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Tailored B2C IP phone system

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction with tailored B2C IP phone system offered by Fonebell, a leading cloud telephony service provider in India. Let customers connect with your brand as per their convenience using e-mail, IM, conferencing, and VoIP and your people serve them with the right information at the right time thereby improving brand loyalty.

With a healthy CAGR of 13 percent, Indian retail industry’s worth is likely to move up from the current US$520 billion to US$950 billion by 2018. Thanks to the growing consumerism fueled by rising income levels, urbanization and growing brand orientation besides other key drivers. Hence, the B2C sector is gaining momentum and is witnessing new entrants every now and then thereby increasing brand rivalry and offering more choices to consumers.

With more choices in store, consumers’ expectation has soared exponentially, and hence being a retailer you need to be on your toes to give better shopping and post-sales experience to them. This will demand keeping your workforce more connected and productive, and cloud telephony system is a way to make that happen keeping total cost of ownership at low.

Understanding the crux, Fonebell brings tailored cloud-based phone system at your disposal to let you serve your customers efficiently.

Cloud Telephony Service: Features & Benefits

  • 1. Vanity helpline number to ease inbound communication
  • 2. IVR-based greeting & call routing to sound more professional towards customers
  • 3. Audio and video conferencing to support meetings, trainings, etc.
  • 4. Integrated IM and mobility to support BYOD
  • 5. Centralized IP PBX to link different buildings & offices
  • 6. ERP integrated IP phone system for better control
  • 7. Efficient contact center solution to manage large scale calls/queries

With Fonebell cloud telephony service answer the most difficult questions of your customers on the spot and drive sales and customer satisfaction.

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