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Educational Institutions

Tailored Cloud Telephony Solutions for Educational Institutions

Keep faculties, students, parents and vendors connected using cloud-based unified communication system. With web-based management system equipped with feature-rich communication tools like multi-level IVR, click-to-call, call routing, call screening,  audio and video conferencing, among others, disseminate information to recipients or participants on real-time to have better collaboration and consensus to meet your objectives.

Setting up, running and then sustaining an education institute in India demands investment in quality infrastructure and resources. And much of the credit goes to its enlightened community, strengthening economy, and involvement of global players. However, there is no dearth of opportunity.  It’s relevant to mention that education and training industry in India has a worth of $600 billion. India is much ahead of the US and China when it comes to higher education. A latest report by Ernst & Young claims that India is home to 44, 668 higher education institutes while the US to 6, 500 and China houses 4, 192.

Hence, to live out your dreams in the competitive market, sound more professional towards stakeholder. Interestingly, unified communication offered by Fonebell has got the potential to make that happen.

Cloud Telephony Service: Features & Benefits

  • 1. Vanity helpline number to ease inbound communication
  • 2. Incoming Calls & SMS facility to market products/services
  • 3. IVR-based greeting and call routing
  • 4. Video conferencing to support distant education
  • 5. Give parents instant access to their wards’ academic records anytime
  • 6. Increase student performances
  • 7. Improves parent school relationship

Make the best of the flexible unified communication solution offered by Fonebell and keep your academic competent delivering excellent services to students. Centralized management of Fonebell cloud telephony service can accommodate multiple buildings and campuses spread across a regional area.

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