Customers, nowadays, are more informed and empowered than ever before. They know what they need, and where to find them, and what exactly to do in case of any grievance. And, for that reason, the business should invest in the best call center software solutions that can induce spontaneity, transparency and accountability in equal measure. Whether a business is depended on outbound call center software solutions or inbound call center software solutions, the success lies totally on the successful integration of call center software solution with the CRM software in place. We, at Fonebell, believes that the duo while working in tandem can serve greater purpose—giving reasons to customers to stay happy, to stay with you, to make your brand go viral. Let’s discover how?

Empowering People with Right Information

Centralizing multi-channel customer interactions, CRM brings all vital information of the customer at the disposal of the customer service representative. This helps him/her to serve the customer better by resolving his/her queries or providing him or her with the right information at the right time. This is what every customer wants today and, you should be next to none in making it happen.

Extending Help with Self-Service Model

Harnessing the power of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) component, you can achieve not just agility but also cut down the operating cost. IVR can be engineered to serve different purposes from greeting customer to acquiring customer, to running a customer survey, to serving customers, and what’s not. Moreover, IVR system makes services more accurate, responsive and personalized, besides allowing you to stay accessible and functional round the clock.

Letting Customers Find Products/Services over Phone

In the hectic life, customers love shopping online, over the phone and getting things done from the comfort of their home or office. If you are a marketer, take advantage of the trend. Use automatic dialer functionality facilitated with call center software solutions to market your products and services easily—over the Web, phone, chat, etc. An ideal solution can help you radically improve speed-to-contact, agent’s productivity and customer satisfaction. CRM integration can give you an edge as you and your people can manage customer records and have anytime access to them.

Letting Business Get Insights That Matter

Call reporting and call recording features often made available by best call center software, if not all, are quite helpful in deriving insights – as how the business operation is running, how people are discharging their responsibilities, what customers are expecting and where the business is lagging behind. Thus, call center software solutions can be a business watchdog and its insights can be used to remodel the business to make it more competent.

Now you might have understood that why call center software solutions are becoming all the rage in the current time. Interested in getting one and building a trustworthy relationship with customers keeping your people productive and connected?

If yes, get answer today from a Fonebell Consultant. Write to us at sales@fonebell.in. We strive to make technology serve your objectives, no matter what you are into.


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