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Call Management


Professional Voice Recordings

Need voice recordings? Fonebell bestows you with customized studio-mastered messages making your business more reliable through unbreakable communications.

Visual Voicemail

Visual Voicemail &Transcription

Fonebell offers call management tools that facilitate users to sort, scan and delete visual voicemails in order to sustain smooth business activities and boost productivity.

Custom Voice Prompts(1)

Custom Voice Prompts

Reliable collaboration tools are helpful in customizing voice prompts for establishing primitive connectivity. Auto-attendant accelerates your connectivity.


Visual Call Parking

Visual Call Parking

Finding it difficult to access parked calls? Fonebell’s communication tools allow you to tag parked calls with reminder notes and drag them between on-hold areas & extensions.

Call Screening(1)

Call Screening

With Fonebell’s collaboration solutions, you can screen forwarded calls as soon as FindMe/ FollowMe is enabled. Get connected to anyone & anywhere you wish!

call and dragging

Drag-and-Drop Call Handling

Isn’t it easy to handle calls? With Fonebell’s drag-and-drop call handling tools, you can transfer calls to desired parking area or extension, and get actual call status.

Phone Scheduler

Phone Scheduler

Having trusted Fonebell communication tools within the organization helps you to manage phone menu options, schedule forwarded calls and transfer to voicemails.



How to connect your customers directly to the concerned person? Use Fonebell’s auto-attendant. With voice prompts and push-button selection task seems easier!

Direct Dialing

Direct Dialing

Fonebell provides direct dialing feature to make calls, without operator assistance. Before connecting to your outbound caller, HUD calls the extension for connectivity.

Branch Office Support

Branch Office Support

With trusted VoIP services to forward calls with extensions, Fonebell enables your organization to connect different branches with free office-to-office calling solutions.



Can’t manage to send messages to different employees simultaneously? Get Fonebell’s paging feature to create blast groups within your business organization.



Intercom/Zone Intercom

Being a global provider of excellent collaboration tools, Fonebell offers intercom facilities to employees allowing them to directly talk and manage ad-hoc conferences.

Full-featured ACD(2)

Full-featured ACD

Fonebell offers reliable automatic call distribution to route incoming calls according to the already created routing plans and pre-configured groups.

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