Cloud is a respite for farmers since it brings rain and to no surprise that “cloud technology” would be another metaphorical service that would definitely define the business communication in the near future. With the help of cloud phone services and cloud computing technology, it is anticipated that enterprises would reap lucrative dividends. But the most contentious question is that is it the end of PBX business phone system with the emergence of cloud.

Well, this question is tougher to think and the toughest to answer certainly. Whether or not PBX system will be done and dusted will be hard to assume at this instances, but one thing that people can definitely grasp is cloud telephony is a game changer in the business communication realm.

To answer that you will have to compare PBX system and cloud phone system

Category Cloud Telephony On Premise PBX
Financial Investment Subscription based, so extremely affordable. Extremely costly, since hardware, server room and IT technicians are required.
Cost of Operation Generally low while using the cloud phone services, since you don’t have to manage your own staff. Everything is hosted and you get the pleasure of using the service by just paying a nominal charge Usually futile investment on the cards. You have to maintain a team of employees designated to just take care of the PBX system. So, such resources don’t generate anything and you have to pay to them.
Scalability Easily scalable, all you need is to just increase the subscription. Requires a complete revamp and colossal investment for facilitating everything. Not possible for small enterprises to think of on premise PBX system.
Accessibility Accessible from anywhere in the globe. For communication, you have to be confined to the office.


8 Responses to Why Cloud Phone Services are Better?

  1. Albert

    I got the smartest solution in the form of cloud telephony for my business communication. Now, my business has grown manifolds and all thanks to cloud phone system that I have availed for its expansion. 

  2. Aaron

    Great explanation! Even I have no knowledge about cloud phone solutions. My brother has running their own call center, I will discuss him about cloud phone solutions and will refer your link.

  3. Paul

    The key features regarding call management, call forwarding and automatic call distribution that you names are good. I would like to know more on details as how they work and how it can be used across multiple devices. I’m apprehensive that whether the solution would sync with my traditional phone systems that I have.

    The benefits are quite lucrative, and I think it would help me to improve business collaboration by keeping my dispersed workforce connected over the mobile devices. CRM integration is a concern. Please apprise me of that explaining in particular about the CRM compatibility. If it happens it would help me to improve sales automation.

  4. Aamir

    Cloud based services are better because it’s easy to accessible from anywhere. It’s a money and time saving service and off course result oriented.

  5. Paul Belly

    I am technology lover. I read almost every kinds of technical Blog.

    Your blog better describe about cloud phone system. After taking cloud phone service for one of my business. I known better about cloud based phone services.

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