What does a call center lose in a missed call? Many call center forums in India and around the world had discussed this question several times. Call center services providers when disclosing the results of revenue generated or lost while running call center projects do share a concern regarding missed calls. Companies that do not offer the facility of outbound call center do cry for more in terms of revenue loss from missed calls. Every call center training attempt does offer important inputs regarding missed call concluding it as a missed opportunity to generate revenue. Even companies involved in call center outsourcing are looking for stricter SLA to ensure the number of missed calls remains minimal. Let’s discuss some important tips, tools and techniques to help reduce missed calls.

IVR-based Auto-Attendant

It hardly needs an introduction today. Almost every business is resorting to the feature to cut down their operational cost and stay responsive to callers, even when there agents are logged out. Call center operators customize the automated voice response system matching the taste and the need of the caller and the hour. For instance, it would greet the caller professionally and based on their phone-keypad inputs either route the calls to different department for human interaction or provide the required information (pre-recorded) to the callers on the spot.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

By routing the calls instantly to different departments it helps call centers to reduce the average call handling time. Hence, with speedy resolution the operators find it easier to keep their agents free to take the next calls, thereby reducing the quantum of missed calls.

Call Reporting Components

As the phrase indicates this is an operation monitoring tool. Right from a single display, the call center manager can find out call details – total call volume, abandoned call, completed calls, average talk time, average hold time, average call handling time and more.

No Answering Alert

This is the perfect tool to take on agents who just can’t work without supervision. Whenever a call fails to get responded by different agents after several rings, an alert to the above effect is flashed on the workstations of all agents and their managers. Thus, it’s a perfect tool to check missed calls.


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