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Tailored B2B IP phone system

Let your employees, managements and decision makers leverage the power of tailored and always up and running Fonebell cloud-based unified communication solution to stay connected and productive anywhere, anytime and accomplish your business objectives, drive brand’s missions and visions, and serve your clients or partners in an endearing manner.

India is a flourishing economy fueled by rapid industrialization, higher consumption, and friendly economic infrastructure marked by simplified outsourcing policy, increased foreign direct investment, reduced red tape influence, and restructured amicable trade policies guiding trades with global community particularly neighbors. Hence, B2B sector witnesses a brighter prospects and consequently attracts more players than ever.

Understanding the increased competition, changing communication landscape, and compliance frameworks at place, Fonebell brings tailored cloud-based phone system at your disposal to let you serve your clients efficiently.

Cloud Telephony Service: Features & Benefits

  • 1. Vanity helpline number to ease inbound communication
  • 2. IVR-based greeting & call routing to sound more professional towards clients
  • 3. Audio and video conferencing to support meetings, trainings, etc.
  • 4. Integrated IM and mobility to support BYOD
  • 5. Centralized IP PBX to link different buildings & offices
  • 6. ERP integrated IP phone system for better control
  • 7. Enterprise contact center solution to manage large scale calls/queries

With Fonebell cloud telephony service decipher the needs and challenges of your clients and deliver exactly they need and when they need, & build healthy B2B relationship with them.

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