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If you have entered the business realm, in that case, you would be always wondering about bringing newer and broader amendments to help dramatically improvise the prospects in the long run. Well, to no extent you can deny that communication can play a pivotal role in analyzing the customers and providing them the service in nick of time that they demand. But now-a-days deploying a completely integrated and innovative communication system requires colossal funding. For small enterprises, if they want to spread their realm, they want the best communication dynamics. PBX system can be one of the resorts that can be availed; however, for an emerging enterprise, it would be a tough pursuit to undertake. Now, you may be wondering why, well, in the communication domain, if you are going for PBX style communication, you have to spread wires and backs, setup the server room and look for more dynamics, but in the case of cloud business phone system, you are free from all this hassles and you can deploy the system as and when required without any hassle. Why Cloud phone services are the best options to avail for transforming the communication dynamics.


A cloud phone system has better simplicity guaranteed then virtual PBX system. When you are availing cloud phone system, you tend to get multiple benefits and above all of them, you don’t have to get yourself entangled in complex wires and cables. The cloud phone solution is simple to understand and it can be deployed very easily.


Cloud phone solution allows the provider to deploy the system as and when required. The best part about the system is the mobility that it guarantees. You can co-ordinate with the staff and customers from anywhere through email, voice and video chats. So, you tend to get innumerable benefits ascertained in the first place.

Cost Efficiency

If you are going for cloud phone solution, in that case, you will not have to setup server room and deploy wires and cables; so you end up saving considerable amount of money and use the resources for some other productive purpose.


Cloud phone system provides scalability in its operation. So, you are always having the benefit of increasing and decreasing the demand of the organization accordingly by paying subscription charges. This facility is not available with PBX system. You will have to go for more logistics and support for bringing about a change in the communication dynamics.


Communication is the essence for management, marketing, branding and promotion, and if you are not thorough with the communication, in that case, you will never supersede the competitors in the business. A good communication dynamics can allow you to dramatically improvise the growth graph of the organization, since the customers are always served to the best interest and they are always getting the service that they are reeling for. But having a good communication system is not that simple, you must be prudent and discreet while making a choice. If you are having a good communication system, you will have a more engaging audience, at the same time, with ease of communication channel, you can also ensure that faster dissemination of information is taking place in the organization. But deploying a communication system demands investment and if you want PBX system to be deployed, you will have to arrange for server room, spread the wires and cables and accordingly you will have to plan the stay. So, a lot of investment awaits; however, there is one easy solution to the demand—with cloud phone solutions you can make the most happen in real time. If you are availing cloud phone services, you will not be required to setup server rooms and by minimum monthly subscription package, you can overhaul the communication dynamics of the enterprise.

But most of the small businesses are not aware that they can have their own IVR solutions in the form of cloud telephony and they can dramatically improvise upon the prospects in real time. Take a look at the benefits that a cloud telephony solution can reap for your business and after knowing them, you will definitely feel like going for the same in the first place.

Benefits of Cloud Phone Solution

Sales Automation

If you are having a cloud phone system, you can integrate that with the CRM of the business and take steps towards improvising upon the sales and leads. You can track customers accordingly and make sure that they are getting answered, intercepted and persuaded for improvising g upon the sales and profits.


A small business can end up becoming a big one only when there are right dimensions that are ascertained and communication is taking place at each level. So, if you are collaborating each and every department, flow of information on which decision depends will reach the right department at the right time and it will bring better opportunities in the picture that are meant to generate maximum results altogether. So, if these things are ascertained, it will help reap maximum results.

So, make sure that you are going for cloud telephony to help transform the communication dynamics of the organization. For advice and support on planning, integration and deployment of the best cloud phone system, feel free to get in touch with a Fonebell consultant. Our contact email ID is


Communication needs are dynamic and if you are engaged in any business, you must work towards improvising on the communication tools. In the past, PBX system was an option; however, with the change in time, the dimensions have changed. The demand for cloud phone system has resonated in the fore. Well, if you are wondering why, in that case, it is because of the subscription advantages that it offers. At the same time, unlike PBX system, cloud telephony IVR fits almost all the business. Customers as well as employees are always looking for smart solution and with cloud telephony in India, you can definitely turn things around. Now, you might wonder how, well, it is through innumerable features that it offers like automatic call distribution, call parking, optimized call barring and call blast. These features are essential part for improvising on the business prospects, so if you are looking for latest cloud solution then it will definitely turn the roulette of market in your favor.

How deploying cloud phone system or also known as office IP phones can hel;p your business thrive.

Sales Force Automation

If you are having cloud phone system, in that case, you can manage the lead generation through answering every customer that calls to you. If the customers are calling for product and service, in that case, through contact management dynamics of the CRM, you can get the grasp of the track record of the customer and optimize the probabilities of sales. When opportunities are converted, magic starts to happen. With customers getting all their answers and business providing them the dynamics, you can easily make the most from your investment.

Team Collaboration

An enterprise can grow with lightning speed if teams and departments are always updates. A platform that allows free communication and flow of information at the right time can dramatically improvise the dimensions of taking faster decisions and improvising the prospects of the organization. So, the moment you get cloud phone system, in that case, direct messaging can happen at all levels. At the same time, better team collaboration can happen at all level.

Social Connectivity

The market has gone social and if you are having a cloud phone system that allows social connectivity across diverse social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, in that case, it will allow customers to have a much better reach and they can communicate with the business in the right way. So, it improves the brand reputation of the business and improves its market presence.

Marketing Automation

Marketing is pretty dynamics and with cloud phone solutions you can make it truly mesmerizing. When you are getting to the customers through emails, calls, video conferring and other visual campaigns, in that case, it improves their perception and allows the business to improve its prospects in the best way.

Inventory Management

Cloud telephony services can be an excellent resort for monitoring the inventory, with the help of proper flow of communication, every team can be well informed. So, the billing, inventory, marketing, sales and service team are always keeping a note of everything that happens in the enterprise. The information is communicated and it improves the service dynamics of the enterprise.

Improvised Structure

With cloud phone system, you are never under the pressure of adhering to the communication requirement. As long as you have IP hosted cloud phone system, you can improve and reduce the requirement of the enterprise as per requirement. So, you are always getting the leverage of increasing and decreasing the communication needs, as per the situation.


Cloud and phone – the duo represent different worlds, viz. virtual and real. Don’t they? A decade back, in early 2000s, hardly there were souls with the idea of their amalgamation into one, i.e. cloud based phone services. But it happened, and for a good number of reasons. Not just it’s changing the dynamics of the doing business in every industry, but is also improving the lifestyle of people across the world. Not too many of us bother to find out where the bank is located, neither we are interested in knowing how their operations work, instead, we are just interested in getting our tasks done over the phone, website, email and so on. Yes, we can transfer funds, log requests and grievance being sitting at the couch of our home. Likewise, today, to run manufacturing, customer acquisitions, customer service and other vital operations, constituents, i.e., employees or workforces need not to be at the same place or time. Thanks to some of the best cloud phone services that have bypassed the disparities.

Let’s see what the tangible benefits of cloud phone service for a business are.

Breaking information silos

Different departments and operations of a business hold different kind of information. It could be about the human capital, inventory, strategies, planning, partners involved, products and services, goals and objectives and the technology itself. Before the advent of cloud based phone services, all such information or data were restricted to different silos, and bringing them together for business decision-making was a tedious process. Manual sharing of information was plagued by a lots of vulnerabilities including, but not limited to, mechanical failure of data device and carrier, software conflicts often dubbed as logical error, human error, and many more resulting into lack of accuracy, loss of productivity, low quality produce, customer dissatisfaction, and more. Seamless integration of enterprise resource planning solution and customer relationship management platform with cloud phone services emerged as an ideal path to neutralize all such challenges.

Defying affordability taboo

Emergence of cloud phone services is defying the long-nurtured myth that enterprise-level business communication that favors web-based control, IVR, Key press codes, Auto-Answer, Voice Prompts, music on hold, call parking, automatic call distribution, VoIP, call forwarding, and many more is not everyone’s cup of tea. Luckily, today anyone can enjoy a fully-featured cloud phone service and ensure maximum collaboration at workplaces against a pay-as-you-go subscription model. There is no compulsion in the choice of features and tools, the takers are entitled to keep what they need and pay just for what they use, unlike yesteryear’s PSTN based communication system marked by inflated calling bills and irresistible repair and maintenance charges.

Bridging geographies

The discussion on cloud phone service benefits can’t be complete without this. No solution in antiquity, neither from the recent past, nor in the current, can match the mobility benefit that came alongside the cloud phone services. The takers can instantly call for a board meeting and conference via cloud-enabled audio conferencing and video conferencing systems without giving a thought to budget and time. The host and participant both can interact with each other over laptop, tablet and smartphone from anywhere in the virtual meeting room.


Communication is the essence in marketing and no business can succeed without effective and dynamic marketing. Now, you may be thinking that for streamlining communication which platform is the best. Whether cloud phone solutions are the best to avail or on premise PBX is the right call to take. In most cases, often communication is something that must be paid the maximum heed; however, innumerable enterprise fail to adopt the right business phone system and at the end they lose considerably. With cloud based phone system, you can enjoy a truly dynamic and user friendly business communication system. Cloud computing applications also helps in making cloud telephony an answer to the communication mess that innumerable enterprise face today. Cloud service providers have smart and customized solutions, whereas when you are resorting to hosted premise based service, in that case, you will have to undergo a lot of maintenance and service and at times it becomes a truly harrowing experience.

So, let’s take some analysis into picture and weight both these communication solutions and find out whether advantages of cloud computing and cloud based services are reality or a myth.


When you talk about premise based PBX system, you will have to setup your own servers and IT department, so small enterprises can’t think of such colossal investment, whereas when cloud based VoIP system comes in the fore, it caters to large businesses since it is subscription based. Staff training and other dimensions in premise based cloud phone solutions make it even a costlier proposition and it becomes completely out of the reach from small businesses.


One of the most striking feature that when you are choosing the business communication system, you should be precinct because on premise PBX cannot be increased with minimal investment, whereas when you talk about cloud phone solutions, in that case, you can downsize or increase the requirement as per the need of the hour. So, you are always laden with opportunities that multiplies itself every single time.

So, whenever you are going for business communication system, in that case, you must make your point clear and choose the right solution that has both short term and long term benefits.


Why is communication important? Well, this question is pretty hard to handle. So, let’s start from the basics, good communication is the essence in building perception and communication starts at all level. So, no matter whether it is normal life or business, communication definitely plays a pivotal role. Earlier businesses used to post ads on paper to cater to the market, at that time, it took days to get those ads answered. But with the change of time, the needs have also changed, the demand for some unprecedented technology in communication has been felt and it has been answered with best cloud service providers providing best cloud telephony technology and IP phone systems to deal with majority of the communication hassles.

Now, you might be wondering that cloud phone systems are costly proposition, well, if such stuff is flying in your head, in that case, you must get rid of all these misconceptions right away. Cloud phone systems are no longer a costly proposition; rather, if you are looking for a personalized PBX, well, in that case, definitely it will bore a bigger hole. The best part about cloud is accessibility and scalability that it offers to the users. So, you are always one step ahead of the competitors who are not using cloud, if you have a cloud phone system. But even cloud phone systems are not averse to both opportunities and challenges. So, let’s take a quick look at the opportunities and challenges that this cloud phone system brings in the first place.

Opportunities that Cloud phone system grants to the users

Simple to Deploy: When you want to revolutionize the communication prospects of the business, in that case, you can always look forward to the cloud phone system. Unlike the PBX, you don’t have to setup the server room and employ an IT workforce, with cloud phone solutions, you can opt for subscription and get the pleasure of using latest technologies at competitive price and provide the best platform to the customers to communicate as and when required.

Flexibility: When you are going for PBX, you are nowhere close to flexibility. If tomorrow your business expands, in that case, you will have to again deploy new systems and infrastructure; however, with cloud phone solutions, you are always getting the advantage of downsizing or scaling your needs as per demand.

Even cloud phone services are not immune to flaws, so let’s take a quick look at few of the challenges that you can face while using cloud phone solution.

Security: When you resort to cloud, in that case, all your vital data are stored in some other provider’s server. So, if data breach and other illegal incidents happen, in that case, it can severely dent the business prospects and wipe out your business from the competition.

Less Visibility and Control: At times, you almost feel that you are being treated as an alien for your own belongings. In most of the cases, it becomes very difficult to monitor the work that the cloud phone service provider is doing, so you are always skeptical about the prospect and the future once you are resorting to cloud phone systems.

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