Are you still using landlines for making calls? Then surely you are living in that traditional era of telephones, extensions, wires, etc. Well, it’s time to move on and enter the world of cloud based phone system. If you remember, in traditional PBX there were “trunk” of multiple lines as well as optional console or switchboard. But, cloud based PBX system offers you an innovative telephone system without making any big investment in telephone equipment. Interestingly, akin to other cloud-based offerings, here you pay only for what you use.

Cloud based PBX Phone Systems- Understanding the terminology

Also known as business phone systems, it is located on cloud with local lines between users as well as certain number of external lines. In this, PBX stands for private branch exchange. It lets you and your employees work from their home or anywhere else. Within minutes, you can transfer calls, setup conference calls, put calls on hold with music and get calls answered by an automated attendant.

How is it useful over traditional phone system?

Save Money

Talking about traditional PBX, it was expensive and its installation required physical labor.  Also, it involved location of physical wires thereby, making your office premise cluttered. This problem is eliminated in hosted PBX phone systems as well as its programming and setup cost is quite low.

Easily Scale up or down

Using the cloud based PBX phone system, you can grow or reduce the lines as per your business needs. You can easily add lines to hosted PBX through a web portal. But, with traditional systems this process was far more complicated.

Simple Moving & Reconfiguring

If you are planning to move your office then it is simple and fast with cloud based phone system. On the other hand, moving traditional PBX system was complicated and time-consuming.  With cloud based PBX, adding or subtracting users can be done remotely without waiting for a service provider to arrive.

Feature-Rich System

Cloud based PBX phone systems have all the common features of traditional systems like conference calling, call waiting, etc. Additionally, get advanced features like auto-attendant, calling groups, call screening, find me/follow me and many more. Choose or switch between features easily through a web-based interface.

Hence, it is the most dynamic and powerful communication medium that can revolutionize your business outcomes.


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