Planning to migrate your business phone system into the cloud? But have some apprehensions as what cloud-based phone system really is and how it works. If yes, you have landed at the right place. At Fonebell, we not just develop and offer cloud phone system but also provide the right consultation, deployment, integration, and support services to let you succeed in your business objectives by making most of the cloud telephony.

What is cloud based phone system? Cloud is not any alien technology. It’s simply what you use on regular basis to browse, surf, download, stream video, chat with a friend, and do more. Guess? Yes, cloud is nothing but the Internet itself. IT scholars, designers and engineers exploited the innate feature of the Internet— omnipresence and ease-of-access—to derive the universal communication solution to facilitate collaboration via voice, email, video, chat, fax, etc. Over the years, cloud telephony has evolved and got better to suit the demands of different sectors, and different operations of a business.

Being based on Internet protocols, cloud based phone system requires zero or minimal IT infrastructure. It means lower TCO (total cost of ownership). It saves time and resources required in setting up and configuring PBX, empowers admins to manage users across different departments, irrespective of their locations and devices, and gives freedom from IT complexity and downtime. Moreover, cloud telephony brings flexibility and scalability that were earlier impossible to achieve with traditional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) phones.

Let’s see that how the cloud based phone system works. To begin with, consider a tablet or smartphone. Accessing email, news and videos, playing online games, and downloading software – all these tasks you can do without knowing the complexity of the email server, news channel, gaming server and so on. All that you required to have is an Internet connection. In the similar manner, with a cloud-based phone system in place, you don’t have to setup and manage your own PBX. You are free from technical complexity and recurring annoying maintenance costs. You just pay to the cloud telephony service provider and make use of the service. Now, it’s the duty of the vendor to manage every backend chore to let you have the uninterrupted technology experience. Yes, just plug your phone system, smartphone or tablet and get started with the business, focusing on what is required by your customers.

Flexible management is now just a click or tap away. Yes, you heard it right. Cloud based phone system lets you manage your departments and users intuitively over a web-based control panel. Play with built-in features like call forwarding, automatic call distribution, auto-attendant, intercom, multi-level IVR, music-on-hold, extensions, dial-by-name directory, call monitoring and call reports as per the requirements of your business.

Interested in cloud phone system? Get in touch with a Fonebell Consultant today. Upgrade your business phone system and let your stakeholders including customers have a pleasant and productive experience.


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