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Finance Sector

Tailored IP Phone system for Banks & Financial Firms

Communication system is fundamental to the success of any financial and banking organization. Keeping this in mind, Fonebell offers easy-to-use, scalable and flexible cloud-based phone system to let firms serve their customers instantly and efficiently and that too without exerting any pressure on their operating budget.

India’s banking sector saw exponential growth in the past. With 11.5 percent CAGR its total asset worth reached US$ 1.8 trillion during FY10-13 and by FY 2025 it’s expected to touch US$ 28.5 trillion. Likewise credit off-take, deposits, number of ATMs, etc. have also increased significantly. Consequently, more and more banking and financial institutions have sprung up to reap the benefits, and Indian banking sector has transformed almost into a battleground where every participant is trying to make the most of the opportunity.

Thus, being a banker you need to have an advanced communication system in place to let your customers usher in the best banking and financial services. And to let them find services and information when and where they need.

Fonebell brings tailored cloud-based phone system at your disposal to let you serve your customers efficiently.

Cloud Telephony Service: Features & Benefits

  • 1. Vanity helpline number to ease inbound communication
  • 2. IVR-based greeting & call routing to sound more professional towards clients
  • 3. Audio and video conferencing to support meetings, trainings, etc.
  • 4. Integrated IM and mobility to support BYOD
  • 5. Centralized IP PBX to link different buildings & offices
  • 6. ERP integrated IP phone system for better control
  • 7. Enterprise contact center solution to manage large scale calls/queries

At Fonbell, we develop tailored cloud telephony service to let you efficiently handle different departments or processes, viz. accounts & deposits, investments, loans, cards, etc. Hence, stay competent and keep customers happy.

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