In a fast paced competitive environment, where competitors are just a click away from your customers, adopting standard customer-oriented practices to manage customer’s experience is a must-do task. Customer experience? Yes, it’s the overall experience of a customer with respect to a brand at different touchpoints from advertisement to lead generation to sales to customer service. Timeliness of the service is an important aspect, and that can be taken care of by call management for small business solutions offered by Fonebell in the best manner.

What does a call management for small business solution do? First, it improves the accessibility of a business. Cross-channel capabilities help customers or prospects to get in touch with the brand through voice, email, chat, social media, and other means. Buyers can express their choices, existing customers can get post-sales services and those who are facing challenges with the purchased product can lodge complaints and get instant resolution. Second, when call management for small business solution is integrated with CRM, it results into increased business efficiency as staff can access the right information at the right time and serve customers better. Efficiency and customer churning are also directly proportional in today’s era, because, it has been observed that customers quit the vendor and switch to one that can process their requests and resolve their complaints faster.

To let businesses deal with the growing volume of calls or queries, Fonebell facilitates IVR (Interactive Voice Response), automatic call distribution and skill-based call routing functionalities with its contact center solutions. Online and offline retailers from all backgrounds are taking advantage of these features to scale up their customer experience index to differentiate themselves from their arch rivals, and indeed, they are doing the right job. A survey by White House Office of Consumer Affairs found that 80 per cent of consumers don’t hesitate in paying more for a product or service to ensure better customer experience.

This agility should reflect everywhere. For instance, the moment a customer expresses his/her interest in a product at the online/offline store, the sales team should swing into action, and once the sale is concluded, the customer service department should come to know about the customer and his/her preferences and welcome the customer and provide the right onboarding service, if required. The task doesn’t end here. It goes beyond, till the warranty period and sometimes even beyond that. Thus, the investment in call management solutions in the beginning may sound a costly affair, but in the long run it can be a game-changer.

Don’t know which call management solution would be the right fit for your retail business? Look no further, talk to your Fonebell consultant now. Worried about cost? You should not, because we offer cloud-based subscription based call management for small business solution featuring all that you need and none that you don’t. Hence, pay for what you use, experience the difference and transfer it to your customers as well.


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