Are you too searching for a cost effective business communication system for your online business? Are you too not certain how and where to get started? At Fonebell, we can make your job easier. Traditional telephone systems with rudimentary features supporting business communication is a thing of past. Even low quality IP PBX systems, VoIP solutions, and VoIP phone are on the verge of extinction. Here are some valuable tips for choosing the best business communication systems.

Weigh significance of communication

What is the nature of your business, whom do you serve, whom you partnered/partner with, what your stakeholders expect from you, what type of information you deal with—get the answer to all before you zero in on your business telephone systems. A significant amount of research is required here. Do brainstorming with all key constituents, including business heads, teams and departments to conclude what should be the attributes of your ideal IP telephony system.

Focus on convergence

Your people may be at the same workplace, in same or different buildings, in same or different cities, or in same or different countries – wherever they are and whatever they are entrusted with, make sure that can have instant access to key information that they need. Make it happen with a unified business communication system running on IP technology.

Learn post-sales and post-deployment support

Never ignore or compromise on customer support. Make sure your business communication system provider is ready to deliver quick and easy support whenever the need arises. For this, do study and research. Meet with different providers, assess their plans, read reviews or opinions shared by existing clients of a service… Don’t wonder how to collect all this information. Online research is a good idea.

Compare features and prices and benefits

Don’t get swayed away by features, prices and discounts, assess their worth in terms of the real benefits that your business would reap – operational efficiency, employee-satisfaction, customer happiness, return on investment, etc. Discover hidden costs, service taxes, etc. involved with the IP telephony system.

Check scalability

As your business grows so does your requirements. Is your business communication system competent to withstand that need? Find answer from your vendor. Generally, cloud-enabled IP phone solutions are scalable, but you must take note of the terms and conditions and charges applicable for the migration from one IP telephony plan to another. Don’t overlook or sacrifice small features while upgrading your plans.

We have included certain vital attributes that will help you find the best business communication system. Do share your opinions and technology experience. For consultation and support on IP telephony system, write to us at sales@fonebell.in.


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