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Tailored Call Center Software Solutions

Tailored Call Center Software Solutions

To cut down operational costs and complexities, and improve workforce productivity, customer acquisition
and customer satisfaction rates, call center or contact center
managers are gradually shifting towards cloud based call center software solution.

Keep your prospects/customers satisfied, and employees happy and productive with the Fonebell’s tailored call center software solutions featuring ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), queue management, group policy management, powerful reporting, call parking, web based control panel, HUD Web and more.

Call center industry in India is facing a stiff competition from the counterparts like China and Philippines. Apart from that, increasing brand rivalry, ever changing regulatory norms and soaring expectations of employees and customers are making things more challenging for it.

In order to withstand the internal and external challenges, call centers in India are in dire need to adopt advanced ICT technologies to streamline their operations and empower their people (to have information at their fingertips) while keeping TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) at low.
In tandem with the situation, Fonebell presents tailored call center software solution or S-a-a-S based telephony solution.

Cloud Telephony Solution: Prominent Features & Benefits

  • 1. Custom greetings: Welcome callers with a customized greeting.
  • 2. Automatic call distribution (ACD): Engage callers in sales or support discussions.
  • 3. Automatic call disposal: Generate leads, customer-solution requests and complaint tickets.
  • 4. Outbound calls: generate outbound calls directly from your CRM.
  • 5. Marketing & acknowledgement: Send transactional or promotional SMS from your CRM.
  • 6. Custom CTI (Computer telephony integration): It syncs well with any CRM platform to empower your people with the right information.
  • 7. Call forwarding: No customer gets ignored and thereby the business grows manifolds.
  • 8. Graphical queue report: Productivity check of your agents at your finger tip.
  • 9. Agent call recording: Manage quality.


If you are having the right IT infrastructure in tandem with your efforts then it is certain that your hard work will materialize. And Fonebell’s contact center software solution backed by 24/7 IT support is a reliable way to make it happen.

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