The dynamic call center industry has its own sorts of operational challenges, and to cope with the multi-dimensional pressures caused by changing compliance frameworks, entangling client’s service level agreements, and increasing customers’ expectations they always search for advanced call center software solutions. Nowadays, the cloud iteration of call center software solution has become all the rage, and for good reasons as it is highly scalable, flexible, secure and cost-effective. Besides the basic features like automatic call distribution, call routing and call screening that are pivotal for improving operational efficiency, call tracking or monitoring is an important feature that can’t be overlooked.

Why call tracking is important? As you all know that business sustainably is a subject matter of customer satisfaction, which in turn is proportional to the quality of services. Yes, in the long run it’s not the quantity, rather quality that matters. It also gives a competitive advantage to a business and increases the loyalty among customers towards the brand in question. A wise soul has aptly coined the phrase “The virtue of a man ought to be measured, not by his extraordinary exertions, but by his everyday conduct.” The same stands true for a business. Let’s see how a call tracking software functions and ensures that customers or callers get the right resolution when they want. For reference, we are mentioning the tools available with our Fonebell call center solution.

Agent Call Recording

Call center managers or their quality teams can record calls of agents. The software or service will capture details like agent name, agent extension, date, time, Caller-ID, DNIS and file size. Interestingly, the call recording files can be accessed easily over the Internet from anywhere, anytime. They can listen them from their computer speakers, or download them to their local drive for future reference.

Real-time Queue Stats

This tool helps call center managers to know the status of call queues easily. They can see the status of every agent logged-in into the queue, as whether they are active or idle or on hold. They can see whether their agents are adhering to the service level agreements laid down by their clients. Interestingly, all can happen on real-time and the status can be viewed on a web-based GUI interface on any Internet connected device.

On-the-Fly Call Recording

Agents do have the flexibility to get their calls recorded on their systems to know later that how they sound on the calls, where they went wrong, and where they need improvement. The call management software follows the recording command with just the press of a button. Call center managers can also permit or restrict their agents from doing so.

Call Barge or Monitor

Quality teams can also pick up live calls from any queue randomly for monitoring. They can actively listen to or passively monitor any inbound or outbound call. The cloud solution also comes with an extensive permission system to let call center managers assign the job of call barging or monitoring to selected groups.

Thus, next time when you have the obligation to find the right call center software solution make sure you don’t miss these vital call tracking tools. They not just help you to maintain quality of services but also the productivity of your workforce.



6 Responses to Cloud-based Call Center Software Solutions

  1. Paul Belly


    I am running a call center business in Mumbai. I want to buy auto answering calling software. Can you tell me about it’s pricing and features.

  2. Abhishek Verma

    I was always averse towards using the cloud based phone system; however, with the change in time, I realized that it has completely benefited me and I am so thrilled that I went for cloud based solutions for a comprehensive resolve.

  3. Addison

    What kinds of product and services will be included in your call center software solutions? And what is the features and benefits of software and how much it cost? If it will be good and affordable than I will be consider to subscribe it.

  4. shane

    You have mentioned a good deal of features and services that I am interested into. I own a small call center with 50 seats and planning to extend it. Your features like real-time queue stats and on-the-fly call recording are quite impressive. But I’m still sceptic in terms of affordability of the cloud telephony service that you offer.

    I want to know the price, terms and conditions and opt-out policy of the services. The sooner we meet a common ground better it would be. Wish to see a prompt reply!

  5. Steve Sharp

    Please let me know how efficiently can we implement call services for health industries. Medical call centres and hospital call centres are highly in demand these days I believe.

  6. Sachin Kumar

    Well cloud based call center software is really Good. It’s one features is I like most that you can easily access from anywhere. Just need internet.

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