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Tailored Cloud Telephony Solutions for Hotels

Keeping staff and guests connected with the right cloud-based phone system give your customers the perfect hospitality experience, and make their meetings, events, sojourns and celebrations purposeful & unforgettable.

When it comes to the potential of service industry in India, tour and travel is often considered in the top 10 sectors list accounting for hefty GDP contribution. It is likely to maintain 7.8 percent yearly growth in the period 2013-2023.During January – July 2014, it brought nearly 11.055 billion USD as foreign exchange earnings. Interestingly, the industry has witnessed many emerging hotel & resort groups and today customers have more choices while selecting hotel destinations, and they have high expectation of their overall hospitality experience.

Hence, you need to have a responsive and tailored cloud-based phone system that allows you to grab opportunities and make customers feel special about your hospitality.

Fonebell cloud telephony solution is here to make it happen in an affordable and flexible way.

Cloud Telephony Service: Features & Benefits

  • 1. Never miss any customer call
  • 2. IVR-based greeting with company’s name
  • 3. IVR-based call routing to different teams or departments
  • 4. Set up a call center for your business
  • 5. Have a single number for your business
  • 6. Have a toll-free number for your business
  • 7. Sync cloud telephony with your CRM

Get improved business efficiency harnessing the power of IP with unified communication tools and strike a chord with customers. Skeptical about cost and technology complexity? Give your thought a dump. Keeping total cost of ownership at low Fonebell offers simple yet efficient business communication solution.

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