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If you are into any kind of business, you are always wondering that what best could be deployed to make the possibilities happen in real time. Well, these days it is all about dynamics and communication, if you are having the right communication dynamics, you will get to know that what stays best for the business and keeping this thing in mind, you can definitely make the possibilities happen rightaway. Most of the enterprises are continuously wondering about the best efforts that can be put into for making the possibilities pay. If you are having the best options that are available, you can make the business thrive. Now-a-days the instances where you have to spread complex PBX system for communication is a tough pursuit, and if you want to ensure that you are doing the best to dramatically revamp the communication, you can always bank upon the cloud phone system. If you are having the right cloud phone solutions, you will always feel that customers are being served emphatically and your communication has created an invisible string between you and your customers. If you are still in the midst of nowhere, you can always bank upon the cloud phone solutions for bringing the best benefits. In this piece, you will get to know that how cloud phone system can help you to grow your business dramatically and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Greater Efficiency: In the presence of the right cloud phone system, you can definitely make one thing certain that greater co-ordination between CRM, ERP and ATS can be streamlined for harboring the best benefits. So, you must make sure that you are doing that in the best possible way.

Increased Productivity: If you are looking forward to increasing the productivity of the business, in that case, you can always make sure that all the agents are available in times of need. In the presence of the right solution, you can definitely make certain that the growth of the business is happening and this can be streamlined in the best way.

Reduced Cost: If you are engaged in any business that does offshore business, you will always like to cut down upon the cost. With the right communication dynamics, you can help this thing get materialized rightaway and get you the best solution that matters. This will always keep you ahead of times and make you communicate in the best way possible with the business.


These days’ business revolves around communication and if you are having the best communication dynamics, in that case, you can completely transform the prospects in the best way possible. The days when you used to put the ad on paper and expected to receive a call from customers are long gone, you need to think different and innovative and a good communication platform is always the right dynamics to avail in the first place. In the presence of good cloud phone solutions, you can dramatically do good with the possibilities and get the best thing going rightaway. So, if you want your business to produce tangible results, in that case, you need to have the best service dynamics and availability of a good cloud phone system solution can help you get the best result that you are looking for. In this piece, you will get to know that when you are looking for the best business communication system, you must always make way for five of the compulsory things that you must keep note of. So, it is important that you are getting them streamlined rightaway for getting the best service.

There are many things that determine the adaptation of cloud and if you want to get them going, you can look forward to this piece.


It is pivotal to ascertain that you are having the best of knowledge to figure out that the right solution is served. The advantage, complexity, compatibility, firm size and management, everything is mandated and if you are having the right solution, it will always keep you going. So, you must make sure that you are keeping a note of everything in particular and get things streamlined rightaway. So, make sure that you are keeping these things abridged in the best way possible.

Design/ Methodology

You must also look forward to the right innovation and make sure that you are able to produce the right business dynamics. So, if you would let this thing happen, you can definitely end up grabbing the best solution that matters in real time and help you end up in the best way possible to deal with the problems flamboyantly.

Analytical Insights

Make sure that you are able to understand the business needs and plan accordingly to adopt to the system. If you are having the best solution, you can make the business function in the best way possible. The firm size, competitive pressure, trading issues would all contribute to the service dynamics and make sure that you are getting the best ascertained rightaway and make things happen in the best way possible.

So, whenever you are looking for the best solution, you must make sure that you are keeping all these things in mind and get things going rightaway for streamlining the dynamics in the best way possible.


Why do you communicate? Well, this striking question would pop up in every head, but the reality for this is that communication takes the experience to a new level and helps facilitate better understanding. Communication is not just confined to personal life, but it has a pivotal role to play in commercial undertaking. These days most of the businesses are going in the cold storage because they are not deploying the right communication dynamics. So, as an entrepreneur, you would always like to ensure that your business thrives; however, this is often a chimera unless proper steps are taken to help ascertain it. In this piece, you will get to know the dynamics that would help you choose the right cloud technology solutions, and if you want the best cloud service provider that can give you the best cloud computing service, there are few things that should be kept in mind while making the choice.

Things to Watch Out For While Selecting the Right Cloud Phone Solutions

Local Presence: It is always important while choosing a provider that has a local presence and if you ask why, well, in that case, it is because the provider has foundational presence and they can well understand the market dynamics to help you deal with all the requirements in the best possible way.

Long Term Contracts: The provider that you have availed should be involved at providing long term solutions to you in the first place. This is a tough challenge and it can only be fulfilled to the best essence if you are availing a provider that goes an extra mile while delivering the duty. So, if you are able to ascertain this, it will help you reap maximum dividends in the first place.

Risk Involved In Using the Cloud Phone Service

Shared Access: Cloud services no matter whether it is phone or backup has universal access. So, it is the same provider giving service to multiple parties. This challenge looks altogether tough and possibilities of parties accessing the information of other cannot be ruled ot even though they are encrypted and password protected; however, some downfalls are always there to take you by surprise. So, you must always keep this thing in mind.

Virtual Risks: When you are using a cloud service provider, you are always running the risk of getting things messed up right away if they are resorting to such provider. So, the instances of getting the computer of the host infected is always on the cards, even the possibilities are such grisly that you at times make yourself completely hostile to vulnerabilities. So, you must ensure that you are keeping these things in mind whenever you are going for cloud based service.

How Cloud Phone Solutions have emerged as a game change in management pursuits?

  1. It is one of the most promising aspect that can help you get over the cost dynamics. Most of the times, it is often the cost proposition that drives the investors and if you want to make the most happen, you would always like to take down on the cost. So, it is always important that you are keeping a tab on this.
  2. When you talk about managing the business, one of the most striking thing that you should always focus upon is whether you are able to scale the business or not. If you are having a solution provider that enables you to do business according to the needs and wants, in that case, it will help in reaping maximum dividends for you. So, you must always make sure that you are keeping this thing in mind while going for any cloud computing service or S-a-a-S platform for bringing maximum results.

How would you feel if you are able to book the hotel without even visiting the hotel over the IVR system? Well, you would definitely feel completely taken away. With cloud telephony solutions, things have started to shape for the better and if you have not deployed the cloud telephony service for hotels in your hotel, you are terribly hurting the prospects of leads and benefits. If you are having IVR system for your hotel, you would definitely make the customers reach the vendor in the best way. When you are having a sophisticated cloud based solution, you can dramatically improvise the customers reach and make them avail the hotels at a touch of the button.

These dynamics have certainly contributed towards making the cloud a game changer for the business. So, it will be naïve if you fail to get a glimpse of how cloud phone solutions have been helping reap maximum benefits in the hospitality segment.

For the hotel industry— A cost saving Proposition

In the hospitality segment, it is important to cut the cost. When cloud phone systems are deployed in the hotels, they don’t have to setup the server room and set up communication logistics to help streamline the communication, with the help of cloud based solutions, the hardware, energy and operational costs are reduced to make certain of delivering real-time benefits in the first place.

Cloud Phone Solution—a pathway to Security

The most striking feature of cloud is its potential to store the data in safe servers and optimize the communication in the best way. When you are not afraid of losing the data of check-in and check-outs, you can keep track of the movement of the customers and it will always help you in the future towards creating better interpersonal relation.

Cloud Computing—Flexibility

The reason that cloud has found a place in the hospitality sector like banks and hotels is due to its flexibility. If employees are in the banking sector, they are not required to visit the office premises; rather, they can stay connected with the office even when they are not available tangibly. With the presence of phones and internet devices, the agents are continuously connected to the cloud and communicate as and when required for maximum benefits.

Cloud Computing—Collaboration

When you talk about cloud solutions, you can dramatically picturize the flexibility it brings in collaborating the resources. You tend to get connected with the staff in the hotel, at the same time, at the banks, with the help of cloud phone systems for banks, you can connect with each and every employee and make certain of one thing that you are getting the best service in real time to make sure that customers are served in real point of time and they are getting the service that they require without any delay.


The paradigm of business communication is shifting from on-premise to cloud phone services. However, the development should not surprise anybody—neither it happened overnight and nor it’s a brand new concept to which the people or society are alien. Today, when we have cloud-based applications, cloud-based software development platforms, and Internet based banking and shopping facilities, then what’s the irony in having voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) services? Literally speaking, these services are nothing but an extension of the Internet-based services to help businesses streamline their business operations and serve their customers better.

If Gartner has its way, then the growth prospect of cloud phone services is unquestionable. The leading technology research and advisory firm, in its latest report on Worldwide IT Spending Forecast 2015, has claimed that in telecom services alone businesses and enterprises are going to make around 3,828 billion USD investment, up by 1.9 per cent as compared to 2014. To cope with the demand, best cloud phone services providers would need to upgrade their data center systems. Fortunately, they are not reluctant in doing so as the report asserted ‘they are likely to scale up their investment by 0.8 per cent’. As per the Forecast, their technology investment would hover around 143 billion USD. The overall cloud market that includes all cloud platforms, i.e. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is expected to grow by 27 per cent globally in the next three years from now.

Driving factors of cloud phone services for businesses? Of the many, a few that can’t be overlooked include: Growing rate of digital media consumption amidst consumers that drive the users to own more digital devices, increased competition in the market that compels businesses to think about the ways to curb down their operational expenses and bring agility to serve customers better, and consumer-friendly laws and regulations urging businesses to be on their toes — it forces them to adopt the right practices and technology solutions to do business with great responsibility and accountability.

How well the investment in the best cloud phone services pays off? First, as cloud phone services don’t ask for any major upfront investment, the takers don’t have to bite their nails. They can jump into the wagon of cloud phone system anytime. Second, the existing phone devices don’t get redundant as they can be integrated with the cloud phone service very well. Perhaps, to take advantage of the advanced call management or other features, they need to switch to the IP-based phone system which is somewhat costly. Third, a cloud based IP phone service can be customised to match the changing needs of the business. Fourth, best cloud phone services providers bring flexible plans, and the takers can keep essential features, discarding others. Moreover, at any point of time, they can enable and disable features over the web-based control panel from anywhere, anytime.

Sounds interesting? Speak to a Fonebell consultant, discuss your business needs and find the right cloud phone service matching your operations and customers’ demands.


Business realm is pretty challenging and it is changing with the blink of an eye, so you must have the best paradigm defined when it comes to transforming your communication. At present, consumers have turned dynamics and they are always looking for alternatives and if they are not able to speak up properly to the service providers, they literally abandon them. So, if you are finding that your competitors are flourishing; however, as far as your business is concerned, you are going on a back foot. Well, to no surprise that you have not installed the right communication system. Cloud phone services are the best options that can be availed at critical situations. If you are having cloud phone solutions, you can keep a track on the customers and make sure that they are getting the resolve as and when required. With the help of cloud based phone system, you can effectively improvise the call management system for your small business. As a small business, it is important that you are answering to all your customers and whenever customer calls, they create newer possibilities of generating more in the pool. If you are having the right cloud phone solution that allows the customers to get their queries met every single time, it will help you in improvising the expansion of the enterprise.

Take a look at few of the benefits that cloud phone solutions can reap for small business


Most of the times, it often happens that you are not going for the communication setup owing to the complexities, but as a matter of fact, if you are going for cloud phone solutions, you will be free from these challenges. You can get the phone solution installed as and when required. You don’t need to setup a solution in the form of servers and cables; rather with the help of cloud phone system, you can get the communication streamlined in the best way.


Often if you have deployed the cloud phone solution, you are always having the advantage of making the most from it. You are not bound by the office premises and as an expanding organization, if you want to strive for excellence, you must be ready to deliver the best services that one can ask for. With cloud based solutions, you can make one thing pretty loud and clear that you will always ensure that customers are getting the best service even when the agents are not in the office. With the help of cloud phone system, you can bring mobility in the picture and ensure that you are benefitted from it in real time.

As an expanding enterprise, you are always thinking about capitalizing on the market prospects, when you can improvise your communication, at that point of time only you can monetize the prospects in the best way.


Business realm is highly challenging and if you are not proactive in taking managerial decisions at the right time, you will end up losing considerably in the competition. But most of the times, taking a decision encapsulates communicating with different department at one point of time and if you are not having the right communication solution, in that case, the pursuit of disseminating the information to different department will look altogether challenging. Good cloud phone solutions are available in the market at present and if you are looking for the best cloud service providers, in that case, you don’t have to venture out for a longer period, you can easily get a grasp of them. Through mobile VoIP and other VoIP phone solutions, these cloud service providers connect the organization under one umbrella and once that is ascertained, proper flow of information and data can take place at each level. If sales, marketing, billing, manufacturing, advertisement and promotion team are continuously discussing with each department and every department is getting the information in the time bound manner, in that case, it will positively reflect upon the efficiency and productivity of the enterprise.

At present, since we are living in an information age and flow of information is directly propositional to efficient and effective decision making, you will always like to have the right communication dynamics that allows you to take decision as and when required and disseminate the newer amendments for its implementation from the scratch. So, once you are having the right solution that allows you to do that, you can always enjoy the competitiveness in the market.

So, how cloud phone solution helps in improving the efficiency and productivity of the business. If you are wondering about that, in that case, you can look forward to these dynamics that are mentioned in this piece for a better resolve.

  1. Increasing productivity and improvising the efficiency is altogether tough and if you are looking for a solution to help achieve that, in that case, you can look forward to cloud phone solutions. If you are having then cloud phone solution, you will never have to miss any customers who are calling. The provision of mobile VoIP will always enable the customer to achieve self-service and it dramatically improves the service lag time and customer satisfaction.
  2. Getting a satisfied customer is altogether tough and if you are having a right cloud telephony system, in that case, whenever customers are calling, they are getting the right resolve and at the right time, so once that is ascertained, you can have a better response. At the same time, most of the cloud phone system are integrated with the CRM, so the agents are having the customer’s record who are calling the business and based on the record, the agents are always striving towards providing the right resolve to the customer. If the same customer has to undergo challenges that are completely similar every single time when they call, in that case, it will take a toll on the efficiency and productivity of the service and you will end up going nowhere if you are not having the right solution.

Though you manufacture the best product or provide the best services, but if you are not having the right communication dynamics, you will be lagging behind in the competition. Most of the times, there are people who ignore business communication and they believe that it is not something that should picture above the endeavors put forward for manufacturing and marketing, but if you want the best marketing to happen, in that case, you need proper communication. Cloud phone solutions are one such resort that you can bank upon. You can easily get the communication system installed with cloud phone solutions. Cloud phone services and its diverse applications have been helping enterprises improvise their capitalization and make much better resonance in the mind of the customers.

If you are having a VoIP cloud phone system for your business, you can make customers enjoy a better service experience. They will not have to wait in queues for getting the resolve met and at the same time, if they are having any queries, it can be instantly solved and this dramatically improvises the branding of the service provider.

With best cloud phone solutions and applications, consumers can connect well with the business. If they are having the right app solution, in that case, they would be able to get the business in their fingertips and it will improvise the prospects of better growth and expansion.

How Fonebell’s Cloud Phone Solutions and Application Can benefit SME’s

  1. Simplicity: The most dynamic benefit that you can think about when it comes to cloud phone solution is its deployment. You don’t have to go for enough hustling and you can easily get the solution deployed at any point of time. It simplifies the communication in the best way and brings the best dynamism into practice.
  2. Mobility: You are not bound by a place and opt for answering calls, access the voice mails and look forward to transferring the calls to the right person even if they are not at the office. With such dynamics, cloud phone solutions are definitely the best option to avail.
  3. Cost-efficiency: Deploying a cloud never looks like a challenging pursuit, you can get the system deployed at the most economical way. You will not have to setup servers or cables, you just need the Internet connection and logistics to streamline everything.
  4. Goal Oriented: An enterprise can expand only if the employees are communicated round the clock regarding the targets and they are provided the right dynamics to achieve it. With cloud phone solutions, different team like marketing, sales, advertising and finance gets interlinked and goals are properly figured and instant steps are taken towards its immediate fulfillment.

Why do you need communication? Well, the basic answer to these question would be for better understanding and creating a positive perception. Now-a-days rumor management and streamlining communication across multiple channels are very essential. The days when you used to put the ads on the paper and it would reach the desired targeted niche are long gone, you are always in need of some perfectly throughout and innovative approach and cloud phone services provides that edge. For business, cloud phone services are emerging as a safest and profitable bet streamlining communication across different hierarchies and with the stake holders. When you have a telecom system that allows you to communicate through any device and from anywhere, in that case, you are always getting the edge that you are reeling for and it always keeps you on the top.

Now, you may believe and say that you have classical ways of communication that you have adopted, so why would you switch to cloud IP phone services. Well, basically, you may be having your own communication system, and you might be well contented with it but what if with the help of cloud, the prospect multiplies many times, in that case, you would not have any second thought to it.

Take a look at the benefits that Cloud Reaps


The basic advantage of cloud is the simplicity that it harbors for the business. You don’t have to mess with the copper wires, you don’t have to mess with the logistics, as long as cloud phone services are there, it is do damn easy.


What would you do if you want to communicate with protocols even when you are not at the office? Would you travel to the office and talk on secure line, well, not in the picture, what if you have cloud phone solutions and that allows safe encrypted passage to transmit information from anywhere—sounds prodigious, well, it is, you are having mobility going in tandem with safety and security as long as you have cloud phone system in your kitty.


Cloud provides a complete dynamic solution to the cost proposition. So, you are getting the leverage of subscribing for the right package and getting the right solution at a touch of a button.


If you are having PBX system, in that case, you cannot look forward to scalability; however, with cloud the scenario is altogether different, you can increase and decrease the requirement as per the agent. So, you are always getting the benefit of pay as you use adage.


Cloud is a respite for farmers since it brings rain and to no surprise that “cloud technology” would be another metaphorical service that would definitely define the business communication in the near future. With the help of cloud phone services and cloud computing technology, it is anticipated that enterprises would reap lucrative dividends. But the most contentious question is that is it the end of PBX business phone system with the emergence of cloud.

Well, this question is tougher to think and the toughest to answer certainly. Whether or not PBX system will be done and dusted will be hard to assume at this instances, but one thing that people can definitely grasp is cloud telephony is a game changer in the business communication realm.

To answer that you will have to compare PBX system and cloud phone system

Category Cloud Telephony On Premise PBX
Financial Investment Subscription based, so extremely affordable. Extremely costly, since hardware, server room and IT technicians are required.
Cost of Operation Generally low while using the cloud phone services, since you don’t have to manage your own staff. Everything is hosted and you get the pleasure of using the service by just paying a nominal charge Usually futile investment on the cards. You have to maintain a team of employees designated to just take care of the PBX system. So, such resources don’t generate anything and you have to pay to them.
Scalability Easily scalable, all you need is to just increase the subscription. Requires a complete revamp and colossal investment for facilitating everything. Not possible for small enterprises to think of on premise PBX system.
Accessibility Accessible from anywhere in the globe. For communication, you have to be confined to the office.
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