Communication is a vital business tool. And for a customer, a call center representative with whom she or he interacts is nothing but the company itself. How and what a call center representative communicates give a concerned customer a perception of the company’s missions, visions and values, and contributes towards building customer-loyalty and nurturing a valuable relationship.

Why call center industry is getting so much hype? Today businesses admit that customer is the king. What made it happen? Besides other support causes pushed by states and corresponding governments, customer awareness through Internet and globalization is also no less significant one. Today’s consumers increasingly have more choices than ever before. They can easily transfer their business to a competitor, if not satisfied with an existing business. Considering the fact that acquiring a new customer requires ten times more effort than retaining an existing one, businesses have started investing in advanced call center services. Some have their in-house call centers, while others are relying on outsourced call center solution.

With a bid to scale up customer-satisfaction factor, today call centers are making use of new technologies, from customer relationship management tools to automated service systems. They are diverting subtle capital towards their talent acquisition, training and development programs to hire, manage and retain a pool of knowledgeable, dedicated, experienced customer-service team. Businesses have also come up with their self-service websites and feature-rich Web and mobile applications to let customers get quick response of their basic queries and concerns.

Wondering to what extent an ideal call center solution can benefit a business? For this purpose, I would like to quote the name of Assurant Solutions, a UK-based insurance provider. After deploying Real-Time Analytics Matching Platform, an analytics-based matching solution, the company witnessed increase in retention revenue by as much as 37% and sales revenue by as much as 29%. Simultaneously, the percentage points of total number of saved customers which was earlier in the range of 15-33 grew to 119, as quoted with Forbes. Thus, by increasing customer-engagement, call centers are helping businesses to grow their ROI and differentiate from their competitors.


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