India is the hottest destination for businesses offering cloud computing services. The cloud computing industry involved in designing and offering various cloud hosting, cloud server and other cloud related services is expecting high growth rates across all cloud services market that also includes VoIP service and cloud ERP services. As high as 65% of large businesses are preferring to invest in cloud technology, cloud services and cloud based solutions in the years to come. The Indian public cloud market is expected to grow to $1.9 billion (about Rs 12,000 crore) by 2018.


Fonebell Cloud Phone Solutions are offered under three plans, viz., Foenbell Auto-Answer (exclusively matching the needs of startups), Fonebell Enterprise and Fonebell Contact Center. The last one that demands the need of the DSL carrier line installation features VoIP telephone systems, while the former both can be deployed without the carrier line. However, the company hasn’t made any bias while offering the basic communication and collaboration tools. For instance, IVR-based voice prompts, auto answers, music-on-hold, intercom, call parking, recording, and scheduler among many others are available with all. These features are sufficient to keep people and departments within any organizations stay connected to keep the business operations moving smooth.

Depending upon their needs, businesses can also upgrade the basic plan to the advanced one at any point of time to enjoy other salient features like ACD (automatic call distribution), queue management, link server, heads up display (HUD), and group policy management to give an edge to their business communication system. When should you think of getting this upgrade? Probably, when you need to control employees and departments that are geographically dispersed. These feature drastically cut down the travelling and operational expenses and also help the enterprise to cope with less resources.

However, change is the only constant in the context of business and its supporting technologies. The further growth in sales would definitely ask for the implementation of post-sales customer support. This in turn would mean, managing more calls and staying responsive round-the-clock, if required, to ensure that the customers or partners are satisfied with your product/service. To make it happen without any stress, Fonebell has crafted the last plan that is Contact Center solution. This is equipped with HD video collaboration with screen sharing, web browser click-to- dial plugin, audio conferencing, on-demand recording (For Outbound+ Inbound both) and many other features apart from what we have discussed so far.

Sounds interesting? You may get in touch with a Fonebell consultant to find a befitting cloud hosted phone system to empower your people with the right set of communication tools thereby enabling them drive your business without any constraint.


6 Responses to Cloud Phone Solutions Proving Overwhelming For Indian Companies

  1. Albert

    Cloud based communication is really a revolution for those companies who are looking cloud based phone solutions for their small and medium business.

    It’s really a great solutions for small business.

  2. smartadolf

    A cloud phone system replaces traditional land lines, and Cloud based phone system is a relatively new term meaning phone service that is delivered through the Internet.

  3. S. Johnson

    You are right Albert. One of my friend is running their own Education Institute and his network is big.

    He has also taken cloud based IVR solutions, their students and parents are happy for this features.

    This is very convenient and time saving. You can get all information just on a single call.

  4. Junmeda

    Very well describe about cloud phone solutions. I am little bit confuse. I want to ask, Is cloud telephony and cloud computing are same?

  5. San

    I am interested to read these kinds of topic that are based on cloud based technology. I like your blog, I read almost every blog post.

  6. Paul Belly

    Is cloud phone system available for every Industry. Like Travel, Finance, Hotel, Education, Real estate etc.

    For example, If I need cloud phone solutions for my real estate business than how can be helpful this system for my business.

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