Communication is the essence in marketing and no business can succeed without effective and dynamic marketing. Now, you may be thinking that for streamlining communication which platform is the best. Whether cloud phone solutions are the best to avail or on premise PBX is the right call to take. In most cases, often communication is something that must be paid the maximum heed; however, innumerable enterprise fail to adopt the right business phone system and at the end they lose considerably. With cloud based phone system, you can enjoy a truly dynamic and user friendly business communication system. Cloud computing applications also helps in making cloud telephony an answer to the communication mess that innumerable enterprise face today. Cloud service providers have smart and customized solutions, whereas when you are resorting to hosted premise based service, in that case, you will have to undergo a lot of maintenance and service and at times it becomes a truly harrowing experience.

So, let’s take some analysis into picture and weight both these communication solutions and find out whether advantages of cloud computing and cloud based services are reality or a myth.


When you talk about premise based PBX system, you will have to setup your own servers and IT department, so small enterprises can’t think of such colossal investment, whereas when cloud based VoIP system comes in the fore, it caters to large businesses since it is subscription based. Staff training and other dimensions in premise based cloud phone solutions make it even a costlier proposition and it becomes completely out of the reach from small businesses.


One of the most striking feature that when you are choosing the business communication system, you should be precinct because on premise PBX cannot be increased with minimal investment, whereas when you talk about cloud phone solutions, in that case, you can downsize or increase the requirement as per the need of the hour. So, you are always laden with opportunities that multiplies itself every single time.

So, whenever you are going for business communication system, in that case, you must make your point clear and choose the right solution that has both short term and long term benefits.


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