Would you be interested in transforming your existing call center into a multi-channel contact center? Are you looking for the perfect multi-channel contact center software and services solution? Would you be interested in a real time contact center monitoring solution that supports multi-channel contact centers? Then you have reached the right destination for contact center software solutions and customer service applications.

Fonebell offers the best call center services & contact center solutions for the best workforce optimization of your contact center. Let’s talk in details how multi-channel contact center solution can reduce abandons rates & increase agent productivity.

If you consider the present business landscape, you would be able to construe that challenges are rife and every business in the market is looking forward to grabbing the customer and expand their prospects. So, if you are into a business then you must be tuned to perfection towards streamlining that. In this pursuit, contact center solution can help you. Let’s figure out how contact center solutions helps in reducing the abandon rate and improves agent’s productivity.

  1. Information from multiple devices: Whenever a customer is calling then he/she needs an immediate resolve; however, in the absence of proper integration for flow of information, things are never streamlined in the way it should be. So, when multi-channel contact center solution comes in the picture then the agent is able to access information from multiple devices and he/she can compile them to work for a common solution. So, it helps in improving the agent’s productivity along with the improvement in the prospect of the organization.
  2. Agent’s performance over the phone: While satisfying the customer, you must be bang on target. So, rather than beating around the bush, if you are getting into the core of the issue and providing the much needed resolve instantly, in that case, things would sound good. With contact center solutions, agents call time, resolve rate, resolve time and hold time over the phone can be figured. Along with these, the phone skills of the agent and the etiquettes that he bears also is pictured and perfected.
  3. Data on cost of operation: When you have an efficient contact center solution, you can keep tab on the call dropouts and call flow and high call volume period. So, you can set incentive based targets and motivate the agents to deliver the best. So, this will keep the environment competitive and improve the efficiency of the agent.
  4. Efficiency of the business: If your call center is not able to perform up to expectation then contact center solutions can turn the prospects instantly. This system keeps track of the call dropouts, high call volume hours and accordingly it can recommend the allocation of agents in different shifts. Apart from that, if the agents are aware about how they talk to the customers and they are able to figure out their pros and cons and work on them, in that case, it will always keep them motivated, enthused and dynamic towards always delivering results, thereby improving the prospects of your call center.



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