requisite information is lying. Interestingly, the visibility doesn’t suffer a hit even when agents are not on their seats. Yes, with the mobility solution, information stays just a click away across any smartphone or tablet device with the support of a compatible browser. Simple end-user interface provided in our solution helps them to access information and dispose cases in the right categories, which is extremely useful for future reference.

Apart from boosting the performance and keeping a check on operational budget, our call center software solutions are instrumental in raising the level of customer satisfaction. Call center managers can keep a tab on all sorts of communication, whether it’s happening through voice, video, chat, email, or SMSs. We help our partners to get on-the-spot insights of how agents are responding to customers. Managers can have a view of what an agent is doing on his/her workstation. This will keep them on toes and make them deliver the best performance. CRM integration is also facilitated by our experts that helps in centralizing database and empowering people with the right information. Quality management is important for every call center services provider. According to any industry record, it helps them in reducing repeat calls by 13% and compliance issues by 37 %.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with a Fonebell consultant today and achieve your customer service goals with the right contact centre services at the helm.


A business is full of challenges and if you want to explore innumerable possibilities, in that case, it is always good to ascertain that you have opened up the platform to innumerable possibilities in the first place. When customers are calling, they are always eager to get themselves heard. In most cases, the pursuit could be challenging altogether and if you want to explore things in particular, you must make sure that you have the right solutions that matter in particular.

These days having a communication platform that revolves around multiple channels would always help you sail through and meet with innumerable possibilities; however, when it comes to the right solution then having the best where customers can connect with their needs and requirements would always matter in particular. So, if you want to expand your business and make the public reach its demand and possibilities, in that case, you must look forward to the multi-channel contact center solution for best benefits.

Now, in the multi-channel contact center solution software, you are getting IVR, ACD, call center software solutions and other things streamlined in particular and if you want to get it going then having them all placed in particular would always matter to you. So, wait no more and take the benefits into account how multi-channel contact center solution can help the business thrive.

  • Expanded Marketization: Business is all about getting to connect with a huge line of customers and if you want to do that then you must make the platform always ready to leave a trail in particular. So, if you are able to get the customers in one pool and they are able to communicate well, in that case, you would always get the possibilities streamlined in particular to make the most benefits in the best way.
  • Greater Connection: With an improvised marketing mix and ready platform, you are always on the verge of getting the best benefits streamlined in particular. So, you are always ensuring that with the help of multiple platforms, you are able to experience a wider volume of interaction and this would always keep you motivated towards garnering the best results in particular.
  • Reduced Pressure: Pressure is put when agents are getting only one platform to get served; however, with multi-channel contact center solutions, you are getting the leverage of being served across multiple platform and this provides the much needed leverage to make sure that you are able to reduce the pressure and get the best in line with the service dynamics.
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