It’s true that in the era of consumerism, the opportunities have spiked manifold. However, you should be ready to grab them, the very moment they strike at. Leaving your callers on the call-queue, not responding to their queries in the right way and in time, not showing professionalism and courtesy, and in any way dishonoring their time and value would only erode your own revenue and blemish the image of your brand. But don’t worry. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) from Fonebell is at your disposal that can perform all that you and your customers love while keeping at bay everything that you or your customers hate.

Before getting you acquainted with the benefit of Fonebell powered ACD system, we would like to give a brief introduction about the technology itself as what it is and how it works. As the phrase echoes, it’s a technology system or device for automatically routing calls to a specific department or individual. The preferences could be based on customer’s selection, i.e. type of product or services chosen, the type of number dialed, etc. It is often part of a computer telephony integration (CTI) system. Automatic call distribution solutions have got penetration into every business operation that has to deal with incoming calls. In the early days of inception, ACD system was integrated with the Private Branch Exchange, but gradually, the shift happened towards server PCs in order to gain efficiency and precision. And as the computer servers are armed with all sorts of database related to callers, it becomes easier for call center representatives to respond to them and drive business. The moment a call lands to a representative, his or her system gets flashed with the relevant information thereby helping him/her to take the right call.

Automatic call distribution works on the CSTA protocol (Computer-supported telecommunications applications) and interestingly, it dominates all underlying protocols. Thus, ACD system can sync with all CTI (Computer telephony integration) applications running across different workstations, tablets or smartphone devices. Fonebell ACD system is compatible with PBXs from multiple vendors and offers a range of distribution options to call center managers as discussed below:

  • Linear Call Distribution – Calls are distributed in order, starting at the beginning each time.
  • Circular/Rotary Call Distribution – Calls are distributed in order, starting with the next in order.
  • Uniform Call Distribution – Calls are distributed uniformly, starting with the person who has handled the fewest calls.
  • Blast-All Call Distribution – Calls are presented to all available extensions simultaneously.
  • Skill-based Call Distribution – Calls are distributed according to a configurable weighting, such as differing skill sets within customer service representatives.

With Fonebell’s ACD system, it becomes easier for callers to exercise their preference and get the desired resolve from the customer service desk. Callers can go to next choice, return to previous choice, dial an extension, repeat choices, return to previous menu and do more. We provide all sorts of deployment and integration support for our partners to let them align their operational needs with the ACD technology.


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